Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 987

Chapter 987 The Mystery Of White Lights Ancestry

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The Heavenly King Bell being smashed by the Sacred Dragon Token, a terrifying undulation immediately spread out. Two sound waves instantly intertwined together!


Places where the sound waves intersected, massive rocks were crushed into fragments. Trees were also pulverized into dust.

In the air, the smell of dust filled the air everywhere.

Pan Yin was still far away, but his expression became fearful.

Ye Yuan’s sound wave attack was actually able to stand up to him as equals!

Furthermore, just now, he distinctly sensed a trace of an extraordinary undulation!

“Go!” Ye Yuan forcefully endured his internal injuries and entered the land of ancestral spirits together with Ruan Shuangzhou.

That attack earlier, Ye Yuan used a trace of divine essence. Otherwise, there was no way to contend with Pan Yin’s sound wave attack at all.

Pan Yin’s senses were extremely acute, and he still discovered a hint of inkling.

“This boy is truly too strange!” Pan Yin said with a somber look.

Right then, several streaks of flowing light streaked across the horizon. Quite a number of divine kings only rushed over now.

Seeing Head Elder’s overcast look, the group of divine kings did not dare to speak out of turn.

Very clearly, even when Head Elder made a move, he did not manage to hold this young man back too!

Each and every one of them exchanged glances. All saw the look of shock in the other party’s eyes.

Head Elder’s strength was unfathomable. Dealing with a Phaseless Realm brat, he actually did not succeed!

“This child definitely has a massive secret on him. We must capture him alive! Return to the clan and invite array masters over, make them seal off the space in this vicinity. Additionally, five people stay behind and guard the mausoleum’s entrance. Must not let him escape! You all must not lower your guard! This child comprehended the realm of Heaven Man Unity and is able to merge with heaven and earth. Even a divine king powerhouse might not be able to make him stay either! I’ll go back and discuss with the patriarch and consider sending people into the land of ancestral spirits!” Head Elder instructed.

These few divine kings were eating dust behind the entire time and completely did not know what happened earlier.

Hearing Head Elder say it at this time, everyone was endlessly shocked in their hearts.

No wonder even Head Elder suffered a setback too! This boy actually comprehended Heaven Man Unity!

Pan Yin still had something that he did not tell. Otherwise, they would be even more shocked.

Actually, Pan Yin suspected that Ye Yuan had a divine artifact in possession!

To be able to contend with his Tiger Roar Shaking the Firmament, furthermore, that trace of bizarre undulation, it aroused Pan Yin’s suspicions.

Therefore, Pan Yin would not let Ye Yuan leave no matter what.

Entering the land of ancestral spirits, Ye Yuan finally could not hold it back, spewing out a mouthful of blood.

His strength was too weak after all. Head Elder’s sound wave attack was sufficient to exterminate ordinary divine kings too. But Ye Yuan relied on the might of a divine artifact and forcefully resisted an attack from him.

Of course, he was still considerably wounded with this.

Fortunately, Ye Yuan’s fleshy body was extremely powerful. This bit of injury did not pose much of a threat to him.

Ye Yuan let Ruan Shuangzhou guard him. After recuperating for a while, he was already no longer in danger.

Ye Yuan’s Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art was already cultivated to an extremely high level. This bit of injury was naturally a cinch.

Speaking of which, it was strange too. Ye Yuan seemed to accomplish it with extremely high proficiency when he cultivated the dragon race’s cultivation methods.

The dragon wave was like so, the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm was like that, the Tyrant Dragon Regeneration Art was similarly like this.

Done with these, Ye Yuan entered the Vast Heaven Pagoda. Fang Xiao brought her parents and prostrated on the ground.

“Big Brother Ye, Xiao-er’s family’s life was saved by you. Xiao-er is endlessly grateful. But in order to save my parents, I’ve made Big Brother Ye fall into a dangerous situation. Xiao-er is seized with fear and worry. If there are areas where you need Xiao-er, please feel free to instruct,” Fang Xiao said agitatedly.

Fang Xiao’s parents clearly knew about the sequence of events already as well and were similarly endlessly grateful towards Ye Yuan.

White Light did not say anything, but his feelings of gratitude were not any lesser than Fang Xiao’s. It was just that the feelings between him and Ye Yuan were too deep. There was no need to say these courteous words.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Miss Xiao-er, don’t need to be like this! White Light’s and my feelings, I believe you’ve seen it too. Since you guys have mutual affection, then your matters are my matters. If it were White Light, he would similarly be like this too. If you really feel anything, then just be together with White Light well, and it will also be considered repayment to me.”

The moment these words came out, Xiao-er and White Light’s faces both turned red.

But Fang Xiao still nodded firmly and said, “Xiao-er will!”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “No need to speak anymore about this matter. Want to really thank me, got to get out of the sticky situation before talking too. We’ve already entered the land of ancestral spirit. The dangers here are not any bit lesser compared to outside. We’d better quickly think of ways to get out. I’m also not very at ease about Li-er there.”

Although Ye Yuan felt that Rong Kun there should not do anything to Li-er, the more people, the more diverse the voices. If he returned late, it was hard to avoid that something unforeseen would happen.

When White Light heard that, he could not resist saying, “Big Brother, sorry!”

Ye Yuan scolded with a smile, “You punk, at it again, aren’t you? This place is the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s land of ancestral spirits. White Light, you go out together with me. Perhaps there will be another fortuitous encounter.”

White Light nodded his head and went out of the Vast Heaven Pagoda together with Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan and White Light, the two people walked towards the depths of the land of ancestral spirits. Along the way, they did not run into much danger.

On the left and right side of the tomb, there were a number of rock caverns. Tablets were placed one after another before the rock caverns. On them wrote the names of the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s powerhouses through the ages.

“Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s no. 768th generation patriarch, Ling Aotian’s memorial tablet!”

“Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s no. 768th generation head elder, Pan Yu’s memorial tablet!”

“Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s no. 767th generation …”

On the memorial tablets, it should be recorded down in sequence.

But what made Ye Yuan surprised was that each and every one of those rock caves actually gave him a very dangerous feeling.

“Looks like those able to be buried in the land of ancestral spirits are at least peak Divine King level too. The rest probably only can pass away in meditation outside,” Ye Yuan sighed with vicissitudes of emotion.

White Light did not speak the entire time. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and said, “Big Brother, don’t know why, this place gives me a very familiar sensation! I feel like I seemed to have returned to a mother’s embrace!”

White Light’s words made Ye Yuan very surprised.

Those in the Divine Realm all knew that the White Tiger Clan and the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan were mortal enemies. Generations of mutual killing already sowed an indelible enmity.

But why would White Light have this sort of strange feeling when he came to the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s land of ancestral spirit?

Ye Yuan did not doubt White Light’s feeling. His ancestry was very odd. Furthermore, his divine beast bloodline was extremely strong.

Since he had this sort of feeling, that meant that White Light and the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan might really have significant ties!

Could it be that White Light’s predecessor actually originated from the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan?

But why would White Light have the White Tiger Clan’s bloodline in him too?

White Light this little white tiger was similarly an enigmatic existence.

Ye Yuan suddenly thought of something. Looking at White Light, he said, “White Light, you wouldn’t … possess the White Tiger Clan and Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s bloodline at the same time, right?”

White Light had a confused look when he heard. Shaking his head, he said, “I don’t know either! But I’ve fought a number of times with the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan too and didn’t feel that I have any similarity with them!”