Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 997

Chapter 997 Heaven Rank Dragon Wave Is Too Weak

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“Brother Jianbo, I think … it’s better to call Honorable Nephew back. Once they start fighting, it will hurt the harmonious relations!” Rong Kun swayed earnestly.

But Ao Jianbo said coolly, “Brother Kun, our dragon clan’s rules, you’re aware too. Human martial artists are more and more unbridled now, to actually dare swagger right under our noses! Truly bullying people too far! Today, I’ll give you face and only extract his dragon blood will do. This person is merely a nobody. The White Tiger Clan wouldn’t shield a brat like this, right?”

Ao Jianbo flying off the handle depended on the person too. Ye Yuan was merely a Phaseless Realm low-level martial artist and completely did not enter the White Tiger Clan’s arcane sights.

Even if he really extracted Ye Yuan’s dragon blood, the White Tiger Clan would not go to war either.

If Ye Yuan was a middle or late-stage Dao Profound Realm powerhouse, Ao Jianbo would definitely have to weigh it over.

After all, this was the White Tiger Clan’s territory. For Ye Yuan to be able to appear here, he definitely had some connections with the tiger clan.

If really offended to the core, it would not be good.

Ao Jianbo could not be blamed for becoming enraged either. The demon race bloodline which human martial artists loved the most was dragon race bloodline. Therefore, the dragon clan had a deep-seated hatred towards this.

It was fine if Ye Yuan was a bloodline martial artist, but he even ran into the Demon Region’s territory carelessly. This was clearly having no respect for the dragon clan.

In the view of Ao Jianbo and co., Ye Yuan was taunting the dragon clan’s dignity here.

Rong Kun secretly took delight in it, but his face had a bitter smile as he said, “Brother Jianbo, it’s not to the extent of shielding. It’s just that he’s also my White Tiger Clan’s guest at any rate. You guys being like this puts me on a spot! Better let Honorable Nephew come back, otherwise, if Honorable Nephew is hurt, it wouldn’t be very good.”

Ao Jianbo froze. He did not react at first, then immediately could not help laughing as he said, “Hurt Jinhao? Brother Kun, are you jesting? If a First Level Phaseless brat is able to hurt Jinhao, then Jinhao would have also wasted these few years!”

Rong Kun heaved and sigh and said, “Brother Jianbo, I’ve already warned you. If you suffer a loss, you mustn’t blame me! But I’ll get the unpleasantness out of the way first, if Jinhao messes up, you mustn’t bully the weak. If you make a move, I can’t look on with folded arms!”

But Ao Jianbo said indifferently, “Good that there’s your word! Letting this old man go and deal with a Fifth Level Phaseless, I, Ao Jianbo, can’t afford to lose this face yet!”

Rong Kun secretly laughed his head off in his heart. This old punk was still swaggering about in front of him just now. Borrowing Ye Yuan’s hand and dousing his power and prestige, he was happy to see it happen.

After all, this was in the White Tiger Clan’s territory. Although the dragon clan had an adequate reason, it was also making light of the White Tiger Clan too much.

Over here, Ye Yuan was also genuinely enraged.

The other party wanted to come and draw out his dragon blood without a word. This sort of thing, anyone’s mood would also not be good.

“I’m standing right here. If you have the ability to draw my blood away, there’s no reason why not as well.” Ye Yuan’s eyes narrowed as he said coolly.

Long Jinhao gave a cold snort and said, “Refusing a toast only to drink to a forfeit! Since you’re willing to have a taste of having your dragon blood being forcefully extracted, then I’ll fulfill your wish!”

In front of so many people, Long Jinhao had the intention of showing off a little as well and let everyone take a look at the dragon clan’s young generation’s strength.


Long Jinhao’s dragon race pressure was released fully. It was astonishingly king rank bloodline!

“Fool! Under my king rank bloodline pressure, your inferior dragon blood can’t unleash power at all! How are you going to fight with me?” Long Jinhao said with a disdainful face.

Over on the Vermilion Bird Clan’s side, a bubbly girl said with a giggle, “This human martial artist is rather brave too. Seeing Long Jinhao, he actually even dared to make a move. King rank bloodline has an absolute suppression effect against ordinary bloodline warriors. Just a Fifth Level Phaseless, it’s simply impossible to be Long Jinhao’s match!”

But the other woman with a frosty look said, “What bravery, it’s simply idiocy! Clearly aware that it’s impossible to succeed but does it anyway. What’s the difference from a moth flying into the fire?”

This two girls, one warm and one cold, were the outstanding talents of the Vermilion Bird Clan. The cold one was called Luo Wanrong, and the warm one was called Luo Jingtong.

When they saw Ye Yuan’s actions that bit off more than he could chew, they were both somewhat disapproving.

“Pfft, Senior Apprentice Sister Wanrong said it vividly. This boy is muddleheaded, looks rather cute instead!” Luo Jingtong said with a giggle.

“Humph! What’s cute about him? Human martial artists are the most abominable, to actually refine our demon race’s bloodlines to increase their strength, truly deserve death! This action of Long Jinhao’s is also considered a great satisfaction.”

Actually, not just on the Vermilion Bird Clan’s side, the Black Tortoise Clan’s side similarly felt that Ye Yuan was a mantis trying to stop the chariot.

Or perhaps, Ye Yuan appearing here was a mistake by itself.

Furthermore, they had no favorable impression towards a bloodline martial artist like Ye Yuan. After all, they were all demons. Other people refining their race’s bloodline to increase their strength, they were obviously unhappy.

Being strongly suppressed by Long Jinhao’s king rank bloodline, Ye Yuan felt not have the slightest feeling of discomfort. He just smiled lightly and said, “If you were sacred rank bloodline, I’d rather have to dread a little. A measly king rank bloodline is merely so-so.”

Long Jinhao was just about to rebut Ye Yuan when all of a sudden, his expression changed drastically!

Not just Long Jinhao, the expressions of everyone present all changed drastically, including Head Elder Rong Kun.

Although they were able to discern that Ye Yuan was bearing dragon race bloodline, when Ye Yuan did not exhibit his bloodline pressure, they could not perceive the depths of Ye Yuan’s bloodline.

Rong Kun was aware that Ye Yuan knew how to merge into heaven and earth. Therefore, there was no way Long Jinhao could hurt Ye Yuan.

But he never thought that Ye Yuan’s dragon race bloodline was actually so strong!

“King rank bloodline! It’s actually king rank bloodline! This … How is this possible? How can a king rank bloodline possibly appeared on a human martial artist?”

“His bloodline power is actually not the least bit inferior compared to Long Jinhao. This is also too exaggerated, right?”

“This time, the dragon clan really got their faces slapped! King rank bloodline actually appeared on a human martial artist! This matter likely won’t be taken lying down.”

These demon clans all burst into an uproar all at once, being startled by Ye Yuan’s bloodline power.

A very large number of them only just had ordinary bloodline. But in this human martial artist’s body, he was actually bearing king rank bloodline!

Long Jinhao’s expression was incomparably ugly. He was still saying that Ye Yuan was of inferior dragon blood earlier, but he got his face slapped immediately. How could this not infuriate him?

“King rank bloodline! Good, truly excellent! Looks like it’s not just extracting your dragon blood today, if you don’t confess the process of how you stole the dragon blood, it wouldn’t be easy even if you wish to die!” Long Jinhao gnashed his teeth in hatred and said.

King rank bloodline appearing on a human, this was simply the dragon clan’s crowning humiliation.

“Xunri Heavenly Dragon Claw!”

Long Jinhao no longer hesitated, directly sticking a claw out.

A dragon claw condensed and formed out of thin air, wrapped in a terrifying power, and charged over towards Ye Yuan.

But when Ye Yuan saw this scene, he had a look of contempt and said coolly, “Heaven rank dragon wave, is too weak! Spirit Rank Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!”

Ye Yuan smacked a palm out leisurely and unhurriedly. An azure dragon soared high into the air and directly smashed Long Jinhao’s Xunri Heavenly Dragon Claw into smithereens.


The Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm’s remnant force did not reduce, Long Jinhao’s body was smashed flying out like a cannonball!