Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 989

Chapter 989 Divine King Domain

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Forget about Ye Yuan an outsider, even the White Tiger Clan’s own people probably never thought of this possibility either.

The Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan had never considered themselves to be of the White Tiger Clan. Furthermore, the two sides’ legacies were also vastly different. Nobody could have thought that these two clans were actually one family countless years ago.

“Boy, you come with me!” the tomb guardian suddenly said to the White Light still in the midst of shock.

White Light became absent-minded and said to Ye Yuan, “Big Brother, let’s go!”

The two people were just about to move when the tomb guardian suddenly turned his head around and said, “You come, he stays! How can the White Tiger Clan’s matters be known by an outsider!”

White Light’s face fell, and he said unhappily, “There have never been any secrets between Big Brother and me! If Big Brother is not going, I’m not going anymore either!”

With the relationship between White Light and Ye Yuan, the tomb guardian actually made Ye Yuan wait outside, he naturally had a hundred objections.

The tomb guardian’s face fell, and he said, “Although you’re of the Perfect White Tiger Physique, you have yet to reach one-ten thousandth regarding the development of the White Tiger Physique! Do you know what kind of good fortune I’m giving you by bringing you inside?”

White Light said coolly, “Big Brother and me advance and retreat in unison. If Big Brother isn’t going, even if you’re letting me advance to Deity Realm, I don’t give a damn either!”

Ye Yuan did not make a sound by the side. He naturally hoped for White Light to become stronger. But he was even more aware that persuading White Light at this time had no use at all.

If it were him, he would do so as well.

“Unbelievably foolish!” The tomb guardian was badly angered by White Light’s stubbornness and said with a cold snort, “If I forcefully bring you inside?”

But White Light did not have the slightest bit of fear and said with a snicker, “Then maybe, you and I will have to have a battle!”

The tomb guardian laughed from extreme fury and said, “Heh, what high-sounding sentiments! This brat indeed has quite a number of trump cards. But using to deal with me, it’s far from enough!”

His words were naturally said to Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan’s so-called trump cards, he had seen through with a glance.

These things were very terrifying to the outside world. But to him, there was nothing to be scared of at all.

Of course, it was still due to Ye Yuan’s cultivation realm being too low.

If Ye Yuan was Divine King Realm, even if he was anymore arrogant, he would not dare to utter such words either.

“Huhu, I’m also very curious just what kind of strength a tomb guardian has!” Ye Yuan said with a faint smile.

“Looks like the two of you both think highly of yourselves! Not making you guys suffer hardship, you won’t know the immensity of heaven and earth!”

The tomb guardian’s face turned cold. A faint aura instantly spread out.

This aura was completely different from Head Elder’s shocking momentum. It had a kind of noiseless and quiet feel.

But it was precisely because so that it seemed even more terrifying!

All of a sudden, the two people’s surroundings became pitch-black, unable to see one’s fingers when extending one’s hands.

Ye Yuan’s expression changed as he said, “Divine King Domain!”

The tomb guardian said with a laugh, “You, boy, are really quite knowledgeable! At present, in the Divine Realm, the people able to display a Divine Realm Domain can be counted on one’s fingers. I didn’t expect that at your young age, you actually even know this! This is the Darkness Domain. It can engulf everything, including essence energy and soul force! White Light boy, as long as you cultivate with me, this will be effortless to you.”

At this point, the tomb guardian still did not forget to use the darkness domain to tempt White Light.

But White Light was not the least bit moved. He said with a cold smile, “Just a darkness domain, I don’t believe that without you, this young master can’t learn it!”

Ye Yuan also said with a faint smile, “Just a darkness domain. You’re also looking down on us brothers too much!”

The tomb guardian could not help feeling stifled. He was actually being belittled by two juniors!

“Then let you guys experience what’s called domain power!” The tomb guardian’s face turned cold, directly merging into the darkness.

The so-called domain power was actually after comprehending concepts to a certain boundary, grasping the power of laws within a certain radius, and forming a small-scale domain.

Inside this domain, the martial artist themselves were the absolute sovereign!

The current Ye Yuan and White Light were turtles in a jar in the tomb guardian’s eyes.

But before he took any action, his figure was suddenly forced out of the darkness. And the darkness domain also instantly burst open!

“Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil! You … You actually even have the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil on you!” For the first time, the tomb guardian was surprised when facing Ye Yuan.

The tomb guardian did not plan on doing anything to Ye Yuan. But making the two of them suffer a bit of hardship was very necessary.

But when he was just about to take action just now, he suddenly entered a trance. With his strength, wanting to make him fall into an illusionary realm was naturally not that easy of a thing.

But with this, the darkness domain collapsed on its own without being attacked too.

Once the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil was unleashed with full power, even if the tomb guardian’s strength was exceedingly formidable, he would not dare to easily oppose either.

Of course, that way, Ye Yuan would become a dead dog again.

Ye Yuan only displayed his strength for a bit just now, scaring the other party into retreating, and did not truly unleash the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil’s power.

The tomb guardian looked at Ye Yuan, his gaze revealing a look of terror.

He thought that he already saw through Ye Yuan and even saw through the divine artifact. What kind of trump card could Ye Yuan still have?

But Ye Yuan actually really still had a trump card!

In the Divine Dao Era, the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil was a widely known existence too. How could the tomb guardian not know its prowess?

Ye Yuan smiled but did not speak. However, the tomb guardian let out a sigh and said, “Forget it! You, boy, your good luck is seriously too shocking! Since White Light boy insists, you come in together then.”

Finally, the tomb guardian still relented.

The moment White Light heard, he exchanged a glance with Ye Yuan, and could not help showing a knowing smile.

The two people gradually walked over towards the depths with the tomb guardian. But the undulations flowing out from within the memorial tablets became stronger and stronger!

All of a sudden, the two people instantly felt the pressure on them soar, and could not help being alarmed inwardly.

This foot striding over, it was as if they entered another world.

“Starting from here, it’s the rear hall of the land of ancestral spirits! The memorial tablets housed here are all Deity Realm powerhouses! Even the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s patriarchs are absolutely not permitted to take a single step in here too. Otherwise, kill without mercy!” said the tomb guardian nonchalantly as if talking about a trivial and ordinary matter.

But White Light curled his mouth and said, “In my view, your strength is also merely on par with the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s patriarch’s, right? Based on what to kill him?”

“Based on what? Based on this!”

A sword suddenly appeared in the tomb guardian’s hand. The moment this sword lit up, beams of light actually appeared on these memorial tablets and closed in on the sword body.

White Light and Ye Yuan’s pupils constricted, staring at the sword in the tomb guardian’s hand in disbelief.

The undulations coming off of the sword body absolutely surpassed Divine King Realm!

This sword slashing out was absolutely able to annihilate any Divine King Realm expert!

The tomb guardian’s hand that was holding the sword shook, and those white light actually returned into the memorial tablets once more, making the two people click their tongues in wonder.

The two people followed the tomb guardian and came to a spacious hall.

“En? The two of you wait here, I’ll go and take care of some business! Make sure not to simply run around, or else, bear the consequences yourself!” As he said these words, the tomb guardian turned into a side hall and disappeared.