Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 982

Chapter 982 Displaying Strength

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These divine king experts of the elders council were not ordinary powerhouses.

Their strength was unfathomable. Moreover, they lived to a ripe old age, and their experiences were out of the ordinary.

Unless Ye Yuan’s Formations Dao level reached Deity Realm, otherwise, it was absolutely impossible to cheat under their noses.

Rong Xin already lost his composure at this time and actually slandered Ye Yuan for cheating. Didn’t it imply the group of elders to be fools?

“Head Elder, this …”

Rong Yin was also dumbfounded by this scene. He never would have thought that such a drama-like change would occur to the matter in the end, and actually did not know what to say for a moment.

Rong Kun was worthy of being the head elder. He already calmed down at this time. Slightly heaving a sigh, he said to Rong Yin, “You bring Rong Xin back and watch over closely. As for Rong Ze and Bai Xu, throw the two of them into the dungeons first and guard closely. The disciplinary hall will be in charge of this matter. This matter will have to trouble you. You must interrogate and get to the bottom of it!”

The Wu Xin on the left-hand side of Rong Kun nodded and said, “Rest assured, Head Elder!”

Only after Rong Ze and Bai Xu were brought away, and Rong Yin left dejectedly too, did the group of patriarchs abruptly startled awake.

The events that occurred today were simply too dramatic. They were clearly going to revoke White Light’s candidate rights, but why did it become the Crimsonflame Clan having secret communications with the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan all of a sudden?

These branch patriarchs all looked at Ye Yuan with looks of astonishment written all over their faces.

This young man actually overturned the raging tides at the last moment!

“All disperse!” Head Elder’s dignified voice sounded out. Everyone also did not dare to remain here, taking their leave one after another and leaving.

While at this time, White Light did not have the slightest joy of post-victory. Instead, his entire person was in low-spirits. Clearly, the blow of Fang Xiao’s matter to him was very great.

In the end, White Light was merely still a youth.

He was different from Ye Yuan. Ye Yuan was someone who had experienced a lifetime before. His mentality was much more mature compared to White Light.

“Let’s go, maybe this matter isn’t as terrible as you imagine.” Ye Yuan patted his shoulder and consoled.

White Light smiled bitterly and said, “Don’t need to console me anymore, Big Brother.”

Ye Yuan smiled but did not say anything. At this time, the more one said, the more it would make people feel hurt.

The two people were just about to leave, but Head Elder spoke up, “Ye Yuan, please wait.”

Ye Yuan stopped his footsteps and said with a smile, “Head Elder stopping me, it isn’t to punish me for the crime of treating the White Tiger Clan with contempt, right?”

Ye Yuan checkmated first. Head Elder could only chuckle and said, “Things happen for a reason. This seat naturally isn’t that sort of narrow-minded person. This matter, this seat represents the White Tiger Clan to thank you instead. Count it as this seat owing you a favor. Two malignant tumors inside the clan, something major would happen sooner or later!”

Ye Yuan snickered in his heart. This old man was actually playing word games with him.

Him owing a favor and the White Tiger Clan owing a favor, these two were completely different.

However, even a favor of Rong Kun’s was still a priceless treasure.

Such a powerhouse was naturally not as powerful as the Ten Great Divine Kings. But his strength was also exceedingly terrifying.

But Ye Yuan randomly stumbled upon and dug out the White Tiger Clan’s malignant tumors in order to save White Light this time. It was also considered an unexpected harvest.

This one day’s time tired Ye Yuan out badly.

Consecutively utilizing Heaven Man Unity and the power of the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil virtually squeezed him dry.

One had to know that even though Rong Ze and Bai Xu were not Divine King experts, they were late-stage Dao Profound Realm powerhouses too.

If it was made public, it would be impossible for him to want to bring the people away, let alone talk about catching any proof.

Ye Yuan could only bring the two of them away silently to not cause a disturbance.

In between this naturally borrowed Ruan Shuangzhou’s power. But the exhaustion of the terrifying illusionary realm which he forcibly activated the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil to lay down was also tremendous.

Deploying the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil with Ye Yuan’s present strength, the burden on the body was immense. Especially dealing with Rong Ze and Bai Xu, this kind of powerhouses, it virtually depleted his soul force and essence energy.

That was also just Ye Yuan. If it were others, even if they obtained the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, they would also be squeezed dry instantly.

This was also why the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil would choose Ye Yuan to be the host.

“Haha, a favor from Head Elder can’t be exchanged for a thousand pieces of gold! Then, this Ye won’t be courteous,” Ye Yuan clasped his hands and said with a laugh.

Head Elder waved his hand, but his expression darkened as he said, “Your move earlier, probably only a peak formation emperor would have such strength! Furthermore, you were able to capture Rong Ze and Bai Xu here without making a scene. This isn’t what the average person can do! Also, that divine king should be your servant, right? Your level of strength, this seat feels rather concerned!”

Rong Kun was shrewd with age. Other people were all astonished by Ye Yuan’s methods, but he saw Ye Yuan’s extraordinary aspects.

Other people would underestimate Ye Yuan because of his cultivation realm, thinking that he was harmless to man and beast. But Head Elder knew that Ye Yuan was absolutely not as simple as he displayed just by looking at the things he saw before his eyes.

Leaving such a human in the White Tiger Clan, he had no choice but to guard against.

These words he kept Ye Yuan behind to say was actually warning Ye Yuan, making Ye Yuan rein it in a little.

Ye Yuan was perfectly clear. Probably after this, he would be in for the White Tiger Clan’s surveillance.

But … so what?

Someone able to keep watch on him had not been born yet!

Ye Yuan smiled when he heard that and said, “Head Elder is worrying too much! White Light and I accompanied each other along the way. One can say that he was raised by me. His clansmen are my, Ye Yuan’s, clansmen! As long as White Light is still in the White Tiger Clan, I, Ye Yuan, will forever be the White Tiger Clan’s friend!”

Rong Kun could not help choking up when he heard that. This punk actually turned around to threaten him.

Ye Yuan’s words had a hidden meaning. He, Ye Yuan, would not do things detrimental to the White Tiger Clan. Of course, the prerequisite was that the White Tiger Clan was good to White Light.

If someone was detrimental toward White Light, he, Ye Yuan would eliminate the other party without the slightest hesitation too!

If it were other people, they would only just brush it over with a laugh towards a threat like this.

But after Rong Kun witnessed Ye Yuan’s means, although he did not think that he posed any threat to the White Tiger Clan, this kind of opponent would absolutely give people a painful headache.

“Huhu, then this seat hopes that we can keep on being friends,” Rong Kun suddenly chuckled and said.

“Haha, of course, of course!” Ye Yuan took his leave with a loud laugh, bringing White Light together and leaving.

After Ye Yuan left, Wu Xin came beside Rong Kun and said solemnly, “This child is presumptuous!”

This Wu Xin seemed to be a man of few words. But these four words already expressed his displeasure towards Ye Yuan.

Head Elder chuckled, but asked the other one, “What do you think, Bai Yi?”

Bai Yi stroked his beard and laughed as he said, “Immeasurable!”

Rong Kun nodded his head and said, “This boy is indeed presumptuous. However … he truly has the capital to be arrogant! What he did today, even you and I are also unable to do it to such a flawless degree! I think he might be deliberately displaying his strength to us, so as to make us attach importance to Little Light. If there’s a possibility, best to not become enemies with this child as far as possible.”