Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 996

Chapter 996 Courting Death Irrespective Of The Occasion

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Ten days later, the White Tiger Clan’s young patriarch trial’s grand ceremony started on schedule.

This matter was a major event that had a lasting influence on the White Tiger Clan. It might even affect the rise and decline for ten thousand years in the days to come.

Therefore, regardless which of the four symbols family clans hosted this ceremony, they would generally invite the other few families to observe the ceremony together.

On the one hand, it was to bear witness. On the other hand, it was to demonstrate the strength of the juniors in front of the other families.

The Demon Region’s strength, on the whole, could not compare to the human race. Therefore, on matters related to humanity, the four symbols family clans were united against outsiders. But a competitive relation similarly existed in the interior of the Demon Region.

Hence, when the White Tiger Sacred Ancestor saw Ye Yuan’s Atavism Dragon Soul, he seemed especially annoyed.

One silhouette after another was currently rapidly approaching the White Tiger Clan from the horizon. Several women with extremely beautiful appearances leisurely descended, immortal qi fluttering, giving people a feeling of pleasing both the eyes and the heart.

“Huhu, many years of not seeing, Fairy Luo is still strikingly beautiful!” Rong Kun went forward to greet with a laugh.

This party was the Vermilion Bird Clan.

The Fairy Luo out of Rong Kun’s mouth was the Vermilion Bird Clan’s elder, Luo Qingping.

Behind her, tagged along two extremely beautiful looking women. One was fiery like a phoenix, while the other ice-cold like a sculpture.

Luo Qingping enjoyed it very much, but said with a faint smile, “Already getting on in years, what strikingly beautiful still? At present, it’s all the young people’s world.”

Rong Kun smiled as he engaged in some small talk and ordered people to lead Luo Qingping and the others into the banquet.

Right on the heels of the Vermilion Bird Clan, the Black Tortoise Clan also reached the White Tiger Clan.

Of course, apart from these four symbols family clans, there were still some other clans who were on friendly terms with the White Tiger Clan. They also received invitations to come over and watch the ceremony.

The last one who took a long time to arrive was naturally the Azure Dragon Clan that was the strongest.

“Haha, didn’t think that the dragon clan actually sent Brother Jianbo over this time! It makes this Rong greatly surprised! Parting for years, Brother Jianbo’s strength seems to have progressed again!” Rong Kun went forward to welcome with a hearty laugh, clearly very familiar with the dragon clan’s arrival.

The elder which the dragon clan sent over this time was called Ao Jianbo. His strength did not lose to Head Elder Rong Kun and was unfathomable. The dragon clan sending him over was also considered to have given immense face to the White Tiger Clan’s grand ceremony.

“Rong Kun, you old punk, you only know how to poke fun at this Ao! Us old fellows are halfway into the earth already. It’s already pretty good for our strength to not decline, where is there any progress?” Ao Jianbo scolded laughingly.

“Heh, you old man, still so modest! In the entire Divine Realm, who doesn’t know that you, Ao Jianbo, cultivated dragon wave to peak middle-stage spirit rank, with your strength long already connecting to the heavens and penetrating the earth?” Rong Kun flattered with a laugh as he led the way.

Actually, it was not considered flattery either. This Ao Jianbo’s strength was indeed terrifying. His dragon wave was long cultivated to middle-stage spirit rank already. Coupled with the powerful dragon race martial techniques, few were his match in the Demon Region.

Among the dragon clan’s elders, this Ao Jianbo was also one of the most troublesome ones to tangle with.

Ao Jianbo said with a laugh, “Alright, you old punk, stop flattering me! Come, Jinhao, Hanwei, why haven’t you paid respects to Head Elder Rong Kun?”

Behind Ao Jianbo, a man and a woman, two youngsters, came forward to pay respects: “Long Jinhao(Long Hanwei), pays respect to Head Elder Rong Kun!”

Rong Kun had long noticed these two youngsters. Presumably, they were the dragon clan’s current generation’s outstanding talents. Especially Long Jinhao this boy, he was profound and restrained, giving people a feeling of boundlessness, and was not to be underestimated.

Seeing Rong Kun’s expression, Ao Jianbo laughed in his heart too.

This sort of occasion was originally the time where each clan demonstrated their strength.

Ao Jianbo brought along two dragon clan’s young outstanding talents in order to let the various clans know their prowess.

His Azure Dragon Clan was forever the Demon Region’s big brother!

“Get up! Not bad, not bad! Your Azure Dragon Clan is always brimming with talents! Truly making us green with envy! Presumably, the dragon clan’s young patriarch is going to be born among these two, right?” Rong Kun said with a smile

Long Jinhao clasped his hands and said modestly, “Replying Head Elder, the position of young patriarch, Jinhao dare not think about it.”

But hearing these words, Rong Kun’s expression changed.

Although they did not exchange blows, Rong Kun speculated that this Long Jinhao’s strength was likely not the least bit inferior to White Light’s.

This kind of strength and he actually did not even dare to think about the position of young patriarch. Could it be that the dragon clan’s young generation still had an even stronger existence?

Ao Jianbo watched his expression and examined his words, and was very satisfied with Rong Kun’s expression. He said with a smile, “Jinhao isn’t being modest. His strength is indeed not ordinary, but who ask Ao Yang that boy to be overly monstrous, already cultivating dragon wave to initial-stage spirit rank at a young age. This position of young patriarch, Jinhao probably can’t compete with him.”

Rong Kun’s expression involuntarily changed when he heard. Among the junior generation, there was actually someone who cultivated dragon wave to initial-stage spirit rank. This was also a bit too monstrous!

“En? Head Elder, why is there a human race youngster in the seats of the Flowing Light Clan? Seems like … this young man is actually even bearing dragon race bloodline!” Long Hanwei suddenly said.

With her saying so, Ao Jianbo and Long Jinhao’s gaze both turned towards Ye Yuan.

Especially Long Jinhao, his expression turned dark.

“Humph! Not seems like, this punk is clearly bearing dragon race bloodline!” Long Jinhao said coldly.

The moment Rong Kun saw that it was like that, he secret cursed inwardly.

He forgot about this. The dragon clan’s greatest taboo, was human martial artists stealing the dragon race’s blood essence, and becoming bloodline martial artists.

Ye Yuan’s existence landing in Ao Jianbo’s eyes here, this matter would likely be unable to be settled already.

Indeed, Long Jinhao’s figure moved and already arrived in front of Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan was currently chatting with Bai Po when a bout of cold killing intent suddenly locked onto him.

Sensing the dragon pressure emitting off of this young man in front of him, Ye Yuan figured out what happened very quickly.

However, he did not care at all. He just said coolly, “Looking for me for something?”

Long Jinhao was infuriated by Ye Yuan’s attitude all at once. Stole the dragon race’s blood essence and actually still dared to be so wildly arrogant! Truly deserved death!

“Boy, where was your dragon blood stolen from? Do you know that stealing the dragon race’s blood essence and becoming a bloodline martial artists is a capital crime in front of the dragon race?” Long Jinhao said solemnly.

Others not being courteous to him, Ye Yuan naturally would not be polite to others as well. He just said nonchalantly at once, “Capital crime? Who the hell are you, to also dare sentence people to death?”

“Humph! Strength isn’t strong, yet the tone isn’t small! Today, looking on account of the White Tiger Clan’s grand event, I’ll spare your life. Condense and refine out your dragon blood, and return it to the dragon clan, this matter will be dropped at that.”

Long Jinhao was used to being overbearing and did not give Ye Yuan any chance to explain either, directly wanting Ye Yuan to condense and refine the dragon blood.

After bloodline martial artists refined dragon blood, their bodies’ blood already fused into one with the dragon blood. Upon stripping away, their strength would be greatly diminished if was minor, while their foundation would be utterly ruined if it was severe; their entire cultivation being lost.

White Light saw this scene too, and could not help smacking his head as he said helplessly, “This guy, he really is courting death irrespective of the occasion! I hope the Big Brother is a little gentle when taking action. Otherwise, my White Tiger Clan will be put on the spot!”