Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 991

Chapter 991 Atavism Dragon Soul

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An illusionary white tiger formed in the sky above everyone just like this.

“Welcome the Sacred Ancestor for descending!”

Fan Lin brought the tomb guardian lineage and directly prostrated down towards this illusionary white tiger, appearing especially respectful.

Although this white tiger was an illusionary body, the aura it exuded virtually made Ye Yuan and White Light asphyxiated.

The two people exchanged a glance, both seeing the shocked expression in the other party’s eyes.

The spirit of the white tiger had just appeared and was clearly not quite adapted yet. His gaze appeared slightly sluggish.

But very soon, he accustomed to it, and his gaze actually locked onto White Light.

“En, it’s already been over a hundred thousand years since the last summoning, right? Summoning this sacred ancestor this time is for this young man?” The white tiger said slowly.

Being stared at like this by the spirit of the white tiger, White Light felt like his soul was about to leave his body.

Fan Lin said respectfully, “Yes, sacred ancestor! In over a hundred thousand years, he’s the first Perfect White Tiger Physique that we’ve encountered.”

The white tiger’s gaze landed on White Light once more as he slowly opened his mouth to say, “Not bad, it’s indeed the Perfect White Tiger Physique. It’s a pity that … the degree of development is too low!”

Being stared at by the white tiger like this, White Light’s breathing became ragged.

This spirit of the white tiger was too terrifying. Every movement naturally carried terrifying law undulations.

The tomb guardian’s aura was already terrifying enough. But compared to this white tiger, it was simply one in the sky, one on earth.

“You … Are you a Deity Realm powerhouse?” White Light asked somewhat lacking in self-confidence.

“Ha … haha …”

Hearing White Light’s words, the white tiger suddenly burst into laughter.

Fan Lin’s expression changed, and he hurriedly said to White Light, “White Light, don’t be rude! Lord Sacred Ancestor is the first ancestor’s grandson! Deity Realm powerhouses have to lower their heads in submission in front of him too!”

Hearing Fan Lin’s words, Ye Yuan and White Light trembled all over.

Deity Realm powerhouses had to bow their heads in submission too. How horrifying a strength did this require?

This kind of boundary, they were unable to imagine at all.

100 thousand years already, what was after Deity Realm was already erased in history’s long river. But without a doubt, between Deity Realm powerhouses had differences of superior and inferior too.

And this white tiger sacred ancestor was clearly an extremely powerful existence among Deity Realm powerhouses.

The spirit of the white tiger slowly said, “This world is already missing a portion of the laws. Wanting to break through to Deity Realm is as hard as ascending to the heavens. It’s a shame for your Perfect White Tiger Physique! Alright, this sacred ancestor’s time isn’t much. Young man, how much you can advance, will depend on your good fortune!”

The spirit of the white tiger extended a tiger claw and lightly tapped between White Light’s eyebrows. White Light’s entire body shuddered, a pained expression appearing on his face, his entire person suspending in midair.

The spirit of the white tiger opened his enormous maws. A massive ball of light spat out of his mouth and enveloped White Light inside.

The current White Light seemingly returned to fetal breathing, his whole body giving off waves of light halo.

Done with all these, that white tiger’s spirit’s gaze landed on Ye Yuan.

That murky gaze made Ye Yuan’s whole body feel uneasy, and actually made him have an impulse to escape.

Regardless whether it was the previous life or this life, Ye Yuan had never had this sort of feeling before. But this sacred ancestor’s spirit was seriously too powerful.

Ye Yuan quietly entered Heaven Man Unity Realm before forcefully pressing down this sort of thoughts.

“Why would you all let a dragon race’s brat enter the land of ancestral spirits?”

The white tiger’s spirit looked at Ye Yuan, but the words he said made Fan Lin break into a cold sweat.

“Sacred Ancestor calm your anger, he …”

Fan Lin’s words were only said halfway when Ye Yuan interjected, “Don’t blame Senior Fan Lin for this matter. It was me who forced him!”

The white tiger’s spirit smiled coldly and said, “You, boy, are quite loyal. It’s just that in the same era, my White Tiger Clan produced a Perfect White Tiger Physique, but the dragon race produced an Atavism Dragon Soul 1 . This makes this sacred ancestor very displeased!”

Ye Yuan froze and could not help being baffled.

Atavism Dragon Soul, what was that?

Even with Ye Yuan’s vast knowledge and experiences, he did not have the slightest inkling regarding this too.

Perfect White Tiger Physique, he still saw before in an ancient record. But Atavism Dragon Soul, he had not even heard before.

Ye Yuan had yet to figure out the situation, but over there, Fan Lin’s entire body shuddered, looking at Ye Yuan in disbelief.

“Lord Sacred Ancestor, y-you’re saying … Ye Yuan, he’s actually of the legendary Atavism Dragon Soul?” Fan Lin turned pale with fright and said.

“How can this sacred ancestor’s arcane eyes see wrongly?” The spirit of the white tiger said coolly.

“But … how is this possible? Ye Yuan he … is clearly a human! Furthermore, Atavism Dragon Soul … it’s hard to produce even one in a million years!”

Even if it was personally confirmed by Sacred Ancestor, Fan Lin still felt that it was inconceivable.

A million years, even to Deity Realm powerhouses, it was an extremely long period too.

A physique that could only appear every one million years, it could be imagined how terrifying it was!

White Light’s Perfect White Tiger Physique should be said to be a physique hard to come across in 100 thousand years. But this Atavism Dragon Soul was actually even rarer than the Perfect White Tiger Physique!

“Heh heh, with your cultivation realm, you naturally can’t tell. This boy seized possession and revived! It’s just that … he should be of the human race in his previous life too. This sacred ancestor is also curious that the Atavism Dragon Soul would actually appear in a human.”

The white tiger spirit’s words made Ye Yuan’s entire body tremble.

This was still the first time that someone could see through that he seized possession and revived with one glance. This white tiger spirit’s strength was truly too terrifying.

Fan Lin was even more incredibly shocked at this time. He could not quite dare to believe that with his strength, he was actually unable to see through that Ye Yuan seized possession to revive!

The shock Ye Yuan gave him today was a hundred times more intense than even White Light, this Perfect White Tiger Physique!

“This … This …” Fan Lin stammered and actually could not even form a proper sentence.

Ye Yuan forcefully reined in the shock in his heart and asked carefully, “Senior Sacred Ancestor, this Atavism Dragon Soul, what in the world is it?”

It was also no wonder that Ye Yuan did not know of the Atavism Dragon Soul. This physique that was hard to occur once every million years. Probably only the white tiger spirit, this level of existence, could perceive it.

But the white tiger spirit did not answer Ye Yuan, but scoffed, “Possessing an Atavism Dragon Soul and could actually be forced by someone to seize possession to revive. What a huge joke this is! If the dragon race’s first ancestor is alive, he’ll definitely be infuriated by you to death!”

Ye Yuan could not help choking up when he heard that. How would he know that he was some Atavism Dragon Soul?

It sounded very impressive, but it did not seem to be of any use!

Hold on!

Ye Yuan suddenly recalled, when he cultivated dragon wave, it seemed to be especially fast!

Long Teng, this level of genius, spent over a hundred years to cultivate to heaven rank too. But he only spent a short while’s time and already infinitely approached heaven rank!

Including the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm, Ye Yuan learned it very fast too.

In the past, Ye Yuan did not feel anything. But hearing the white tiger spirit say so, Ye Yuan discovered that it really seemed to be somewhat different.

Seems like … he was especially suited to cultivate the dragon race’s martial techniques. Could it be that … it was because of this Atavism Dragon Soul?