Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 985

Chapter 985 No Way Out

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“Head Elder, who on earth was it? To actually be able to avoid our clan protecting grand array and restrictions, and to kidnap Ling Ninehills away?” a Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s elder asked Head Elder Pan Yin.

Pan Yin sped like the wind while saying with a frown, “No idea! When he just left the totem territory, there wasn’t any aura ahead. Presumably, he has an extremely powerful spatial holy artifact. But looking from the aura, the other party is just an ordinary divine king and doesn’t seem to be very remarkable! Inform Ling Lixiao. Let him intercept ahead. Make sure not to let that person escape into the White Tiger Clan’s territory.”


What that elder asked earlier was precisely what he was perplexed by too.

Ever since discovering that someone intruded into the totem territory, he discovered two auras from start to end.

These two auras were both not very strong. That one ahead was just an ordinary divine king, while the aura previously was even only at the Phaseless Realm.

He even wondered if he had a false impression.

It was absolutely impossible for two people like this to hide from the clan protecting grand array and restrictions, and intrude into the totem territory and not be discovered by him.

Yet, this matter happened just like this!

Not only did it happen, he even let the other party abduct Ling Ninehills away from right under his nose!

This sort of thing, he racked his head and could not figure it out either.

Therefore, he still decided to catch up to the other party, and capture, and get to the bottom of it!

Pan Yin was courageous, stemming from his superb skills and was naturally not afraid of Ye Yuan playing tricks. In the entire Divine Realm, a person who was able to make the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s head elder afraid had not been born yet!

Even if the Ten Great Divine Kings came, he had the confidence to make a full retreat as well.

Pan Yin displayed a secret art, and his speed suddenly exploded, turning into a stream of flowing light, speeding over in Ruan Shuangzhou’s direction.

Although they were inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda, White Light and Fang Xiao both sensed Head Elder’s horrifying pressure.

White Light’s face was intensely grim, and Fang Xiao’s complexion was deathly pale.

Fang Xiao gripped White Light’s sleeves tightly, clearly nervous to the extreme.

“Big Brother Light, this person who chased after is definitely Head Elder! Apart from the patriarch, only he has such a terrifying strength!” Fang Xiao said tremblingly.

White Light said in a solemn voice, “Don’t worry. With Big Brother around, it will be fine! Let’s be quieter, don’t disturb Big Brother’s recovery of strength!”

Fang Xiao nodded her head obediently, not daring to make any more sound.

The current Ye Yuan had long entered Heaven Man Unity Realm already. He revolved the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art to the limits, frenziedly recovering essence energy.

The more it was like this, the calmer and more terrifying Ye Yuan was.

He was seizing every minute and second, making the best use of all of his time to recover strength. Even if Head Elder pressed on any harder, he was not swayed in the slightest either.


Right at this time, an intense undulation actually occurred outside.

Ruan Shuangzhou actually already engaged in battle with someone!

“Not good! Outside of the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s borders, there is actually still a divine king powerhouse hiding himself!” White Light’s expression changed drastically as he said.

It was as if Ye Yuan did not sense the outside world’s happenings at all. He still recovered strength like nobody’s business.

Heart Like Monolith, one could not be swayed by external things.

Now that Ye Yuan already reached Heaven Man Unity heart realm, all of the outside world’s turmoil, he could utterly sever them.

Outside world, Ling Lixiao got the news sent from the clan and immediately hurried back, but he just happened to block Ruan Shuangzhou right here.

Ling Lixiao was just an ordinary divine king. His strength was not much different from Ruan Shuangzhou’s. Wanting to kill or capture the other party, that was something virtually impossible.

However, his goal was to pin down Ruan Shuangzhou. When Head Elder rushed over, wouldn’t this person still allow himself to be captured without putting up a fight?

But Ruan Shuangzhou had no desire to continue fighting and was anxious to get away. But with a divine king delaying at his side, his speed could not increase no matter what.

With this, Head Elder’s horrifying pressure approached closer and closer. Ruan Shuangzhou was also panicking with anxiety.

Inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda, Ye Yuan did not stir in the slightest.

The more anxious he got, the slower Ruan Shuangzhou’s speed became. He even nearly got hit by Ling Lixiao’s moves a number of times.

“Ye Yuan, we probably can’t escape already. What should we do now?” Ruan Shuangzhou could not resist asking the Ye Yuan inside the Vast Heaven Pagoda.

What replied him was silence.


A horrifying aura suddenly descended. An aged figure stood in the air, thoroughly sealing off Ruan Shuangzhou’s exit.

“Who are you, to actually dare provoke my Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan!” Pan Yin’s cold voice came over.

Ling Lixiao also ceased his movements and stopped beside Pan Yin.

The current Ruan Shuangzhou was already a turtle in a jar. With Pan Yin around, he could not escape even if he had wings.

The gears in Ruan Shuangzhou’s head spun, and he gave a bow towards Pan Yin and said, “Junior unintentionally transgressed and only accidentally ventured into your esteemed land. Junior will leave right away. I hope that Senior can give a way out, is it alright?”

Ruan Shuangzhou was also a quick-witted person. He obviously knew that Pan Yin would not let him leave.

Even abducted their divine king, still saying accidental intrusion?

But at this point right now, Ruan Shuangzhou already had no other choice. Every little bit he could delay counted.

If it were several months ago, Ruan Shuangzhou never would have thought that he would actually place his hopes on a Phaseless Realm even if he was beaten to death.

But now, Ruan Shuanzhou knew that his only chance of survival rested on Ye Yuan.

His relationship with Ye Yuan was about the same as Yuan Fei’s back then. He had his individual thoughts but had no choice. He had to submit under Ye Yuan’s command.

But only ever since after he submitted under Ye Yuan’s command, did he know how terrifying the means Ye Yuan possessed!

Indeed, Pan Yin laughed coldly when he heard that and said, “Is your esteemed self taking this old man to be a fool? Kidnapping Ling Ninehills, you’re probably sent over by Rong Kun that old dog, right? Looks like the matters over there was exposed and fell through! It’s just, I’m very curious. How in the world did you sneak into the totem territory? Of course, you can also not tell, but this old man will have ways to make you say it out.”

Ruan Shuanzhou had a helpless look as he said, “Junior really don’t know what you’re talking about! This one is just a run-of-the-mill human martial artist, why would I be sent here by the White Tiger Clan? You all lost your men, you can’t very well randomly find a person to shoulder it, right? This is also too unreasonable!”

Pan Yin’s eyes narrowed, and he said with a faint smile, “Looks like you’re dragging the time! But I’m very curious. Could it be that you still have other means to escape this old man’s palms? Or perhaps … it’s that Phaseless Realm junior you came together with? Honestly speaking, this old man is really quite curious about you guys.”

Pan Yin was shrewd with old age, how could he not perceive Ruan Shuangzhou’s little thoughts?

But he was not worried either. He very much wanted to take a look at what means the other party had.

To be able to sneak into the totem territory so imperceptibly, one either had a heaven-defying treasure or had a heaven-defying skill.

Regardless which was it, it could become the ace-in-the-hole to bring down the White Tiger Clan. How could he not be moved?

“Shuangzhou, you did very well. Leave the rest to me!”

Right at this moment, Ye Yuan’s figure suddenly appeared.

When Ruan Shuangzhou saw Ye Yuan, he was firstly overjoyed, following that, he was alarmed inwardly and said, “Young Master actually … broke through!”