Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 980

Chapter 980 Reversing Verdict

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On the third day, the White Tiger Clan’s elders council held the meeting as scheduled.

The White Tiger Clan’s powerhouses filled the hall. Those present were all the Divine Realm’s apex figures.

A candidate’s right being revoked was a major matter that involved the direction of the White Tiger Clan. The elders council would naturally have to take the matter seriously.

The various clans’ patriarchs, elders council’s members, as well as the three candidates all had to be present.

Rong Xin had a smile on his face, looking like his mood was pretty good. The other candidate, Wu Mo, had a calm look, seeming like everything had nothing to do with him.

As for White Light, there was no joy nor sorrow on his face. It was also uncertain what he was thinking about.

On the left-hand side sat three old men. Each and every one of them was incomparably somber.

“The objective of inviting everyone here, I believe everyone is aware. White Light secretly hid a Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s girl at the Flowing Light Clan, infringing upon the title of young patriarch candidate. Inviting everyone over today is to discuss the matter of revoking White Light’s candidate rights,” said the old man sitting on the left-hand side whose hair and beard were all white.

This person was the White Tiger Clan’s head elder, Rong Kun. His cultivation was unfathomable.

When Rong Kun finished talking, the Crimsonflame Clan’s patriarch, Rong Yin, opened his mouth to say, “Head Elder, I feel that this matter doesn’t need to be discussed anymore. White Light colluded with the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan, the proof is conclusive. This young patriarch candidate rights mustn’t be given to him anymore. Furthermore, White Light’s origins are unclear. Although he has White Tiger Clan bloodline, God knows if he was groomed by the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan or not? In my view, throw White Light into the dungeons and interrogate carefully again!”

“Rong Yin, your words are too much, right? Although the time White Light returned to the clan isn’t long, he achieved brilliant accomplishments in war! The Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan had quite a few geniuses who died at White Light’s hands. Could it be that because of this one incident, it will negate so much of his contributions?” the Flowing Light Clan’s patriarch, Bai Jue said solemnly.

Each of the White Tiger Clan’s branch had their own patriarch. But upon entering the totem territory, they would become members of the elders association, and were not to favor any clan.

The elders council’s members were not many, but they were people who enjoyed high prestige and commanded universal respect. Furthermore, their statuses were extremely venerated and were even above the various clan’s patriarchs.

Hence, those arguing now were all the various branches’ patriarchs.

“Bai Jue, we all didn’t deny White Light’s meritorious services. But his identity has always been suspicious, you know this. I know that your Flowing Light Clan finally managed to find a junior with immense potential, that’s why you would cherish like so. But if he’s really sent by the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan? If he really becomes the young patriarch? Or he becomes the White Tiger Clan’s patriarch in the future? This consequence, can you bear it?” Wu Qian said. At this time, the Suppression Martial Clan’s patriarch, Wu Qian also spoke up.

Bai Jue’s expression was very grim. Snorting coldly, he turned his head over and sulked.

He also knew that the moment this elders meeting started today, White Light would be fraught with grim possibilities.

But White Light’s actions truly made him rather mournful.

These few days, he put in words of praises in front of each elder until his mouth ran dry, but the results yielded were still very little.

This crime of having secret communications with their mortal enemy, nobody dared to risk universal condemnation. This sort of thing gave people too big of an opening.

It was just that Bai Jue could not quite understand, White Light was clearly an extremely smart lad. Why would he be so foolish on this sort of thing?

There were still some Divine King Realm branch patriarchs present. The opinions they expressed also mostly leaned towards White Light being guilty, even wanting to throw him into the dungeon.

Bai Jue could only sigh unceasingly in his heart as well when he saw this.

“Looks like the various patriarchs all don’t have any more objections regarding this matter of revoking White Light’s candidate rights. Little Light, do you still have anything to say for yourself?” Head Elder Rong Kun said.

White Light’s face did not change as he said coolly, “White Light has a clear conscience!”

“Haha, what an excellent have a clear conscience! I wonder how many of our secrets the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan already knows! Towards the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan, you really have a clear conscience!” Rong Xin said with a cold sneer.

White Light looked steadily ahead and did not even pay attention to him. Rong Xin could not help feeling stifled, like his punch landed on cotton, feeling very awful.

Rong Kun stared at White Light and said with a sigh, “These few days, the few of us old fellows also gathered together to discuss many times. Honestly speaking, Little Light’s talent indeed surpasses others. Furthermore, he achieved quite a number of great accomplishments to his name and is indeed a strong contender for the next patriarch. However … this matter concerns the White Tiger Clan’s rise and decline. We dare not be careless. Therefore, Little Light, your candidate rights …”


Head Elder’s words were said halfway when the great hall’s gates were suddenly kicked open by someone.

Ye Yuan slowly walked in with both hands behind his back.

“Big Brother!” The moment White Light saw Ye Yuan, he immediately let out a sigh in relief.

Ever since after Ye Yuan left the day before yesterday, he never came back. Although he knew that Ye Yuan would not abandon him to the wolves, his current emotions were also quite flustered.

Since Ye Yuan appeared now, this matter definitely had a turn for the better!

“Where did this brat come from, to dare be insolent in my White Tiger Clan!” Rong Yin berated.

“This one is Ye Yuan, White Light’s big brother. The matter is urgent, the action of forcing open the door truly could not be helped. I hope that elders can pardon my offense,” Ye Yuan said coolly neither obsequiously nor haughtily.

“Humph! To arbitrarily barge into the elders meeting, even an extremely big matter is also a capital crime! Furthermore, you’re just a human!” Rong Yin said with a cold snort.

At this time, that old man with a benevolent countenance on the right of Rong Yin suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Junior, are you here for White Light’s matters?”

Ye Yuan said, “Precisely so!”

That old man slowly nodded and said, “Junior, arbitrarily barging into the elders meeting indeed has the issue of scorning my White Tiger Clan. If you’re unable to give a reason that utterly convinces us, even I can’t protect you either, understand?”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “That’s of course. Elders just need to give me an opportunity to speak up will do!”

That old man looked at Rong Kun and said, “What’s Head Elder’s opinion?”

Rong Kun thought about it and asked Ye Yuan, “Could it be that this matter still has more than meets the eye?”

Ye Yuan said, “Head Elder, that Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s girl did not show up earlier nor too late. She actually showed up right when the competition for the position of young patriarch was the most heated. Don’t you feel that it’s too coincidental? If White Light is secretly colluding with the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan, he also wouldn’t be foolish enough to hide an enemy inside the clan at this time, right?”

Ye Yuan had a well thought out plan long ago. At this time, he spoke with confidence and composure, stating the suspicions in his heart.

Rong Kun and the rest could not help getting lost in thoughts when they heard Ye Yuan’s words.

Ye Yuan continued, “As a young patriarch candidate, it’s impossible for White Light to not know what consequences hiding a Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s member in the clan at this time would be. Therefore, this matter, White Light definitely did it very covertly. Probably even the Patriarch Bai Jue who regarded him very highly did not know. Then, who exposed this matter, making the entire White Tiger Clan all know?”

Rong Yin’s expression changed. He did not think that at this critical juncture, a brat like this would pop out to stir up trouble.

His face fell, and he said with a cold snort, “Even if you have a glib tongue, these are just your conjectures. But White Light secretly hiding the Heavenly Fiend Tiger girl is concrete proof!”

Ye Yuan gave him a glance and said with a faint smile, “Want proof is it? Shuangzhou, bring them in!”

Ruan Shuangzhou escorted two people into the great hall. When everyone saw these two people, their faces all changed drastically!