Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 979

Chapter 979 Bring You All Out

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“You … Who are you?! To actually know this seat’s name!”

Ao Qian’s shock was by no means insignificant. He had already been locked up in the White Tiger Dungeon for no idea how many years. There was actually still someone who recognized him.

Furthermore, most of the overtone in Long Teng’s words was ridicule, with somewhat the hint of looking down from high above.

“This seat? Huhu, you punk, really showing no respect for your elders! In front of me, you actually dare to proclaim to be this seat too!”

Long Teng’s voice sounded out nonchalantly but exuded limitless awe.

“Don’t play tricks in front of me, Ao Qian! Who the hell are you?!” Ao Qian was a peerless powerhouse of his generation too. How could he be intimidated by one sentence?

“You had no lack of suffering this seat’s Dragon Tempering Whip back then. Why did you … forget it all now?” Long Teng said coolly.

“You … You are …”

Ao Qian’s expression could not be seen, but Ye Yuan knew that the expression on his face currently must be very fascinating.

Ye Yuan also did not think that casually taking a trip into a dungeon, Long Teng could even bump into an old acquaintance.

However, a powerhouse able to be in the same generation as Long Teng at least have to be several tens of thousands of years old too, right? Really have no idea how this Ao Qian survived.

Actually, Ye Yuan also knew, the Divine Realm had some old antiques who never left seclusion. But all of them had their own means to hang in there with just a single breath, in order to persevere until Divine Dao descended once more.

Upon breaking through to Deity Realm, a martial artist’s longevity would greatly increase. Living for ten thousand years was not a problem at all.

“As long as you know, don’t need to say it out!” Long Teng opened his mouth and interrupted Ao Qian’s words.

“M-Milord, Ao Qian did not think that you … you’re actually still alive!”

Virtually in an instant, Ao Qian’s pride disappeared completely without a trace. His words were brimming with respect.

“You, a punk, didn’t even die, how would this seat die? Whatever you have to say, say it later. Ye Yuan came in to find a Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan girl. She was just imprisoned inside a few days ago. You should know where she’s being locked up, right?” Long Teng said.

“Yes, milord. She’s in jail cell D.52,” Ao Qian said.

“En, now, be quiet for this seat. Your matters, talk again later,” Long Teng said.

Ye Yuan found jail cell D.52 very quickly. Indeed, he saw a girl with delicate features being locked up inside the cell.

Ye Yuan’s figure swayed, and actually passed right through the jail cell’s restrictions, and entered inside the jail cell.

“You’re Fang Xiao?” Ye Yuan opened his mouth to ask.

Fang Xiao curled up in a corner of the cell. Hearing Ye Yuan’s voice, she involuntarily raised her head to look at Ye Yuan. It was just that one could not see any hint of anger in her gaze.

This Fang Xiao indeed gave people a feeling of unable to help to show tender care when one saw her.

That instant when Fang Xiao’s gaze came into contact with Ye Yuan, her entire body suddenly trembled, her eyes gradually becoming absent-minded.

“Now, I’ll do the asking, you’ll answer!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Fang Xiao was just like a puppet at this time. She nodded her head and said, “Yes.”

15 minutes later, Ye Yuan let out a sigh and said, “Girl, have a good rest. Things will be over very soon.”

Fang Xiao’s head slumped and she actually already became fast asleep.

Ye Yuan’s figure swayed, and he already arrived outside of the jail cell.

“Senior, what to do about that Ao Qian?” Ye Yuan asked Long Teng.

It sounded like Long Teng’s and Ao Qian’s relationship was not shallow. Since they met, Ye Yuan naturally had to ask about Long Teng’s attitude.

“M-Milord, I … I beg you to take me away!” Ao Qian’s voice quivered as he said.

“The White Tiger Dungeons was constructed in the Divine Dao Era. The restrictions inside are countless, and the power is incredibly strong. In my present state, I can’t save you at all,” Long Teng said.

“Does Your Excellency still remember the grudge back then? Ao Qian has always been Your Excellency’s follower! Back then when Your Excellency left, Ao Qian also got implicated before betraying them and escaped. Otherwise, why would I be imprisoned in this place that’s completely dark without sun for as long as 20 thousand years?”

Ao Qian thought that Long Teng did not wish to bring him away and panicked all at once, saying what happened in the past.

Long Teng mused for a moment and said coolly, “The matters back then are already clouds and mist that have come and gone. The White Tiger Dungeon is one of the most terrifying prisons in the Divine Realm. Even at my prime, I also dare not say to be able to rescue you away, let alone now.”

Ao Qian involuntarily choked up when he heard that. Who knew that Long Teng’s tone suddenly changed and he said, “However, I know someone who can save you!”

Ao Qian froze, even his breathing became ragged: “Your Excellency is talking about … this young man? How is that possible … Even if he comprehended Heaven Man Unity, it’s also impossible to bring me out!”

The restrictions inside this dungeon were extremely a lot. Although Ye Yuan was able to not touch the restrictions, Ao Qian could not.

Once they trigger the restrictions, what they would have to face would be the entire White Tiger Clan’s pursuit!

Even if Ye Yuan was any stronger, it would also not be possible to escape.

“Huhu, whether you believe or not is up to you.” But Long Teng showed neither approval nor disapproval.

Ao Qian fell silent. He was already locked up inside this dungeon for 20 thousand years. At this rate, it was death sooner or later.

There should be no way that Long Teng, as a dragon race’s senior, would bluff him.

It was just that he could not figure out no matter what, how this young man could bring him out.

“Y-Your Excellency! I’m willing to pledge loyalty to milord! Milord, please rescue me!”

“Your Excellency, I’m willing too!”

“A-And I!”

Ao Qian was hesitating, but the rest already could not sit still anymore long ago.

Each and every one of them was trapped here, lingering on with their last breath of life. In the end, they could only grow old and die inside the White Tiger Dungeon.

Now, there was a chance. They would not bother about so much.

Each and every one of these people begged Ye Yuan for help, making Ye Yuan fall silent.

Taking revenge on Ji Canglan, this difficulty of this matter was indeed a little great just by relying on him alone. If he had a large faction behind him, it seemed like a pretty good option too.

“Fine, I can bring you all away. However, as a condition … you must submit under my rule!” Ye Yuan opened his mouth and said.

With this, the entire dungeon seethed over.

“Humph! A bunch of fools! It’s just a brat who’s still wet behind his ears, on what basis to bring you all away? Entering this White Tiger Dungeon, I’ve never seen people go out before! If the White Tiger Clan’s dungeon is so easy to get out, they would have long been exterminated already!” Right then, a discordant voice sounded out.

Ye Yuan knew that this was one of the few divine senses spying on him earlier. His strength was likewise unfathomable.

“A bunch of ignorant things. You guys also believe a snotty brat’s words! Don’t you forget, we’re all the White Tiger Clan’s felons. Want to escape the dungeon, don’t think about it in this lifetime!” Another voice sounded out.

These two voices sounding out, those jubilant voices immediately died down. Very clearly, these two people’s status in the dungeon was likely second only to Ao Qian.

Ye Yuan said with a laugh, “In this world, there are too many things that you guys can’t imagine. Frogs at the bottom of a well, nothing more than so! I won’t do any boasting either, but when I can bring you guys away, I hope that you can still maintain this composure.”

Done talking, a ripple appeared in space. Ye Yuan directly vanished from inside the dungeon.