Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 995

Chapter 995 White Lights Counterattack

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“If you are Pan Yin, would you force a spy into the land of ancestral spirits with great fanfare, then plant the spy in the White Tiger Clan? Isn’t this blatantly telling you all that I’m a spy?”

Ye Yuan’s words involuntarily made those patriarchs who called him into question choke.

Yeah, between the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan and the White Tiger Clan, apart from the patriarchs planning out strategies in the headquarters, the ones who directly crossed swords were Pan Yin and Rong Kun.

These few years, Pan Yin’s methods were plain for everybody to see.

This sort of low-level mistakes, it was absolutely impossible for Pan Yin to make them!

Even if it was putting up an act, this sort of play was also a bit too low-level and completely not like Pan Yin’s style.

“Then tell me about it, why Pan Yin would let you go.” A patriarch said with a cold snort.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Very simple, because he’s afraid of the land of ancestral spirits’ tomb guardian, while me and White Light … are on very friendly terms with the tomb guardian.”

The moment these words came out, everyone turned pale from shock.

Ye Yuan and White Light were actually on close terms with the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s tomb guardian. This sounded unnatural, no matter how one listened.

“Humph! Still say that you guys aren’t spies?! I want to know why White Light, as a member of the White Tiger Clan, would mix together with the tomb guardian?” Rong Yin said with a cold snort.

Ye Yuan looked at him with a smile that was not a smile and said with a laugh, “Not just that! White Light obtained a massive lucky chance inside the land of ancestral spirits! White Light, display your bloodline a little, let the elders take a look at whether you have the qualifications to be the White Tiger Clan’s young patriarch or not!”

“Yes, Big Brother!”

White Light voiced his assent and displayed his bloodline pressure without reservation.

Right at that moment he fully released his bloodline pressure, all of the elders, including Head Elder Rong Kun, all turned pale with fright.

“Sacred rank bloodline! It’s actually sacred rank bloodline! My god, how is this possible?”

“Extremely pure white tiger bloodline! I … I actually have an impulse to prostrate in worship!”

“My eyesight is failing, right? White Light is just initial-stage Tier 9, and he actually broke through to sacred rank bloodline already! Truly, heaven is protecting my White Tiger Clan!”

The elders’ cries of exclamations sounded out everywhere. Even Rong Yin had a dumbfounded look too.

Such terrifying bloodline power. they had never experienced before from Head Elder too!

As for the patriarch, he was in a closed-seclusion state throughout the year. It was also unknown whether he broke through to sacred rank bloodline or not.

But the problem was, the patriarch was already advanced in years, while White Light’s age did not even count as an adolescent in the White Tiger Clan.

When his strength reached the Divine King Realm, who else in the Demon Region could be his opponent?

Such a person not becoming the young patriarch, who else was suitable to be the young patriarch?

Only after being shocked for a long time, did Rong Kun spat out a long breath of turbid air. His gaze, when looking at White Light, became different.

“Little Light, what kind of fortuitous encounter did you obtain in the land of ancestral spirits, to actually breakthrough to sacred rank bloodline? How is the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s land of ancestral spirits able to let you glean considerable gains?” Rong Kun calmed his emotions down and asked.

White Light said, “I don’t know about this either. I’m also very curious myself. But I saw the memorial tablet of a White Tiger Clan’s ancestor inside the land of ancestral spirits! Presumably … our White Tiger Clan and the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan actually have some relationship, right?”

The two clans’ secret, White Light did not plan on revealing right now. But divulging a bit of rumor let everyone have a score in their hearts too.

White Light’s words stirred up titanic waves in the White Tiger Clan.

“What? The Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s land of ancestral spirits actually has the memorial tablet of a White Tiger Clan’s ancestor? This … How is this possible?”

“The Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan’s natural disposition is cruel and savage; completely out of tune with the White Tiger Clan. How is it possible to have any relation with us?”

“The Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan and the White Tiger Clan are mortal enemies! It’s absolutely impossible for the two families to have any relations at all!”

The various elders exploded and scoffed in contempt towards White Light’s way of saying things. This idea that was handed down from generation to generation suddenly met with a turnabout. This made them instinctively reject it.

White Light saw everyone’s behavior and could not help exchanging a glance with Ye Yuan, rather helpless.

Indeed, integrating the two clans was not that easy of a matter.

“Alright, talk about this matter afterward! Sacred rank bloodline has an extraordinary significance to my White Tiger Clan. I believe that everyone will also not have any more doubts regarding White Light’s candidate identity. As for Ye Yuan, this seat knows that he has the ability to bring Ling Ninehills back from the Heavenly Fiend Tiger Clan. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have sent him over. Now that he did it, this seat will naturally keep my word. That Fang Xiao and her parents will stay in the clan, but their movements will receive strict surveillance! White Light, you should be able to understand, right?”

Rong Kun finally stopped everyone’s discussing voices and set the views about this matter.

White Light clasped his hands and said, “Many thanks to Head Elder for stretching the rules! White Light already said before when I returned to the Flowing Light Clan, I received the summonings of my inheritance memories, that’s why I came back to the clan. Therefore, I’m absolutely loyal to the White Tiger Clan! My sincerity, the sky and the sun can bear witness!”

Rong Kun nodded his head and said with a smile, “You are all tired. Go back and rest first. Ten days later, will be the date of the young patriarch trial. At that time, the other three families of the four symbols family clans will all send people over to observe the ceremony. The three of you mustn’t lose face in front of outsiders!”

After Rong Xin had his qualifications revoked, the Crimsonflame Clan naturally had to select another person to replace Rong Xin. Therefore, the ones taking part in the young patriarch trial was still three people.

It was just that after today, the other two people would probably have to become White Light’s foil.

White Light breaking through to sacred rank bloodline, this position of young patriarch, only he could fill the post.

But Ye Yuan also knew that Rong Yin probably would not let it go like this, and might fabricate something out of thin air.

After everyone left, there was only Rong Kun and Bai Yi left in the great hall.

“Head Elder, do you really believe what they said?” Bai Yi opened his mouth and asked.

Rong Kun shot him a glance and said coolly, “Why wouldn’t I believe? This seat won’t be mistaken! Little Light this child usually look reserved. Actually, his disposition is very pure and isn’t suited to be a spy at all. Compared to Little Light, what this seat takes more notice of is actually still that boy called Ye Yuan.”

Bai Yi said with some surprise, “Oh? How so? Little Light breaking through to sacred rank bloodline presently, in terms of potential, it should be much greater than Ye Yuan, right?”

Rong Kun shook his head and laughed in spite of himself as he said, “Oh, Bai Yi, you made an error in judgment here. Ye Yuan this boy is absolutely a person with a great destiny! People who follow by his side will more or less be tainted with his destiny. You think about it. Because White Light followed him, that’s why he could obtain such a heaven-defying lucky chance! It was also because he followed him, that he could become an emperor realm powerhouse at a young age! Therefore, this trip, if Pan Yin really killed Ye Yuan, it would be strange instead!”

Bai Yi’s pupils involuntarily constricted when he heard Rong Kun’s analysis.

He knew that Ye Yuan was formidable, but had never considered the problem from this sort of angle before.

Thinking this way, it was really like so!

“Head Elder’s meaning is … our White Tiger Clan have to be on friendly terms with Ye Yuan?” Bai Yi drew a deep breath and said.

“At the very least, mustn’t be enemies with him!” Rong Kun said.