Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 977

Chapter 977 Get Lost

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After a round of small talk, White Light suddenly said to Rong Xin with a faint smile, “Rong Xin, don’t blame me for not warning you, the outcome of provoking my big brother will all be very tragic!”

Rong Xin’s heart plunged. He discovered that after White Light saw Ye Yuan, his entire person’s spirit, qi, and vitality became different.

How to say it, these few days, although White Light appeared very calm, Rong Xin could detect that hint of restlessness beneath his calm.

White Light had always maintained very restrained for the sake of the Flowing Light White Tiger Clan.

It was impossible for the White Light from before to say such words.

But this sort of restlessness was actually swept away cleanly after he saw Ye Yuan just now!

The current White Light, even when speaking, appeared fully confident.

Rong Xin was perplexed. Just what kind of magic powers did this human race brat have, to actually be able to make White Light undergo such a huge transformation?

Although Ye Yuan’s strength earlier gave him a fright, this kind of strength when placed in the White Tiger Clan was clearly inadequate to look at.

The strength of the Four Great Divine Beasts race was not the slightest bit weaker compared to the human domains’ super holy lands!

What kind of wave could a Phaseless Realm brat stir up?

Rong Xin smiled and said, “Is that so? The day after tomorrow, the elders council’s decision will be coming out. When your candidate qualifications are revoked, I want to see what your big brother will use to make me very tragic! Hahaha …”

Rong Xin left with a burst of loud laughter, but White Light’s expression became ugly.

Bai Po’s expression changed when he heard that and said, “Young Patriarch, is what Rong Xin said true? This … What’s going on here?”

White Light finally let out a long sigh and said, “This isn’t the right place to talk. Let’s return to the clan first.”

White Light brought Ye Yuan and the others returned to the Flowing Light White Tiger Clan’s encampment. Along the way, the initial-most excitement from seeing Ye Yuan disappeared at this time.

Ye Yuan did not speak. In his impression, White Light had always been a naive youth. He had never seen before White Light with such a cumbered-with-a-heavy-load side.

One could tell that White Light regarded this young patriarch status very importantly.

Ye Yuan took it into his eyes, but could not help being somewhat moved. That little white tiger in the old days grew up after all!

“Yo, is that our lord young patriarch? Oh, no, wait, there’s still two more days, and our Flowing Light White Tiger Clan is going to lose the qualifications to contend as the young patriarch. This, we really have to thank Young Patriarch White Light!”

Upon entering the clan, a voice dripping with sarcasm transmitted into everyone’s ears.

A young man dressed in white came out from a corner, his gaze when looking at White Light was filled with enmity.

Bai Po’s face fell, and he said, “Bai Hui, can you don’t be so sarcastic when you speak? What benefits can you get from Young Patriarch losing his qualification? Without Young Patriarch, with just the likes of you, the Crimsonflame and Suppression Martial two clans probably wouldn’t even take one look!”

That Bai Hui’s expression changed and he said with a cold snort, “So what? At least, I wouldn’t become a laughing stock of the entire White Tiger Clan! Even if I lose, I’ll also lose openly and above-board!”

Bai Pai could not help choking up. Even though Bai Hui was jealous of White Light, if White Light’s qualifications were really revoked, he would really become a laughing stock of the entire White Tiger Clan.

Ye Yuan looked on indifferently as a bystander, already clear in his heart.

White Light’s appearance probably snatched away his title of young patriarch. Therefore, when he saw White Light, he would naturally be sarcastic.

“Big Brother, let’s go.” White Light’s interest somewhat waned, unwilling to argue with Bai Hui.

But Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Bai Hui, is it? You can even lose so righteously and confidently. Your esteemed self’s thinking truly takes people’s breath away! No wonder the White Tiger Clan declined until this point. Even the junior generation has gone downhill like so, how can it not decline?”

Ye Yuan’s words made Bai Hui flush scarlet red with shame.

Even Bai Po felt that he lost face too.

Indeed, right now, the Flowing Light White Tiger Clan’s members, quite a number of people had roughly the same thinking as Bai Hui, harboring the idea of muddling along.

If not for White Light’s appearance, they would also go and play a supporting role with no qualms of conscious, then be eliminated with their minds at ease and their conscious clear.

“You, a measly little human, what the hell do you know?! The might of the Crimsonflame and Suppression Martial is completely not what you can imagine!” Bai Hui shouted at the top of his voice.

Ye Yuan smiled again and said, “Hence, you feel that being able to stand up there and contend with them for the position of young patriarch is already immense courage, right?”

“I … I don’t …”

Bai Hui wanted to deny it very much, but Ye Yuan’s words made him have no way of denying at all!

“You don’t what? I saw Rong Xin when I entered the territory. You’re far too lacking when compared to him! Not talking about cultivation realm strength, just your tolerance and breadth of mind is not on the same level as him! If you represent the Flowing Light White Tiger Clan to go and contend for the position of young patriarch, it will only be more disgraceful!”

Ye Yuan threw Bai Hui’s face onto the ground without the least bit of mercy, and conveniently stomped on it a few times.

This period of time, White Light’s days in the Flowing Light White Tiger Clan was probably very rough. He reckoned that this Bai Hui had no lack of embarrassing White Light.

Just based on this, Ye Yuan would not let him have an easy time too.

“You … You …” Bai Hui was enraged until smoke billowed from all seven orifices, yet, he just could not find words to refute.

“What about me? Stop making a fool of yourself here, alright? Let me tell you, White Light’s qualifications won’t be revoked! The position of young patriarch will also definitely be his! As for you, get lost! Let’s go!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“There’re still two days, and the elders council’s decision will be passed down! I want to see if your boasting is going to reach the skies or not!”

Bai Hui’s roar came from behind, but Ye Yuan did not even care.

Arriving at the inner-chamber, White Light showed an ugly smile and said, “I’ve incurred your ridicule, Big Brother.”


Ye Yuan suddenly cuffed the back of White Light’s head and scolded with a smile, “Rascally brat, what nonsense are you saying? Are you really that little tiger who fears nothing and no one that I know?”

Bai Po was taken aback with fright by this scene, and immediately felt a blast of cold wind at the back of his head too.

Although the time White Light returned to the White Tiger Clan was not long, with the methods and aura he displayed, he already faintly had the imposing air of a sovereign.

If not for dismissing his qualifications this matter, there was actually nobody who dared to question him in the clan anymore.

But Ye Yuan actually treated him like a little kid, directly smacking. Furthermore, Young Patriarch even did not dare to retaliate!

This scene made his eyeballs drop to the ground.

“Hehe … Whitey, with your and Big Brother Yuan’s feelings, you still said this sort of words. Isn’t it treating us as strangers too much? Don’t you worry. With Big Brother Yuan around, this position of young patriarch is definitely yours. It can’t run away!” Yue Mengli did not talk all along but was tickled by Ye Yuan at this time.

White Light being smacked seemed to have come back to his senses too. He appeared slightly embarrassed as he said with a laugh, “Haha, yeah, when Big Brother isn’t around, I feel uneasy all over. The pressure these few days, it was too intense! But Elder Sister Li-er, you called Big Brother Yuan so intimately, do I, this younger brother, have to change my term of address to sister-in-law?”

Being teased by White Light, Yue Mengli’s face reddened.