Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 999

Chapter 999 Heart Of A Pure Child

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“What kind of joke is this? This Heart Examining Forest, even if the elders go in, it’s also not possible to come out so quickly. White Light actually walked out immediately?”

“Could it be that some problem occurred with the array formation? The Heart Examining Forest is a high-grade Tier 9 array formation. If the young generation enters, the fastest takes half a day’s time before they can come out as well.”

“No way! If something happened to the array formation, then why didn’t Rong Ning and Wu Mo, the two of them, come out yet?”

“That brat called Ye Yuan is very bizarre. Why did White Light also become so bizarre now?”

White Light directly walking out of the Heart Examining Forest made all of the White Tiger Clan’s members burst into an uproar.

This sort of incident of directly passing through the Heart Examining Forest had never happened before from ancient times to the present.

Unless it was a terrifying existence like Ye Yuan whose heart realm reached Heaven Man Unity Realm, otherwise, even Divine King Realm elders would also be trapped for that little while.

As for the junior generation, that went even more without saying.

“Head Elder, this matter is definitely fishy! White Light he must have cheated! Otherwise, how is it possible to past right through the Heart Examining Forest?” Rong Yin said solemnly.

While at this time, the Suppression Martial Clan’s patriarch, Wu Qian, also could not sit still anymore as well. He likewise cupped his fists and said, “Head Elder, this matter is too strange! We must get to the bottom of it!”

These two clans already came forward, Bai Jue naturally could not sit passively and resign himself to death either. He hurriedly said, “In the past, there isn’t, doesn’t meant that there won’t be in the future! White Light’s strength can’t be judged with common sense to begin with. If you can’t bear a loss, then withdraw out of the struggle to become the young patriarch. Why is there a need to insult people with words?”

Truthfully speaking, Bai Jue was also incomparably shocked. But White Light was the Flowing Light Clan’s young patriarch. He naturally could not be afraid at this time, immediately throwing back the insinuations.

Rong Kun was just about to open his mouth when White Light cupped his fists and said, “Head Elder, before the trial, White Light already handed over all of my storage rings. It’s impossible to bring any treasures with me. If Head Elder is still not at ease, White Light is willing to accept an inspection. It’s just, if White Light didn’t cheat, what then?”

White Light was steady as a rock, looking at Rong Yin without showing the least bit of weakness.

He was a lofty White Tiger Clan’s young patriarch candidate. Being maligned for no reason like this, he obviously had to win back some ground.

Being squeezed by White Light like this, Rong Yin could not help finding it somewhat hard to get off the tiger’s back.

It was just that he would not believe that White Light could pass through the Heart Examining Forest within such a short time even if he was beaten to death.

“Humph! If we find out that you didn’t cheat, this old man will just resign from being patriarch!” Rong Yin said with a cold snort.

The moment these words came out, everyone was stunned. This joke went a little overboard. Rong Yin actually used the position of patriarch to wager a bet. It was acting too much on impulse.

Except, Rong Yin was indeed stifled in the chest, making him bet his own position of patriarch.

Originally, the Crimsonflame Clan’s situation was excellent. Rong Yin was naturally in high spirits too.

But ever since Ye Yuan entered the White Tiger Clan, the Crimsonflame Clan became plagued with problems for all matters.

Putting aside the incident of a traitor emerging, it even lost Rong Xin’s young patriarch candidate rights. Right now, the Crimsonflame Clan became the entire White Tiger Clan’s laughing stock.

White Light cheating so obviously, if he could not even drag him down the horse, he, this patriarch, did not have much point as well anymore.

Rong Kun’s face fell, and he said, “Messing around! How can the position of patriarch be used out of spite? White Light, not that this seat doesn’t believe you, it’s just that your matter is indeed too queer. You’re also aware, ever since the Heart Examining Forest was established, nobody could pass through so quickly before. Even Divine King elders cannot as well! Can you tell this seat just what is going on here?”

White Light bowed and said, “This, White Light don’t know. Either way, after I entered the Heart Examining Forest, I didn’t see anything and just directly walked out like that. If Head Elder really wants me to say, I really can’t give an explanation. Therefore, if Head Elder feels uneasy, better do a check.”

White Light said it very innocently, but he did not lie. The Heart Examining Forest’s illusionary realm did not have any effect on him at all.

Hearing White Light’s words, Rong Kun could not help being powerless and could only say, “Since that’s the case, best do an inspection then. Otherwise, it’s hard to convince the masses. White Light, are you willing?”

White Light naturally did not have any unwillingness. Because no matter what method they used, it was also impossible to investigate how he cheated.

Just as the White Tiger Clan was bustling about to examine White Light, inside Ye Yuan’s sea of consciousness, the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil grumbled with a smug look, “Haha, these bunch of fools! Even if they take out a divine artifact, it’s impossible to detect this great one’s existence too! But you, boy, are really insidious, to actually come up with this sort of way to cheat! Too despicable!”

Ye Yuan said with a faint smile, “Looking at your appearance, aren’t you quite enjoying it? Making you help previously, you even had a hundred objections!”

Speaking of this, the smugness on the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil’s face instantly vanished without a trace. He gnashed his teeth in hatred and said, “You, boy, still have the face to say it! You’re simply a malefic star! Do you know that dividing divine sense out might let this great one’s primordial spirit collapse?”

Ye Yuan said with an indifferent look, “Aren’t you fine? Furthermore, as an exchange, I already imparted you the Inkflow Spirit Dividing Art. That’s a Divine Dao mystic art!”

The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil gave a cold snort but said no more.

Originally, in order to help White Light pass through the Heart Examining Forest, Ye Yuan resorted to coercion and bribery to make the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil cultivate the Inkflow Spirit Dividing Art, then divide out a trace of divine sense into White Light’s eyes.

The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil’s terror did not just lie on its illusionary magic accomplishments. He could even see through all of truth and falsehood!

The Heart Examining Forest, this level of illusionary realm, was simply child’s play to him. It could not cause any hindrance to him at all.

Therefore, White Light actually really cheated. It was just that the method of cheating, nobody could perceive it.

The Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil was extremely hard to catch to begin with. Wanting to hide from the eyes of ears of everyone was truly too easy. Furthermore, he was not a magic treasure himself and was completely not afraid that the White Tiger Clan could detect him.

Indeed, the White Tiger Clan even brought out a transcendent-grade holy artifact but did not find anything wrong on White Light’s body.

Seeing this scene, Rong Yin’s expression became increasingly ugly.

“Replying Head Elder, White Light didn’t carry any magic treasure on him!”

Along with this verdict coming out, everyone burst into an uproar again.

Under the circumstances where he did not rely on any magic treasures, White Light actually passed right through the Heart Examining Forest. This was simply too fantastical.

“Head Elder, if everybody still feels that there’s a problem, White Light is willing to walk through the Heart Examining Forest again!” White Light clasped his hands and said.

Before waiting for Rong Kun to reply, White Light leaped and already entered the Heart Examining Forest.

After several dozen breaths, White Light’s figure rushed out of the Heart Examining Forest once more. This time, everyone all had nothing to say.

“Head Elder, this … could White Light be of the legendary Heart of a Pure Child?” Bai Yi suddenly said 1 .

Head Elder’s expression turned apprehensive. Looking towards White Light with eyes like he was staring at a monster, he slowly nodded his head and said, “It appears that there is only this explanation! Truly didn’t think that not only did White Light break through to sacred rank bloodline, he’s actually even of the legendary Heart of a Pure Child! Truly remarkable!”