Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 984

Chapter 984 Dancing On The Edge Of A Blade

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Inside an inner-chamber in the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan, the lamplight was dim.

Ling Ninehills stood with his hands by the side, appearing very respectful.

“Ninehills, your performance this time is very good! That Flowing Light Clan brat is indeed somewhat unusual. If we let him become the young patriarch, our Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan will likely be beyond hope in the future.” Under the dim lantern light, a powerhouse whose face could not be seen clearly.

White Light’s sudden emergence gave the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan a massive headache toe.

These few years, the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan had quite a number of exceptionally talented geniuses all fall at White Light’s hands. This made their young generation’s strength suffer heavy losses.

Ling Ninehills was overjoyed inwardly the moment he heard and hurriedly said, “Head Elder is too kind! Serving the clan is originally what people of our group should do!”

Head Elder nodded and said, “Don’t worry, this seat won’t treat you shabbily. If you can use a ruse to bait and kill that White Light, the clan will award you a Profound Heaven Entering Void Pill.”

Ling Ninehills could not help freezing when he heard and was wildly elated in his heart.

Reaching the Divine King Realm, ordinary medicinal pills could not enter their arcane sights at all. Only high-grade Tier 9 medicinal pills could make them so visibly moved.

However, each high-grade Tier 9 medicinal pill was incomparably precious.

Even a large clan like the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan would not anyhow take it out either.

“Rest assured, Head Elder. With those two fools around, White Light will die eventually! Even if White Light can’t become young patriarch, he’s still an immense threat to Rong Xin. There’s no way Rong Ze that old fellow would sit idly by and watch indifferently,” Ling Ninehills forcefully held back his agitation and said.

Head Elder nodded his head and felt that Ling Ninehills’ analysis was very reasonable too. “This matter will be passed to you. If you need any help from the clan, feel free to ask me.”

Ling Ninehills bowed his body and said, “Yes!”

Leaving the head elder’s secret chambers, Ling Ninehills’ mood was excellent. He wanted to return to his residence as soon as possible and contact Rong Ze that old punk. He wanted to ask about the situation over there.

“Heh heh, I believe there’s already a conclusion over there. Placing that lass by my side and fostering her, I didn’t expect that it actually exchanged for a Profound Heaven Entering Void Pill. Truly an unexpected harvest! With it, making my way into the elders council isn’t an impossibility either!”

Ling Ninehills was in high and vigorous spirits at this time, seemingly already seeing himself in control of the clan’s authority.

However, as he walked, Ling Ninehills suddenly discovered that something was amiss.

“En? Didn’t I walk by this path just now? Calculating based on the time, I should have reached long ago! Impossible! Could it be that I fell for an illusionary magic? But who has this ability to be able to cast an illusionary art on me in the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s territory?” Ling Ninehills said with a frown.

Thinking about it, Ling Ninehills still felt that it was not possible.

Even with Head Elder’s strength, it was also impossible to make him succumb to illusionary magic in the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan noiselessly.

Hence, he carried on walking forward …

Ling Ninehills walked and walked, and he arrived at a concealed dungeon.

He slowly opened the dungeon gates and walked inside. Two prisoners appeared in his sight.

The moment those two people saw Ling Ninehills, they hurriedly knelt on the ground and begged, “Lord Ninehills, we beg you to let our Xiao-er go! She’s still just a child!”

However, Ling Ninehills did not reply.

Suddenly, a figure appeared with a flash. Who could it be if not Fang Xiao?

“Father, Mother! You … You’re both alright! That’s really great!” Fang Xiao cried with joy, hugging the two people all at once.

When Fang Xiao’s father and mother saw their daughter, they both had shock written all over their faces.

Space rippled, and another three figures appeared.

“Shuangzhou, quick! Restrain Ling Ninehills, I already can’t hold on anymore! We only have 10 breaths of time and must leave the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan at once! Leave at your greatest speed and strive for time for me to recover!” Ye Yuan spoke just like continuously firing a machine gun. Time was very pressing.

Ruan Shaungzhou suddenly made a move and thoroughly sealed Ling Ninehills’ dantian.

With Ye Yuan’s present strength, merging with heaven and earth could at most last for a hundred breaths of time.

During this time, Ye Yuan even had to utilize the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil and unleash the Secret Illusion Heavenly Realm. This was a tremendous challenge to him.

Even with Ye Yuan’s incredible nerves, he could only persist for several dozen breaths of time at most as well.

Fortunately, in this several dozen breaths of time, Ye Yuan found Fang Xiao’s parents through Ling Ninehills.

Now that it had already succeeded, there was only waiting to retreat.

But in reality, the truly dangerous moment only really arrived now!

Currently, he already showed himself. There was at most still 10 breaths of time, and he would be discovered by the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s powerhouses. If he did not escape as soon as possible, they probably would not be able to escape anymore.

Ruan Shuangzhou grabbed Ling Ninehills in his hands like dragging a dead dog. When Ye Yuan saw the situation, he directly put everyone away into the Vast Heaven Pagoda, then used his final trace of essence energy and merged into heaven and earth.

Except, merging into heaven and earth this time, Ye Yuan could not persist a long time at all.

At this time, Ye Yuan already could not bother with arousing the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s attention. Merging into heaven and earth one time, Ye Yuan slowly arrived outside the totem territory, then was no longer able to move.

But Ye Yuan already informed Ruan Shuangzhou before, after merging with heaven and earth, it would be up to him to bring everybody to escape.

With Ruan Shaungzhou’s feet strength, it still needed a certain amount of time for the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s people to want to catch up.

Ye Yuan directly entered inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda with a flash.

“Big Brother, are … are you alright?”

Currently, Ye Yuan was spasming all over, cold sweat pouring profusely. His condition was very alarming.

“M-Medicinal pill!” Ye Yuan used the last of his strength to say.

White Light only abruptly came to a realization at this time. Ye Yuan already gave him the medicinal pills to restore essence energy and soul force beforehand.

Right away, he no longer hesitated and hurriedly let Ye Yuan consume them.

This time, Ye Yuan really reached the point where he could do no more. Not even a final trace of essence energy remained either.

Merging with heaven and earth was indeed formidable, but it overly consumed essence energy. Adding in dealing with Ling Ninehills, this divine king powerhouse, Ye Yuan virtually depleted his soul force and essence energy dry at the same time.

This sort of feeling was simply even more awful than dying.

Following the medicinal pills entering his abdomen, traces of essence energy and soul force flowed into his body. Ye Yuan gradually stopped spasming. His ashen complexion finally recovered a trace of vitality.

But right at this time, Ye Yuan suddenly felt quite a number of auras, powerful until it made people asphyxiated, locking onto them from far away!

One of the auras among them was far too powerful. Unless it was the Ten Great Divine Kings who made a move, otherwise, nobody could have a frontal clash!

Ye Yuan was deeply aware of these divine kings’ might. The operation this time truly could be said to be dancing on the edge of a blade.

But the matter progressing until now was still considered smooth-sailing. It basically acted out according to the script he directed prior to this.

Now, they only had to escape to the White Tiger Clan’s territory and would have no worries about the rear anymore.

He already came to an agreement with Rong Kun, making him receive them at the borders.

Even if the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s elders were any more powerful, it was also not possible to pursue into the White Tiger Clan’s territory.

“Young Master, the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan has an expert whose speed is extremely fast. With my feet strength, I probably can’t persevere to the White Tiger Clan’s borders and will be caught up by the other party!” Ruan Shuangzhou’s voice suddenly transmitted into the Vast Heaven Pagoda, giving everyone a shock.