Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 983

Chapter 983 Infiltrating

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Inside the White Tiger Dungeon, White Light looked at that delicate and sweet image, his heart in immense pain.

“Big Brother Light, do it.”

Fang Xiao closed her eyes painfully, two rows of clear tears falling down from the corners of her eyes.

Fang Xiao accepting it so readily caught White Light somewhat by surprise. Looking at her appearance, it seemed like she already had a realization long ago.

White Light’s heart jolted fiercely, and he said in a trembling voice, “Don’t you plan on explaining a little?”

Fang Xiao shook her head lightly and did not speak.

White Light’s face turned grim, and he said coldly, “Fine. Since that’s the case, I’ll send you off personally!”

White Light hardened his heart and suddenly reached out, grabbing towards Fang Xiao’s throat.

All of a sudden, the space rippled. A figure appeared out of thin air, intercepting this grab of White Light.

“Big Brother! What are you doing?” White Light said in confusion.

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “I already said, maybe the matter isn’t as terrible as you imagine. Isn’t that so, Miss Fang Xiao?”

Fang Xiao slowly opened her eyes, her gaze when looking at Ye Yuan was filled with fear.

Two days ago, it was precisely this man who suddenly appeared inside the dungeons. Then, she disclosed everything that she knew in its entirety and did not have the slightest strength leftover to resist.

Seeing Ye Yuan question, Fang Xiao turned her head over and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

Ye Yuan patted White Light’s shoulder and said with a smile, “Still remember what Head Elder said, he owes me a favor?”

White Light froze, but Ye Yuan said with a smile, “I already talked with Head Elder. This favor, I’ll use it to exchange for Fang Xiao.”

The moment these words were said, White Light’s and Fang Xiao’s entire bodies trembled.

A favor from Head Elder, it was actually used to exchange for an enemy who schemed incessantly to frame White Light?

White Light had been in the clan for a long time and was all too clear about how terrifying Head Elder’s strength was. A favor of his was truly hard to obtain with a thousand pieces of gold.

But Ye Yuan actually used it so easily?

“Big Brother, this … Head Elder’s favor was too precious! Why did you … why …”

“B-Big Brother, Fang Xiao only wishes for death!” Fang Xiao hesitated for a bit, but still followed White Light to call Ye Yuan big brother.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Just a favor, if it’s used up, then it’s used up! As long as I’m willing, I can make the White Tiger Clan owes me a lot of favors! White Light, you should know my temperament.”

Being together with Ye Yuan for many years, White Light was naturally aware of Ye Yuan’s personality.

As long as Ye Yuan treated the other party as a close kin, even if it was climbing a mountain of swords or plunging into a sea of flames, he would not bat an eyelid either, let alone talk about a measly little favor.

“But Big Brother, she …” White Light’s gaze turned towards Fang Xiao, love and hatred intertwined in his eyes.

Ye Yuan said with a laugh, “Miss Fang Xiao isn’t as wicked as you imagine. She was also compelled against her will. This matter is hard to say finish in a sentence. We’d better talk again on the road.”

Watching Ye Yuan, Fang Xiao, and White Light, as their figures disappeared inside the transmission array, Bai Yi said to Rong Kun, “Head Elder, letting them go like this, aren’t you afraid of them running?”

Rong Kun said with a smile, “Ye Yuan does things flawlessly. He brought Fang Xiao away but left behind that girl he came together with. Although he did not say it explicitly, it’s actually the intention of leaving her to be a hostage.”

“Ling Ninehills is a Divine King powerhouse. He’s not what the likes of Rong Ze’s strength can compare to. Could it be that Head Elder is so confident that he can bring Ling Ninehills back?”

Although he was very optimistic about Ye Yuan too, bringing Ling Ninehills back, this sort of mission, it was still way too fantastical.

Rong Kun shook his head and said, “Honestly speaking, I don’t have the least bit of confidence either. I don’t know where this boy’s confidence comes from, to dare accept such a mission! But I think that even if he’s able to complete the mission, the price paid likely wouldn’t be small either, right? For the sake of Little Light, he’s indeed pushing somewhat too hard!”

Bai Yu sighed emotionally and said, “For Little Light to be able to encounter such a big brother, it’s truly good fortune of three lifetimes.”

Outside the Heavenly Fiend Tiger territory, Fang Xiao appeared rather nervous and timid.

Although she was a Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s member, her memories here were not pleasant.

The Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan was totally different from the White Tiger Clan. This place was completely a place where the strong feasts and the weak were prey. The laws of survival were no different from primitive beasts.

Fang Xiao’s bloodline power was very strong. But because she was born in a slave family, she was practically reared in a pen from young.

Ling Ninehills planted very powerful restrictions on her and could control her life and death.

Furthermore, Fang Xiao’s parents had always been treated as hostages and were imprisoned, to use to threaten Fang Xiao to do things for him.

Receiving Ling Ninehills’s orders this time, she originally wanted to exploit White Light’s sympathy and make White Light save her. Then, let Bai Xu expose this matter.

But even Fang Xiao herself also did not expect that she actually fell hopelessly in love with White Light just like this.

And White Light similarly fell for Fang Xiao.

But this kind of love that had no outcome made Fang Xiao feel as if a blade was being twisted in her heart. Choosing between her parents and White Light virtually tore her into two.

Despair was the greatest sorrow. When she was locked up inside the White Tiger Dungeon, she already had the will to die.

But she never would have thought that Ye Yuan’s sudden appearance actually made the entire matter take a turn for the better.

“B-Big Brother Ye,” Fang Xiao said timidly.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Just call me big brother the same as White Light. Now, tell me Ling Ninehills’ habits and customs no matter how important or trivial. Don’t omit even a scrap! We only have one chance. Once we startle the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s powerhouses, it will be very hard for us to escape!”

Ye Yuan’s merger into heaven and earth was indeed very powerful, but it was not matchless either.

Once he fell into a tight encirclement of divine king experts, even if Ye Yuan displayed merging into heaven and earth, he could not escape either.

This move’s advantage lied in taking by surprise. Once the other party was prepared, it would not be fun anymore.

Although Ye Yuan said it with a smile, these words made Fang Xiao alarmed inwardly. Right away, she did not dare to hesitate either, saying out all of Ling Ninehills’ habits and customs that she knew.

And following Fang Xiao’s description, a map of the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan also finished constructing in his mind.

All preparations in place, Ye Yuan slowly stood up, but White Light held onto him and said with a conflicted look, “Big Brother, why not … forget about it! I know that you’re doing it for my good, but the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s strength isn’t much weaker compared to the White Tiger Clan. It’s too dangerous!”

White Light was not that ignorant person long ago anymore. How powerful a divine king expert was, he was very clear.

Although Ye Yuan’s means were extremely a lot, once he entered the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s territory, it was an exceedingly dangerous thing too, let alone that he even wanted to capture Ling Ninehills, this divine king powerhouse, alive.

This was simply an impossible to complete mission!

Ye Yuan scolded with a smile, “I say, you punk, when did you become so fussy and long-winded? Could it be that you can bear to watch Fang Xiao’s parents die just like this?”

“This … ” White Light could not help becoming hesitant.

“Alright, you guys enter the Vast Heaven Pagoda first. Leave the rest to me!” Ye Yuan said with a relaxed look.