Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 986

Chapter 986 Land Of Ancestral Spirits

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Prior to this, Ye Yuan was still First Level Phaseless. Entering the Vast Heaven Pagoda and circling one round, he became First Level Phaseless.

Although breaking through a minor cultivation realm did not make much of a difference to the present situation, it still gave Ruan Shuangzhou a shock.

“En, I didn’t think that after being squeezed dry, I actually took advantage of the opportunity and broke through,” Ye Yuan stood with his hands behind his back as he said nonchalantly.

But opposite of them, when Pan Yin saw this scene, he was unbelievably shocked.

He could tell that Ruan Shuangzhou and Ye Yuan entered a soul contract.

A Divine King Realm powerhouse was actually serving a Phaseless Realm person as his master? With such extravagance, he at least came from a super holy land!

In an instant, Pan Yin connected to many things in his mind.

If the White Tiger Clan and a human super holy land were in collusion, then the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan would be in danger!

Looks like he must make this young man stay!

Ye Yuan did not think that the scene earlier actually strengthened Pan Yin’s resolve to make him stay.

“Junior, are you surrendering without putting up resistance, or are you going to make this old man take action?” Pan Yin said coolly.

Since he caught up, it was absolutely impossible to let Ye Yuan escape, even if Ye Yuan’s measures were immensely formidable!

This was the confidence belonging to a peak divine king!

Ye Yuan gave a faint smile and said, “If you have the capabilities, feel free to chase after and give it a shot!”

Pan Yin had yet to react in time when Ruan Shuanzhou vanished with a whoosh. Ye Yuan’s figure was also like a moon’s reflection in the water; gradually vanishing before Pan Yin!

Seeing this scene, Pan Yin’s and Ling Lixiao’s expressions changed drastically at the same time!

“Heaven Man Unity! How is this possible?!” Ling Lixiao cried out in shock.

Head Elder’s face fell, and he said, “Chase after!”

Ye Yuan did not escape in the direction of the White Tiger Clan. He could sense that Pan Yin already locked down all of the surrounding space.

Even if he merged with heaven and earth, Pan Yin was able to force him out too.

A peak divine king’s understanding of Heavenly Dao was extremely deep and far from what ordinary divine kings could compare to.

Merging with heaven and earth in front of ordinary divine kings, one could escape brazenly without fear of anything! But facing a peak divine king, one could not!

Ye Yuan naturally would not run in the direction of the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan either. That was walking right into a trap.

Hence, he chose to flee in the direction of the two people.

Head Elder never dreamed that Ye Yuan’s trump card was actually merging with heaven and earth.

With this moment of hesitation, Ye Yuan already scurried out several tens of thousands of miles away.

But Head Elder already used divine sense to lock onto Ye Yuan long ago. Although he was a step late, he followed closely behind and would not fall behind too much either.

As for Ling Lixiao, he could only eat the dust behind.

Although Head Elder could not merge with heaven and earth, his speed was not the least bit slower compared to Ye Yuan.

The two people, one chased, one ran. In an instant, they were a million miles away.

While chasing, Head Elder was still endlessly shocked in his heart at the same time. Heaven Man Unity, this sort of heart realm, had already not appeared in the Divine Realm for God knows how many years.

Even with his vast experience, he also did not imagine that this heart realm actually appeared on a 20 over years old young man.

“What in the world is this boy’s background? Luckily, I chased after him. Otherwise, who can make this boy stay? No wonder it was only that divine king escaping earlier. Looks like this brat depleted his essence energy in order to sneak into the totem territory previously.”

As Pan Yin’s imagination ran wild, the two people already ran God knows how far out.

Head Elder’s strength was immense in the end. His speed was actually still that tiny bit faster than the Ye Yuan who merged into heaven and earth!

The distance between the two people was gradually shrinking.

“Boy, even if you comprehended heaven man unity, you absolutely can’t escape either!” Pan Yin urged his voice with essence energy, transmitting directly into Ye Yuan’s ears.

“Old man, if you have the capabilities, chase after and see!” Not the slightest hint of panic could be heard from Ye Yuan’s voice. It even had hints of ridicule.

When Pan Yin heard Ye Yuan’s voice, he suddenly had a foreboding premonition.

All of a sudden, he seemed to have thought of something. His expression changed drastically, and he said, “Not good! This direction, is it possible that he wants to enter the land of ancestral spirits? Damn it! It must be Fang Xiao that little lass who gave him the idea! No can do, I have to think of a way of stopping him from entering!”

Pan Yin’s guess was correct. Ye Yuan’s destination was precisely the land of ancestral spirits.

Before Ye Yuan came out, he asked Fang Xiao what places within this Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s boundary that even divine king powerhouses did not dare to go.

And the answer Ye Yuan got was the land of ancestral spirits.

The land of ancestral spirits was the place where the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan housed the memorial tablets of ancestors. Inside had an incomparably powerful tomb guardian.

Under the circumstances where no permission was allowed, even if the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s patriarch entered inside, he would be blotted out too!

It was not that the tomb guardian already reached Deity Realm, but the tomb guardian could borrow the strength of the ancestors’ spirits in the land of ancestral spirits.

This sort of power was very strange. All in all, even the patriarch would be fraught with grim possibilities when entering inside too.

When Ye Yuan heard of the land of ancestral spirits, he decided to go in without another word.

At this point, wanting to return to the White Tiger Clan according to the original route was already something impossible.

Therefore, Ye Yuan decided on the spot and directly merged with heaven and earth, and attempted to enter the land of ancestral spirits.

A powerhouse like Pan Yin was still not what the current Ye Yuan could contend with.

Although entering the land of ancestral spirits was dangerous, there was still a ray of hope. But if he landed in Pan Yin’s hands, that was certain death without the possibility of survival.

The land of ancestral spirits was not too far away from the totem territory. Ye Yuan deliberately took a big detour before aiming for this place. So right at the beginning, Pan Yin did not realize it as well.

Space rippled, and Ye Yuan’s figure emerged with a flash.

Ahead were two enormous pitch-black statues of ferocious tigers. A terrifying aura faintly exuded from within.

Behind the statues was a massive mausoleum! This was the land of ancestral spirits!

“Who is it, to dare have the audacity to arbitrarily barge into the land of ancestral spirits! Why haven’t you obediently allowed yourself to be captured without putting up a fight?!”

A large group of martial artists suddenly came out. Ye Yuan swept a glance over. They were actually all Dao Profound Realm martial artists. Those powerful ones were even late-stage Dao Profound Realm!

But these Heavenly Fiend Tiger clan members were nothing in Ye Yuan’s eyes.

“Shuangzhou, go and take care of them. Let’s enter the land of ancestral spirits!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

Ye Yuan let Ruan Shuangzhou out. When they saw a divine king powerhouse suddenly show up opposite, it was as if each and every one of them were facing a formidable enemy.

Ruan Shuangzhou did not hesitate either and immediately started massacring without restraint akin to a tiger entering a flock of sheep.

The reason why divine kings were divine kings was that their disparity with ordinary Dao Profound Realm was too great!

Even an Eighth Level Dao Profound powerhouse was too weak to stand up to competition in front of a divine king too

Very soon, Ruan Shuangzhou slaughtered out a bloody path.

Ye Yuan did not hesitate either, following Ruan Shuangzhou, he was about to enter the mausoleum.

But right at this time, a terrifying aura came over from an extremely far-away place.

“Heavenly Fiend Secret Art, Tiger Roar Shaking the Firmament! ROAR!!”

Pan Yin gave a long howl. An incomparably powerful sound wave directly pierced through the void and assailed over towards Ye Yuan accurately.


Those Heavenly Fiend Tiger clan members were not dead yet. However, areas where this sound wave passed by, each and every one of them bled from all orifices and were actually forcefully shocked to death.

Ye Yuan’s countenance changed, and he took out the Heavenly King Bell without any hesitation. Right hand, the Sacred Dragon Token was already in his hand, directly smashing down onto the Heavenly King Bell …