Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 993

Chapter 993 Exiting Mausoleum

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“Dragon race’s founding ancestor …” Ye Yuan muttered to himself.

The White Tiger Sacred Ancestor’s strength was definitely powerful to the extent that it made people unable to imagine.

Then the dragon race’s founding ancestor’s strength could simply be described using connecting to the heavens and penetrating the earth.

Cultivating to this sort of boundary was simply something inconceivable.

“Members of the dragon clan who possess an Atavism Dragon Soul, regardless of what kind of dragon race cultivation method they cultivate, they will all understand with a snap. Furthermore, the cultivation speed is also unimaginable fast! It’s just a pity that …” White Light swallowed the words on the tip of his tongue.

Ye Yuan scolding with a smile, “You punk, even keeping me in suspense!”

White Light smiled and said, ” Big Brother, actually, we’re both about the same. Actually, the truly powerful innate secret arts can only be displayed after Deity Realm. Especially your Atavism Dragon Soul, to truly awaken it requires waiting until post-Deity Realm. But under this stretch of heaven, we’re simply unable to step into Deity Realm!”

The moment Ye Yuan heard, he smiled bitterly to no end as well.

How many outstanding talents did this world’s Great Dao throttle?

Finally, Ye Yuan heaved a sigh and said, “The White Tiger Sacred Ancestor said that this world lost a portion of its laws. Hence, we’re unable to step into the Deity Realm. It looks like wanting to attain the Deity Realm, one must find back this portion of laws. In order to untie the bell, the one who tied it must undo it. Want to step into Deity Realm, we probably still need to find the mystery of Divine Dao disappearing 100 thousand years ago first.”

Finding back laws sounded easy. But doing it was even harder than ascending to the heavens.

Forget about Divine King powerhouses, even for Deity Realm powerhouses, how could getting back the laws of heaven and earth be that easy?

White Light nodded his head, feeling that way deeply too.

One could imagine it. Divine Dao disappearing, and the laws of the world going missing, there was bound to be a huge connection.

What in the world happened back then, this was the greatest unresolved case in these 100 thousand years. Countless powerhouses wanted to seek out this secret but failed to achieve it for all their lives.

“It’s just that I don’t understand, I’m clearly a human, why would I possess an Atavism Dragon Soul?” Ye Yuan said in puzzlement.

“This …”

This question clearly stumped White Light too.

In his inheritance memories, there was only the Atavism Dragon Soul’s information. But Ye Yuan’s situation, there was clearly no precedent.

Fan Lin listened by the side and could not help being speechless.

These two brothers were truly enigmatic existences.

He saw that it was almost time and went up to the two people and said, “Young Patriarch, I’ll send you out of the land of ancestral spirits right now. The White Tiger Young Patriarch coming into being, it’s also time for the entire White Tiger Clan. I’ll go and inform the White Tiger Clan and the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan right now, and let them serve Young Patriarch as their lord!”

White Light’s Perfect White Tiger Physique appeared once every 100 thousand years. Furthermore, through the spirit of the sacred ancestor, he broke through to sacred rank bloodline. Then, he was the White Tiger Clan’s jointly venerated young patriarch.

The White Tiger Clan had already been a pile of loose sand for many years. Along with White Light coming into being, it was also time for all of this to end.

The responsibilities of the tomb guardians lied here too.

Therefore, at the moment, Fan Lin could also scarcely wait and wanted to push White Light out.

But White Light said, “No need for that. You just send me and Big Brother, the two of us, back to the White Tiger Clan will do. The entire White Tiger Clan, this matter, isn’t something that can be accomplished at one stroke. With my present strength, I’m totally unable to make the two clans acknowledge allegiance. Pushing me to the front of the stage right now has nothing to gain and everything to lose to both the White Tiger Clan and me. This matter, just take it as an ordeal for me.”

Hearing White Light’s words, Ye Yuan secretly approved by the side. White Light also matured now and did not lose his way because he obtained a massive lucky chance.

Before truly maturing, being low-profile was the best option.

When he had the strength to truly call on the two clans one day, adding in Fan Lin’s help, consolidating it would happen without extra effort.

Although Fan Lin’s strength was extremely formidable, he guarded inside the mausoleum all-year-round. Apart from cultivation, it was still cultivation. Regarding this sort of scheming-against-each-other struggle, he somewhat lacked in understanding.

In his view, the white tiger’s common lord coming into being, the members of the two clans should comply with orders and not dare to oppose.

But in reality, how could it be that easy?

But Ye Yuan’s words, Fan Lin did not defy them. He nodded and said, “Yes, I respectfully abide by Young Patriarch’s dharmic decree. If Young Patriarch requires Fan Lin, feel free to give instructions will do.”

Ye Yuan slowly walked out of the land of ancestral spirits and immediately drew the attention of the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s powerhouses.

Whoosh …

In a blink, three Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan Divine King powerhouses each stood in position, surrounding Ye Yuan in the center.

At the same time, a signal shot up into the air. These three people were clearly notifying the powerhouses in the clan to come over.

“Head Elder’s guess was indeed not wrong. Even the land of ancestral spirits didn’t trap you guys to death!”

“Brat, surrender without putting up resistance! You wouldn’t think that by hiding for a couple of days, it can make us let you go, right?”

“Oh, right, forgot to tell you, this region of space is already thoroughly sealed off! Even if you comprehended Heaven Man Unity, it’s also impossible to merge into heaven and earth!”

The three great divine kings chimed in one after another, warning Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan’s senses were very acute and knew that what the other party said was not false. This region of space in the vicinity was already thoroughly sealed off by the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s powerhouses. There was no way of merging into heaven and earth at all.

Except, Ye Yuan and White Light did not have the intention of fleeing. Ye Yuan said to the three people coolly, “Where’s Pan Yin, make him come out!”

“Insolence! To actually dare be disrespectful towards Head Elder! Wait till I take you down first, then let Head Elder mete out the sentence!” A divine king said with a cold snort.

While talking, that divine king was going to take action to capture Ye Yuan duo. But right at this time, the two white tiger statues at the entrance of the land of ancestral spirits suddenly emitted a terrifying energy.


That divine king was directly sent flying, while the grand array painstakingly laid down by the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s powerhouses was also immediately blasted apart.

Instantly, Ye Yuan felt the shackles on him lighten, and he could not help letting out a light chuckle. He clasped his hands towards the mausoleum and said, “Senior Fan Lin, thank you very much!”

Done talking, Ye Yuan’s body gradually became illusionary, directly merging into heaven and earth.

With a sway, it was a million miles away.

But right at this time, a terrifying aura surged over from far away and actually locked onto Ye Yuan from far away.

“Humph, really lingering on relentlessly!” Ye Yuan gave a cold snort and merged into heaven and earth once more.

However, Pan Yin did not go and chase Ye Yuan, but thoroughly sealed off his route.

No matter how fast Ye Yuan’s speed was, he still had to return to the White Tiger Clan’s territory in the end.

Head Elder seemed to have expected it long ago, so he did not have the intention of going to chase at all.

However, Ye Yuan did not dance in circles with Pan Yin, but directly met him head-on.

When Ye Yuan approached Pan Yin, he immediately revealed his figure.

Pan Yin looked at Ye Yuan and said with a cold smile, “What? Know that there’s no way out and came out to surrender without putting up a resistance?”

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Old Man Pan Yin, somebody wants to have a word with you. It won’t be too late to come and be overbearing with me after hearing his words.”

Pan Yin snorted coldly and said, “Even if you bring out the Jade Emperor, you have to stay behind for me today too!”

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders. Flicking his sleeves grandly, an archaic aura that had experienced that many vicissitudes of life emerged.

“Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan obey the order: immediately let Ye Yuan go! You’re not to disobey!” An awe-inspiring voice sounded out. Pan Yin’s expression could not help changing greatly when he heard it.