Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 988

Chapter 988 Perfect White Tiger Physique

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Hearing White Light said this, Ye Yuan had a confused look again.

White Light was really a strange species. His bloodline was clearly ridiculous powerful, but one just could not exactly identify his lineage.

Of course, want to say what it was most alike to, it was still the Flowing Light White Tiger Clan.

“Mm? Big Brother, you look between this no.764 and No.766, it’s actually missing a memorial tablet. Could it be that this generation’s Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s patriarch unexpectedly lost his life?” White Light said curiously.

Ye Yuan took a look. It was indeed like so.

Logically speaking, a powerhouse at the level of the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s patriarch, unless a major unforeseen event happened in the clan, otherwise, it was simply impossible for a situation where he perished unexpectedly to occur.

“That generation’s patriarch didn’t perish by accident, but left the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan and never returned.”

The voice that came suddenly made Ye Yuan and White Light jump in fright.

“Who is it?!” Ye Yuan said with a solemn face.

With his strength, he actually did not even realize that somebody approached. How could this not shock him?

A middle-aged man dressed in white robes slowly walked out from the depths of the mausoleum and arrived in front of Ye Yuan and White Light.

“You’re the … tomb guardian?” Ye Yuan asked.

He heard Fang Xiao say before that inside this land of ancestral spirits had a tomb guardian with extremely powerful strength. Looking at it now, it was this middle-aged man in front of them.

As for this middle-aged man’s depths, Ye Yuan actually could not fathom it!

But the white-robed middle-aged man did not answer Ye Yuan’s words. He said with a tranquil look, “Dragon race royal bloodline, Heaven Man Unity Realm, a pity that … your cultivation realm is a little low. However, the Sacred Dragon Token has already disappeared for over 100 thousand years. I didn’t expect that it actually landed in your hands! Looks like you, this young man, might have shouldered the mandate of heaven!”

Each word that the white-robed middle-aged man spoke, Ye Yuan would be a degree more shocked in his heart.

It seemed like in front of this white-robed middle-aged man, he was actually like a transparent person!

But fortunately, the Vast Heaven Stele and Soul Suppressing Pearl, this middle-aged man did not see through. Otherwise, Ye Yuan would really be stark naked in front of him.

“Humph! Pretending to be mysterious! Who the hell are you?!” White Light said with a cold snort.

He was incredibly astounded in his heart too. The secrets on Big Brother was actually seen through by this person with one glance.

But the white-robed middle-aged man did not reply. He turned his head toward White Light again and sized him up carefully. It was as if he was admiring a work of art!

Even with White Light’s nerves, he also broke out in goosebumps all over being looked at by him.

“Not bad! Really not bad! Even in the Divine Dao Era, a Perfect White Tiger Physique has never appeared before either! I didn’t expect that in the current age of declining laws, it would actually still give birth to a perfect White Tiger Physique!” the white-robed middle-aged man praised with admiration.

White Light listened until he was all confused. But he also discerned that he seemed to be of a very remarkable White Tiger Physique.

But the Ye Yuan by the side trembled from head to toe. He opened his eyes wide and looked at White Light in disbelief.

“Perfect White Tiger Physique! It’s actually a Perfect White Tiger Physique! I’m really stupid to the extreme! I should have thought of it long ago!” Ye Yuan raised his head and stomped his feet as he said.

White Light was even more bewildered as he said, “Big Brother, what on earth are you guys talking about? What in the world is a Perfect White Tiger Physique?”

The white-robed middle-aged man looked at Ye Yuan profoundly, clearly rather surprised as he said, “You actually know about the Perfect White Tiger Physique. I even thought that only we, the lineage of the Four Great Divine Beasts’ tomb guardians, would know this sort of Divine Realm’s secret!”

The Perfect White Tiger Physique, Ye Yuan saw it in an ancient record as well. It was just that the description regarding the Perfect White Tiger Physique on it was hesitant and vague as well. Therefore, Ye Yuan did not think of it at all.

In reality, Ye Yuan also did not dare to imagine that White Light was actually of the legendary Perfect White Tiger Physique!

“Although the Four Great Divine Beasts’ branches are numerous now, countless tens of thousands of years ago, they had common ancestors: the Azure Dragon of the East, the White Tiger of the West, the Vermilion Bird of the South, and the Black Tortoise of the North! In the beginning, the Four Great Divine Beasts did not refer to a race, but … referred to these four terrifying Deity Realm powerhouses in particular. The four of them, who were also the present Four Great Divine Beasts clans’ first ancestors, were also genuine pureblooded four divine beasts bloodline. The four great divine beasts after them, although they were also called the four great divine beasts, in terms of bloodline purity, they were far from comparable to their earliest ancestor. And among them, there’s a type of physique that is the closest to a purebred four divine beasts bloodline, they are called the Perfect Four Symbols Divine Beast Physiques!” Ye Yuan spoke with fervor and assurance.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s explanation, White Light jumped in fright too.

“Big Brother, you’re saying that … I’m of the Perfect White Tiger Physique among these Perfect Four Symbols Divine Beast Physiques?” White Light said in amazement.

Ye Yuan said with a bitter smile, “I only saw these few words on an ancient record too. As for whether you are or not, I don’t dare to confirm as well. But hearing the meaning in his words, you should be it.”

The white-robed middle-aged man said with a faint smile, “If he isn’t of the Perfect White Tiger Physique, do you think that you guys can still stand here and talk properly?”

Ye Yuan could not help feeling stifled when he heard that. The might of this white-robed middle-aged man’s strength was indeed what he rarely saw in all his life.

Ye Yuan did not dare to guarantee that even a Ten Great Divine King-class powerhouse could definitely win him either.

Perhaps inside this land of ancestral spirits, this person was even stronger than the Ten Great Divine Kings!

With Ye Yuan’s experiences, he was also unaware that within the Divine Realm actually still had such a powerful existence.

“However, isn’t this the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s land of ancestral spirits? What’s with him having the Perfect White Tiger Physique got to do with you?” Ye Yuan said huffily.

The tomb guardian said with a cold snort, “This place isn’t the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s land of ancestral spirits, but the White Tiger Clan’s land of ancestral spirits! The Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan is merely a branch of the White Tiger Clan! At present, it’s an age of declining laws. Us tomb guardians can’t be bothered with these things either. Therefore, we begrudgingly allowed the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s powerhouses to enter the land of ancestral spirits to pass away in meditation before death.”

“What?! The Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan is a branch of the White Tiger Clan? How is that possible?!”

White Light nearly jumped up when he heard such a secret.

One had to know that the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan and the White Tiger Clan had been mortal enemies starting from the Divine Dao Era. The two great tiger clans had already slaughtered each other for who knows how many years.

But now, the tomb guardian said that the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan was a branch of the White Tiger Clan. How could this not shock him?

The tomb guardian said disdainfully, “What’s impossible about it? The dragon race has a saying called, the dragon gives birth to nine sons, each with a different name. Actually, how isn’t the White Tiger Clan just like that? If the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan isn’t a branch of the White Tiger Clan, what right do they have to stand up to the current White Tiger Clan as equals for so many years? Your branch cracked themselves up to be orthodox. Actually, they are also merely just a branch lineage of the first ancestor! I won’t talk about you, but the other clan members, their bloodlines are just incomplete!”

White Light sucked in a cold breath. The things he heard today subverted his understanding all along.

Actually, it was not just him, even Ye Yuan was incredibly shocked too.

Ye Yuan could absolutely be counted as well-versed in ancient and modern knowledge, but had never heard before as well that the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan and the White Tiger Clan were actually of the same source!