Urban God Level Selection System Chapter 644

Chapter 644: A Kind Reminder

After a while, the extraordinary woman carried Zhang Wanlin's clothes into the guest room on the second floor, and threw it to Zhang Wanlin who was sitting by the bed in a daze, and said impatiently, "Change your clothes and get out."

"Um... my ex-girlfriend just spoke a little too much. Don't be familiar with her. If you are angry, you can send it to me."

Zhang Wanlin got up with some worry and approached the extraordinary girl and pleaded.

The extraordinary girl sneered: "Is a cultivator necessary to care about an ordinary stupid woman with long hair and short knowledge?"

"Zhang Wanlin, although you are good at strength, you are really not good at a person's level, what kind of woman are you looking for!"

The extraordinary woman couldn't help but mocked.

Zhang Wanlin knew that he was at a disadvantage here, so despite the cynicism of the extraordinary woman, he did not refute it. Instead, he picked up the clothes and went out of the guest room, saying to the extraordinary woman, "I borrow your bathroom for a use, and I will leave as soon as I get dressed."

The extraordinary woman watched Zhang Wanlin enter the bathroom, shook her head helplessly, turned and went downstairs. As for Zhang Wanlin's frivolousness of herself last night, she no longer wanted to pursue it.

"Huh! If this girl is unlucky, she is treated as a dog."

"But as punishment, I won't tell you that the little trick named Chen Lin can save your woman, it's all up to you."

The extraordinary girl murmured.

After Buffalo was busy downstairs for a while, Zhang Wanlin finally changed back to her clothes, then went downstairs and said goodbye: "That, I'll go first."

"Will I stop you if you want to leave?

But there is one thing, I still want to ask you! "

The extraordinary woman pointed to the pocket of Wanlin's trousers and said: "When I undressed you last night, I found a purple storage bag in your pocket. Isn't that your thing?"

Zhang Wanlin was taken aback, then he touched his pocket, there was indeed a storage bag inside.

Naturally, he got it from the dead Guan Lao. Later, for a moment, he forgot to put it in his storage ring. At this moment, he was discovered by the extraordinary woman.

Zhang Wanlin frowned, a chill flashed in his eyes, and asked indifferently: "Do you know the owner of this storage bag?"

"do not know."

Zhang Wanlin breathed a sigh of relief from the denial of the extraordinary woman, but her next sentence made him let go of his heart, "But I know the owner of this storage bag is definitely a Confucian person!"

"You actually know Confucianism!"

Zhang Wanlin's eyes sank, and he was completely unable to let go of his mental arithmetic. If Guan Lao's death was known to be related to him by the Confucianists, he would face a life and death crisis! For his own safety, should he tackle the mysterious woman in front of him now?

Suddenly, Zhang Wanlin struggled.

Buffalo's eyes were very venomous, and she saw Zhang Wanlin was a little nervous at a glance, so she smiled and said, "You don't have to be nervous, I have a bad relationship with Confucianism."

"So whether you picked up this storage bag or you grabbed it, it doesn't matter to me.

I don't talk so much. "

Buffalo turned her words: "But if you underestimate the Confucian tracking technique, then you will suffer a lot."

When Zhang Wanlin saw the extraordinary woman speaking, a trace of fear flashed in his eyes. Knowing that it was not easy, he asked curiously: "Can you make it clearer?"

"Oh, okay, since you gave me a lot of money to buy flowers, but you didn't buy them in the end, but the money was given to me, I will tell you some secrets."

Speaking of the extraordinary woman, she went directly to the second floor, "Come on."

In order to survive, Zhang Wanlin had to follow the extraordinary girl up to the second floor. Finally, they sat on the balcony again and began the interaction of drinking coffee and chatting again.

"If I'm not wrong, you should be a master of killing Confucianism?"

Buffalo women don't circumscribe the corners, and directly ask the most important questions.

Zhang Wanlin frowned, but was silent for a long time, obviously not wanting to answer this question.

Uncommon women didn't press the question, just continued: "My father also killed a Confucian master at the beginning, he used his hand in a remote place in the wilderness."

"But within two weeks of effort, the Confucian master came to our house."

A trace of hatred flashed in the eyes of the extraordinary woman, "In that battle, my parents tried their best to send me out, and they died in a **** battle."

"Later when I grew up, I learned that the reason the Confucian master could find my father was because he took away the things of the Confucian master who killed him."

The extraordinary woman said solemnly: "And the masters of Confucianism, their things will be blessed by a Confucian guy named Bi Mojun with special ink power, with a unique method of tracing..." I heard the extraordinary woman say At this point, Zhang Wanlin was sweating profusely. He couldn't imagine that there was such a strange doorway in it.

"What is Moli?"

Zhang Wanlin asked curiously.

Buffalo shook her head and said: "I don't understand the specifics, but according to my understanding, it should be a kind of supernatural ability. I heard that the inks made by the master of pen and ink are all special inks, which are unpredictable."

"Okay, thank you for telling me this."

Zhang Wanlin gratefully gave a fist to the extraordinary woman, "I will put things in my storage bag to seal my breath. If you want to come, they won't find me?"

"Oh, you still think too simple."

The extraordinary girl sneered, and said with a certain face, "I'm sure my dad did this before, but it didn't work."

"My suggestion is to let you get rid of all these things as soon as possible. You must never leave one on your body, otherwise you will definitely be found by them."

The extraordinary woman said with certainty.

Zhang Wanlin frowned and told him to throw away all the trophies he had finally obtained. He couldn't do this. Those were treasures he hadn't studied thoroughly.

After seeing Zhang Wanlin's reluctance, Buffalo said kindly: "Forget it, for the sake of your frustration in love, I will tell you a solution that is not a way."

"Ahem, my uncle once told me..." "If one day I avenge my parents, kill Confucian masters, and get their treasures, he tells me to hide these treasures in the most breath. The bushes are sealed."

After talking about this, Buffalo showed a strange color on her face, and she couldn't speak the next words. This made Zhang Wanlin a little puzzled: "What's the matter?

Is there something unspeakable? "


Buffalo shook her head, and then said, "That is either the most holy land or the most dirty land. I am afraid that this most holy land is hard to find, but the most dirty land is everywhere in China. I dont need to think about it. Tell me more?"

"Mao Keng?"

Zhang Wanlin shook his head with disgust, "Is this too disgusting?

I can't hide things in there! "