Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 994

Chapter 994 Racking Up The Past

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It was no wonder that Pan Yin’s expression changed drastically. This archaic aura that had experienced that many vicissitudes of life were identical to the tomb guardian’s aura.

Which was also to say that letting Ye Yuan go was the tomb guardian’s wish!

But how was this possible?

The tomb guardian was the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s tomb guardian. There was no reason to do it to this extent for a human boy, right?

Recalling when he burned incense and prayed to enter the land of ancestral spirits, the message sent back from over there, Pan Yin was certain that the tomb guardian indeed wanted to protect Ye Yuan!

However, this was something that made no sense!

Pan Yin was very depressed right now, very depressed!

Expended such a huge effort, in the end, it was actually this sort of result. This made Pan Yin somewhat unable to accept it.

But the tomb guardian lineage had an extremely special place in the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan. Even the patriarch did not dare to defy the tomb guardian’s wishes either, let alone him, this head elder.

Seeing the look of hesitation on Pan Yin’s face, Ye Yuan said with a smile that was not a smile, “Why, does Head Elder want to disobey the tomb guardian’s order? With head elder’s seniority, you should be able to enter the land of ancestral spirits. But if you oppose the tomb guardians, forget about you, probably the people in this generation will all be unable to enter the land of ancestral spirits anymore.”

Pan Yin’s expression changed when he heard that. Ye Yuan’s words indeed jabbed his sore spot.

Entering the land of ancestral spirits after death was an utmost honor to the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan.

This was a kind of belief that came from the depths of the soul. Pan Yin was not able to stand aloof too.

Not being able to enter the land of ancestral spirits, this was what Pan Yin could not accept.

“What happened to you guys in the land of ancestral spirits? Why would the tomb guardian specifically do this sort of thing for you guys?” Pan Yin said solemnly.

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “If you want to know, just enter yourself and ask the tomb guardian? If you can’t enter now, wait until when you’re almost dying then going in to ask is also the same.”

“You!” Pan Yin could not help being exasperated.

“What? Head Elder really don’t wish to enter the land of ancestral spirits anymore?”

Pan Yin’s expression flickered erratically. After a struggle, he finally still moved aside.

Ye Yuan passed by Pan Yin calmly. Suddenly, he turned around and said to him with a smile, “Oh, right, Head Elder, your Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan and the White Tiger Clan are both tiger clans at any rate. How pointless is it to kill here and kill there for generations like this. If you guys unite, it would probably be sufficient to contend with the dragon clan already.”

Although the White Tiger Clan was powerful, their strength clearly diminished greatly after splitting.

Among the Four Great Divine Beasts bloodlines, it was the White Tiger Clan who were the weakest instead.

It was also unknown what in the world happened between the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan and the White Tiger Clan back then, to actually make the two great clans’ slaughter last for so many years.

“Humph! It isn’t your, an outsider’s turn, to meddle in the matters between our two clans!” Pan Yin said with an angry snort.

Ye Yuan spread his hands out helplessly and directly merged into heaven and earth and left.

Several figures flew in. A few divine kings just happened to saw this scene, and could not help being very surprised.

“Head Elder, why did that boy leave?” A divine king said in bewilderment.

Head Elder’s face fell as he said, “No idea why, the tomb guardian is actually protecting this boy from another clan. There must be something fishy about this! Let them all pull back. This matter still needs to be discussed at length.

Pan Yin’s words made all the divine kings’ expressions change drastically.

Ye Yuan broke into the land of the ancestral spirits. Not only did the tomb guardian not kill them, he even protected them to leave the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan. This was simply too fantastical.


White Light kicked over with a foot, directly kicking Ling Ninehills until he knelt on the ground.

After coming out from the land of ancestral spirits, White Light’s perspective towards the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan and White Tiger Clan had a massive change.

But towards this Ling Ninehills, he had not the slightest hint of a good impression.

“Head Elder, this Ye was fortunate to not have failed the mission and brought Ling Ninehills back. Hope that Head Elder will keep your promise. White Light and Xiao-er’s matters, the White Tiger Clan should be able to acknowledge it, right?”

This was the agreement between Ye Yuan and Rong Kun. If Ye Yuan brought Ling Ninehills back, the White Tiger Clan would not interfere with White Light and Xiao-er’s matters anymore.

Additionally, Ye Yuan even rescued Xiao-er’s parents on this trip, letting her have no more worries back at home. It could be said to be killing three birds with one arrow.

Of course, the part of this trip where they truly benefited from was still inside the land of ancestral spirits.

In there, White Light completed a qualitative transformation, while Ye Yuan became aware of the secret of his Atavism Dragon Soul.

Inside the great hall, all of the patriarchs and elders association’s elders all looked at Ye Yuan like they had seen a ghost.

They were seriously unable to imagine how Ye Yuan completed this impossible to complete mission.

Head Elder waved his hand and made people bring Ling Ninehills away.

Compared to Ling Ninehills, what Rong Kun was more interested in right now was still how Ye Yuan came out from inside the land of ancestral spirits, and how he escaped the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s layers of encirclement and returned to the White Tiger Clan.

“Ye Yuan, we heard that you entered the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s land of ancestral spirits. I wonder how you guys escaped?” Rong Kun said with a heated gaze.

“Escaped? Why is there a need to use ‘escape’ this word? We walked out openly and aboveboard just like that!” Ye Yuan said with a smile that was not a smile.

“Humph! Revealed your true colors, right? If you and White Light are not the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s spies, on what basis would they let you guys leave?” Rong Yin gave a cold snort and signaled to several patriarchs with his eyes.

Several patriarchs understood and immediately started lashing out at Ye Yuan.

“The Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan is heavily guarded. Even if you comprehended Heaven Man Unity, it’s also not possible to capture Ling Ninehills and bring him back! Unless … they deliberately let you capture!”

“Heh, losing a Line Ninehills and planting a spy who’s the young patriarch. This transaction is seriously too worthwhile!”

“That Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s head elder’s strength is extremely formidable. With your strength, being trapped in the land of ancestral spirits, is there still a possibility of escaping alive?”

The matters previously, White Light did not get stripped of his qualifications. Rather, Rong Xin was stripped of his candidate rights.

His father betrayed the White Tiger Clan, who still dared to believe that his son was innocent?

Ye Yuan returning safe and sound this time, Rong Yin had long prepared statements for raking up the past, waiting for him here.

Furthermore, regardless of which aspect, Ye Yuan being able to return safe and sound was something unthinkable. This excuse, it was not up to Head Elder to decide to not believe.

Indeed, Rong Kun revealed a pondering look. The other elders and patriarchs also nodded their heads continuously.

It was true that Ye Yuan was very strange and also true that he had a lot of tricks. But being trapped in the land of ancestral spirits, under the circumstances where the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan was prepared, on what basis was Ye Yuan able to return safe and sound?

“Ha … Hahaha …” Being attacked by so many patriarchs, Ye Yuan suddenly guffawed with laughter.

Rong Yin’s expression turned cold, and he said solemnly, “What are you laughing at? Could it be that what we said was wrong? If you have proof, prove it for us to see!”

Ye Yuan looked at Rong Yin and said with a smile that was not a smile, “I’m laughing that you guys are all morons! It’s fine if you’re dumb, do you think that the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s Head Elder, Pan Yin, are as dumb as you too?”

Rong Yin quickly stood up as he said with a livid expression, “Oh? Then I’m all ears as to how we’re dumb!”