Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 981

Chapter 981 Communications Array Formation

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Rong Xin quickly stood up, his gaze glued on the person Ruan Shuangzhou escorted in.

One of them was none other than precisely Rong Xin’s father, Rong Ze!

Rong Ze was just an ordinary clan member of the Crimsonflame Clan. His strength was passable but did not excel in an aspect.

But a father became noble due to his son. Rong Xin’s rise made him become a figure with great power in the Crimsonflame Clan.

Everyone did not expect that Ye Yuan actually captured Rong Ze over.

With this, the matter became somewhat big.

Rong Ze was restrained by Rung Shuangzhou. He was just like a dead dog at this time, unable to reply Rong Xin at all.

“You’re courting death, Ye Yuan!”

Seeing that Ye Yuan actually dared to treat his father like so, Rong Xin was already burning with rage and could not care about the many elders present either. His entire person transformed into a streak of crimson red color, charging over towards Ye Yuan.

A streak of flowing light flashed across. White Light already cut in front of Ye Yuan.


Under a blow, the two people each fell back several steps, evenly-matched in strength.

But Rong Xin did not have the intention of stopping. He was just about to attack, but Rong Yin held him back.

“Calm down, Rong Xin! If he can’t give a reason why, there will naturally be the elders standing up for you!” Although persuading Rong Xin, Rong Yin himself also looked incredibly grim.

Rong Xin clenched his fists tightly, his entire body trembling, wishing he could kill Ye Yuan immediately.

But Ye Yuan gave a look of indifferent and said coolly, “Now, can I speak?”

Rong Yin said, “Go on. But … you’re also aware that Rong Ze is Rong Xin’s father. You should know the consequences of this matter!”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “I was busy with this task for a day and night; it naturally wasn’t to bring the person in to seek death. These two people are in cahoots together, colluding with the Heavenly Fiend Tiger’s Elder Ling Ninehills, making arrangements to put Fang Xiao by White Light’s side, so as to make him lose all standing and reputation. This way, Rong Ze’s son, Rong Xin, would be able to have one less formidable opponent, and become young patriarch!”

Ye Yuan’s simple few sentences shocked everyone to the core.

Even more shocked was White Light. He did not think that Fang Xiao actually intentionally approached him. No idea why, his heart suddenly winced in pain, like it was hurt by something.

Apart from Rong Ze, Ye Yuan still brought another person. And the other person was none other than precisely that Bai Hui’s father!

The moment Rong Xin heard, he said in a stern voice, “Ye Yuan, you’re slandering venomously! Just based on a one-sided statement, you want to reverse the verdict on White Light’s behalf?”

“Rong Xin, hold your horses. This matter is of utmost importance. If in the end, it’s proven that Ye Yuan is spouting nonsense, this seat will naturally return you justice.”

Done talking, Rong Kun turned to Ye Yuan again and asked, “Junior, you can’t make unfounded charges here. Do you have proof?”

Ye Yuan smiled slightly. Flicking his sleeves grandly, a miniature array formation appeared before everyone.

Rong Kun’s pupils constricted, and he said in astonishment, “Moving an array formation! Junior, what formidable means!”

Moving an array formation was a very profound method in the formations path. One could set up a set of array formation beforehand, then store it inside a spatial magic artifact.

When one required it, they could directly summon it from inside the spatial magic artifact, instantly forming an array.

Although this miniature array formation before them was small, it was a Tier 9 array formation. Want to move it over, one must have the strength of a formations emperor.

Ye Yuan was merely Phaseless Realm boundary, and he was actually able to transport a Tier 9 array formation. It was also no wonder that Rong Kun was shocked.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Head Elder is too kind. Just an insignificant skill. This array formation was discovered beneath the earth of Rong Ze’s house. I found it and conveniently transported him over.”

Rong Xin said with a cold smile, “Just a communications array formation, what can it illustrate? You casually set up an array formation yourself, then transport it over, who would know?”

This miniature array formation was a communications array formation. It was specifically used for transmitting messages, which was very convenient.

If Rong Ze really secretly colluded with the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan, using this set of array formation to transmit messages was not an impossibility.

It was just that even if this sort of thing was transported over, it did not have much persuasiveness either. After all, Ye Yuan could set up an array formation himself, then transport it over.

“Ye Yuan, you aren’t thinking of making the elders convict Rong Ze’s crime by relying on a communications array formation that was transported over, right?” Rong Yin also said somberly.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “The array formation can be faked, but the messages inside the array formation can’t be faked! Isn’t that so, you guys?”

Rong Yin’s expression changed when he heard that and said, “You … You’re able to recover the contents of the communications array formation? This … This is impossible!”

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “I think I should be able to do it.”

Hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Bai Jue they all roused their spirits up! While Rong Yin they all were taken aback with shock, if he really could recover the communication contents, then the problem would be blown up.

Ye Yuan did not hesitate either, both hands reaching out like phantoms, and started to handle the communications array formation.

Everyone all held their breaths, staring fixedly at the communications array formation.

Some people looked forward to some contents appearing on the communications array formation, while others did not hope for those contents to appear.

But there was one thing, everyone’s hearts were all pounding away.

Roughly 15 minutes later, the communications array formation suddenly lit up, and a row of words actually appeared!

“The fish has already swallowed the bait, thanks again in the future! Ze!” This should be the last transmitted message.

Rong Xin’s heart suddenly jolted, his entire person seemingly being drained. His two eyes were vacant and at a loss, plopping his bottom back onto the chair.

At this moment, the atmosphere inside the great hall seemed exceedingly stifling.

However, Ye Yuan’s actions had not ended yet. Very soon, a second message appeared on the array formation.

“Eliminating in the name of collusion, daughter Fang Xiao is already on the way! Ninehills!” This was clearly the message sent back by that Elder Ling Ninehills.

Following that messages after messages appeared on the array formation.

The further back it went, the uglier the expressions on everyone’s faces.

Especially Rong Kun and the others sitting on the left-hand side. Their faces were grim until it could almost drip water.

Toward the back, the messages displayed on the communications array formation was already not related to White Light. Among them, apart from some normal communications, there were even quite a number of the White Tiger Clan’s secrets!

Seeing these messages, how these elders felt could also be imagined.


A table in front of Head Elder virtually turned to dust instantaneously.

“Enough!” Rong Kun said fiercely.

Ye Yuan knew that the fire was about ready. Hence, he stopped casting his spell. The light on the communications array formation abruptly dissipated.

“Impossible! Impossible! This is impossible!”

Rong Xin repeated over and over again, batted out of his wits. He did not think that his facther actually went to collude with the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan for him!

“Ye Yuan! It must be a trick you played! These messages were definitely all fabricated by you! Right, this was cooked up by you!” Rong Xin suddenly jumped up, as if he had discovered a new continent.

This matter, Rong Xin himself was also kept in the dark. Right now, he was completely unable to accept such a fact.

Therefore, what he could think of was that Ye Yuan was cheating!

“Enough! Rong Xin, do you feel that we, these old fellows, are all blind?” Rong Kun’s icy-cold tone made Rong Xin feel as if he fell into an ice cellar.