Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 978

Chapter 978 White Tiger Dungeon

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After a bout of teasing, White Light’s emotions finally smoothed over.

In front of Ye Yuan, he recovered to that cheerful and lively White Light again.

Seeing this scene, the Bai Po by the side was endlessly shocked.

White Light came to the Flowing Light Clan for such a long time, he had yet to see such an innocent and pure side of him.

In his impression, White Light had always been a youth who matured earlier, serious in speech and manner and had well thought out plans.

“Oh, right, why did the elders council suddenly want to cancel your young patriarch candidate qualifications? Even if they have doubts about your identity, it’s also not to the extent of being so extreme, right? After all, the divine beast bloodline in you, there’s no way of faking it,” Ye Yuan dragged the topic back to the subject.

But White Light fell silent. A blush faintly appeared on his face, and he actually became somewhat shy.

When Ye Yuan saw this scene, he could not help being endlessly surprised.

But Bai Po heaved a long sigh and said, “Sigh … No man can resist the charms of a beautiful woman! I didn’t expect that Young Patriarch still fell into it.”

They were all people who had experienced it. When Ye Yuan and Bai Po saw this scene, how could they still not understand what happened?

“Huhu, I didn’t think that our family’s White Light actually had his first awakening of love too! It’s just, who’s that lady? To actually implicate your White Tiger Clan’s struggle for young patriarch?” Ye Yuan said curiously.

Being teased by Ye Yuan, White Light’s face became even redder like an apple. But he still let out a sigh and said, “I also know that I shouldn’t, but … I couldn’t control my feelings! That girl is from the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan. Our White Tiger Clan and the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan are mortal enemies. This matter was found out by God knows who. It was disclosed to the elders council, making the elders come to a decision and want to revoke my candidate rights.”

The moment Ye Yuan heard, he was unbelievably astonished. White Light actually fell in love with the enemy. No wonder the elders council would be enraged and wanted to revoke his candidate rights.

Adding in White Light’s identity, which left questions unanswered, it would be weird if the elders council did not have any expression!

Such an incident occurring, it was already a miracle that White Light could still have freedom.

Bai Po let out a sigh too and said, “These few years, Young Patriarch performed deeds of valor in many battles for the White Tiger Clan. That’s why an exception was made for him to become a candidate for young patriarch. If not for this, the elders council likely would not stop at revoking his rights so simple.”

Ye Yuan was not clear about the White Tiger Clan’s matters, but he knew that the White Tiger Clan and the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan were mortal foes.

Both parties mutually went on punitive expeditions that had already lasted for no idea how many tens of thousands of years.

White Light actually fell for a woman from the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan. This sort of thing absolutely could not be forgiven.

Ye Yuan did not speak. He just lightly drummed the table using his finger, emitting a rhythmic sound.

When everyone saw the situation, they knew that Ye Yuan was thinking, and could not help holding their breaths, not daring to disturb Ye Yuan.

After some time, Ye Yuan suddenly opened his mouth, “Where is that girl now?”

White Light’s expression dimmed, and he said, “I originally hid her in the territory of the Flowing Light Clan. But this matter was found out by don’t know who. Now, she’s already imprisoned inside the totem territory. The clan has already issued the decree, the moment the elders council’s decision is out the day after tomorrow, they will be sentencing her to death!

White Light clenched his fists tightly, kneading his own bones until it creaked. Ye Yuan knew that he was definitely struggling endlessly inside his heart. If according to White Light’s temper in the past, he would definitely have not been able to hold back long ago and went into the dungeons to rescue her.

But now, he was shouldering the duty of the Flowing Light Clan on him. This was like a shackle, making White Light unable to keep his hands and feet unfettered.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “This matter is somewhat fishy. Might have to find a breakthrough point from this girl. Looks like we have to make a trip into the dungeon.”

White Light said with difficulty, “But the dungeons are heavily guarded. The clan has already strictly ordered me to not enter the dungeon to visit Xiao-er.”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “How can this small matter stump your big brother? You just have to tell me the location of the dungeon. I naturally have ways to go in.”

At midnight, inside the White Tiger Clan’s dungeons, there was suddenly a subtle ripple in space. A figure directly walked out from within the void.

This White Tiger Clan’s dungeons were indeed heavily guarded. Even underground also had array formations protecting, in order to prevent convicts from escaping.

But this was nothing to the Ye Yuan who comprehended Heaven Man Unity.

Heaven Man Unity Realm already touched the source of Great Dao. Mere array formations could not hinder Ye Yuan’s footsteps at all.

Ye Yuan’s figure had just appeared and several terrifying auras locked onto him!

Clearly, his appearance shattered the deathly stillness of the dungeons.

“Heaven Man Unity, merging into heaven and earth! Fine lad, to actually have such heaven and earth cultivation at a young age!” An icy-cold voice transmitted over as if coming from underworld.

Ye Yuan could feel that when this voice appeared, the other few auras withdrew like tidewater, as if they had never appeared before at all.

“I’m flattered. I’m here to look for someone. You guys carry on sleeping. Don’t come and interrupt this young master,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“Hahaha, what an arrogant boy! However, you indeed have the capital to be arrogant! This old man has lived for several tens of thousands of years and wasn’t able to reach Heaven Man Unity Realm either. I really have no idea how you cultivate! Boy, let us make a deal.” That icy-cold voice suddenly changed his tone.

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Not interested. Go to one side and play, don’t hinder this young master from handling matters!”

Ye Yuan knew that this person’s cultivation was bound to be exceedingly high. But he also knew that inside this dungeon had terrifying restrictive powers.

These guys looked scary, but it was all scaring people.

“Humph! Refusing a toast only to drink to a forfeit! Do you really think that this old man can do nothing to you?”

Suddenly, a terrifying aura transmitted out from the depths of the dungeon. A colossal soul force actually directly ignored the restrictions and unleashed an attack at Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan just chuckled coldly but did not even move a muscle.

Using a divine soul attack to deal with him, this was purely seeking death himself!


Indeed, a miserable cry transmitted over.

That divine soul attack came quickly, and left even quicker!

Under this one attack, the other party already sustained considerable injuries.

It was also fortunate that the restrictions could cut off most of the soul force. Otherwise, at this time, the other party would not be able to avoid the outcome of his soul dissipating.

With this, Ye Yuan distinctly sensed that the atmosphere inside the dungeons became somewhat different.

Originally, when the rest saw that Ye Yuan was so arrogant, they all gloated over his misfortune.

But at this time, inside each and every cell, waves of uneasiness were transmitted out distinctly.

Ye Yuan laughed and said, “Being well-behaved now? Who knows how many years you have been suppressed, you still want to come out and posture! Serves you right!”

“Boy, who the hell are you? With your cultivation realm, how can you possibly block my divine soul attack?”

That icy-cold voice sounded out again but had clearly weakened a lot. Very clearly, that attack earlier made him feel very awful.

“Ao Qian, you punk really made progress! To actually muddle into the White Tiger Clan’s dungeon!” Right then, Long Teng’s voice suddenly sounded out.