Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 998

Chapter 998 Came Out Just Like That?

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A very barbaric palm, not giving Long Jinhao the least bit of opportunity at all.

Ye Yuan’s current strength was still not a match for middle-stage Tier 9. But dealing with initial-stage Tier 9, it was nothing difficult.

Furthermore, competing in dragon race martial techniques, this Long Jinhao was far too lacking!

Ao Jianbo’s pupils constricted, his eyes glued onto Ye Yuan, filled with disbelief.

“Spirit Rank Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm! This … How is this possible? Not only did a human martial artist learn the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm, he even cultivated dragon wave to spirit rank!” Long Hanwei was shocked until she could not close her mouth.

“What in the world is going on here? King rank bloodline, spirit rank dragon race, divine rank martial technique, isn’t he a human bloodline martial artist? How can he possibly accomplish to such an extent?” Luo Jingtong was similarly incomparably shocked.

The four symbols family clan were all aware that the foundation of the dragon race’s martial techniques lied on this dragon wave.

To be able to cultivate dragon wave to heaven rank at this age was already extremely talented. Cultivating to spirit rank, the next young patriarch was basically guaranteed to be him.

Now, a human race’s youngster actually cultivated dragon wave to spirit rank. This was simply too ironic.

Right when everyone was still in the midst of shock, Ye Yuan’s figure moved and stomped on Long Jinhao’s chest with one foot as he said with a faint smile, “Your esteemed self is so overbearing, wanting to extract this Ye’s dragon blood the moment you come up. I wonder what kind of feeling it will be when this Ye draws your dragon blood out!”

Ye Yuan said it very lightheartedly, but the surrounding people all could not help feeling a chill when they heard it.

Saying he wanted to extract Long Jinhao’s dragon blood in front of Ao Jianbo, how fearless did one have to be?!

Indeed, when Ao Jianbo saw Ye Yuan’s actions, the expression on his face instantly changed from astoundment to shocked fury.

A terrifying aura locked onto Ye Yuan from far away. If Ye Yuan really dared to make a move, he would strike Ye Yuan down without the slightest hesitation.

“Boy, if you dare to draw Jinhao’s dragon blood, I’ll definitely flay your skin and pull out your tendons today!” Ao Jianbo said coldly.

Swords were already drawn at this time. Head Elder Rong Kun knew that he could not watch the show anymore. At this rate, there would be no way of resolving things today.

Ao Jianbo was not to be trifled with, but Ye Yuan was also not some easygoing person!

Furthermore, Ye Yuan was even White Light’s life-and-death big brother. If he really offended him badly, he might stir up some trouble!

“Haha, misunderstanding, just a misunderstanding. Ye Yuan, Honorable Nephew Jinhao is a little young and aggressive. But the dragon clan is indeed a little overly sensitive towards bloodline martial artists. Give this old man face, alright?” Rong Kun said to Ye Yuan with a big laugh.

Ye Yuan lifted his head and gave Rong Kun a very meaningful glance, hitting him with pangs of guilt.

“This boy is too sharp. My thoughts have probably been long seen through by him.” Rong Kun thought to himself secretly.

He wished to borrow Ye Yuan’s hands to diminish the dragon clan’s edge. How could Ye Yuan not perceive this point?

His strength, Rong Kun more or less still had some score. If he wished to stop it, he should have come forward long ago. Why was there a need to wait until now?

Ye Yuan suddenly smiled and said, “Head Elder, White Light is my closest brother. Forget about it this time. But I, Ye Yuan, am not a minor character than anybody can knead. Hope that Head Elder acts with due care and respect.”

Rong Kun had an embarrassed look, but Ye Yuan already let go of his foot and returned to his seat.

Long Jinhao struggled to his feet. Looking at Ye Yuan, he had an expression of indignant resentment as he said coldly, “Punk, you’re bearing king rank bloodline, my dragon clan absolutely won’t take things lying down!”

Ye Yuan shot Long Jinhao a glance and said with a faint smile, “Consider yourself lucky this time. Next time, you won’t be so lucky.”

If not looking on account of White Light’s face, he would definitely extract Ling Jinhao’s blood essence dry today. The other party exposed his killing intent. Ye Yuan was not that easygoing of a person either.

Long Jinhao did not feel that he got lucky. In his view, Ye Yuan was afraid of the dragon clan’s power, that was why he would climb down the ladder. 1

Ye Yuan was also just saying it. Could it be that he really dared to extract his dragon blood?

But when he arrived before Ao Jianbo, he had an ashamed look as he said, “Elder, Jinhao is useless and lost face for the dragon clan!”

But Ao Jianbo said with a calm expression, “Losing to spirit rank dragon wave isn’t considered a disgrace. It’s just that a human martial artist is actually bearing king rank bloodline. This matter definitely cannot be dropped. After the White Tiger Clan’s business is settled, this old man will naturally go find him to inquire clearly!”

Ao Jianbo’s gaze stared at Ye Yuan with ill-intent, but it was like Ye Yuan did not feel anything. He still chatted in a jovial manner.

The guests and host getting seated, the trial of the young patriarch was also officially starting.

This trial was divided into a total of three rounds. What it tested was respectively, character, bloodline, as well as true strength.

“The first round, the test of character. Rong Ning, Wu Mo, White Light, the three of you will enter the Heart Examining Forest. The first to come out will win!” An elder said in a clear voice.

Rong Ning was the Crimson Flame Clan’s candidate who replaced Rong Xin.

Compared to Rong Xin, his strength was naturally a notch weaker. But the Crimsonflame Clan’s strength itself was already very strong. Rong Ning’s strength still could not be underestimated.

This Heart Examining Forest was specially set up by the White Tiger Clan to test the young patriarch. Inside the forest had a powerful illusionary formation.

After White Light trio received the orders, they immediately entered inside the Heart Examining Forest.

“Head Elder, I wonder who you’re most optimistic about among these three people?” After the three people entered, Bai Yi opened his mouth and asked Rong Kun.

The moment these words were asked, quite a few people also revealed interested looks. Even the other three clans’ powerhouses also perked their ears up.

Rong Kun smiled and said, “Just talking about this Heart Examining Forest round, this old man is actually most optimistic about Wu Mo! This boy’s character is level-headed, not arrogant nor rash. Talking in terms of temperament, he’s actually the most suited for the position of young patriarch. Even with White Light’s sudden emergence, he did not display the slightest look of alarm either.”

Hearing these words, quite a few elders and patriarchs all secretly nodded their heads.

The Suppression Martial Clan’s Wu Mo had always been very low-profile. But nobody dared to overlook his strength either.

If White Light did not show up, Rong Xin’s greatest competitor would be Wu Mo!

Even Rong Xin himself also did not dare say that he could definitely win Wu Mo.

It could be seen from this how formidable Wu Mo’s strength was.

Furthermore, Wu Mo’s character was level-headed and rarely contended for anything as well. He just quietly cultivated by himself.

His performance, Rong Kun naturally took it into his sights too.

If not for White Light breaking through to sacred rank bloodline, Rong Kun actually still fancied Wu Mo more.

Among the three people, Rong Xin exposed his edge a little too much. White Light emerged all of a sudden, while Wu Mo was deep like an abyss.

In comparison, it was indeed Wu Mo, who was a little more suited for the position of young patriarch.

Just as everyone was discussing animatedly, the elder below suddenly called out in a clear voice, “White Light is the first to walk out of the Heart Examining Forest. The first round, White Light wins!”

Rong Kun could not help turning stiff when he heard that. Just how long had it been and White Light already walked out of the Heart Examining Forest?

They only said a couple of words from start to end. Adding it up, it was also merely several dozen breaths of time. Came out just like that?

The Heart Examining Forest was not large. Calculating it, it was also the time to walk from end to end. Could it be that White Light did not delay at all inside?