Valkyrie Sovereign Chapter 4607

Chapter 4607: New Apprentice

Then, there were many flames, which wrapped the palms of the Chaos Gods and burned blazingly.

Ah...immediately, those Chaos Gods felt great pain and screamed.

The palms of their stretched hands were stained with those terrible flames, and burned and turned into a torch. No matter what method they used, they could not extinguish these flames.

Then, under Lin Fei's control, the divine fire that spewed out of the fireball burned toward the chaotic gods, and soon burned the bodies of these chaotic gods.

"No! These flames seem to be those divine fires in the Valley of the Eight Fires!"

A Chaos God screamed.

This Chaos God had seen those divine fires in the Valley of the Eight Fires, so he recognized it.

"These flames are terrifying! It's hard to put them out!"

"Ah! My body is scorched! Too painful!"

...Those chaotic gods, caught off guard, were all burned by the divine fire, one by one turned into fireballs, where they struggled and rolled, screaming in pain.

These Chaos Gods are not very strong.

Therefore, facing these sacred fires, it was very difficult to resist.

They were burned by the sacred fire and had no extra energy to deal with Lin Fei.

One by one desperately wanted to extinguish those sacred fires.

But that was because the burning power of the sacred fire was too powerful. For a while, it was not easy to put out these sacred fires.

"You guys! You dare to follow my master, go to death for me!"

Lin Fei sneered.

Then, Lin Fei focused on one of the Chaos Gods, rushed over and started to do it.

Lin Fei urged the fire beads to release more divine fire, forming a wall of fire after another, trapping the chaotic **** in it.

Then, Lin Fei used all kinds of secret techniques to attack the chaos **** desperately.

Originally, with Lin Fei's strength, it was very difficult to get this Chaos God from harm.

However, now this Chaos God's body is burning with a large amount of divine fire. These divine fires burned his body and made him weaker and weaker, and there was no way to display much strength.

Even, he couldn't hide from Lin Fei's attack.

Lin Fei displayed the secret technique of transforming the three clears at once, and three Lin Fei appeared, and the strength of each Lin Fei was equivalent to the body.

The three Lin Fei tried their best to attack the chaos **** frantically.

At the same time, Lin Fei also urged eight kinds of sacred fire, constantly burning other chaotic gods.

All of a sudden, those dozens of Chaos Gods were in a hurry and were in a panic.

"Damn it, a fifth-tier main god, who caused us to suffer such a big loss!"

"Lin Fei, **** you, I will never let you go!"

...Those chaotic gods let out a roar.

Especially the Chaos God who was attacked by Lin Fei with all his strength, was furious to the extreme.

Just at this time.

Lin Fei's face suddenly changed.

Lin Fei perceives that there are five terrifying auras that have locked in this space and time and are coming quickly.

"No! It's Master's apprentices! They finally arrived!"

Lin Fei thought in his heart.

Without hesitation, Lin Fei took out a teleportation charm and activated it instantly.

This teleportation talisman exploded with a mysterious and powerful teleportation force, which wrapped Lin Fei, tore the time and space apart, and teleported away.

Lin Fei understood that even if he could control eight divine fires with his current strength, it was impossible to beat Master's five apprentices.

Because the five apprentices of the master are all masters at the level of the ninth floor master.

The strength is too strong! Unless the source of fire beast comes in person, it is possible to use eight divine fires to deal with these five masters.

Lin Fei had just activated the teleportation talisman, and the five apprentices of Baidi Shenjun immediately discovered it.

"Lin Fei! It's him! That's a very clever teleportation charm. Let's take action together to prevent him from leaving!"

The ninth floor master immediately locked Lin Fei.

"It's the old guy we want to track down. Whatever this kid does, it's a waste of our time!"

The other four apprentices of Baidi Shenjun couldn't help but say.

"Do you think that Lin Fei appeared here for no reason?

He was clearly blocking the way and wanted to help that old guy get rid of my followers from tracking him! Lin Fei and the old guy are most likely the same group. "

Said the ninth floor master.

"Yes, it seems that this kid is indeed blocking the way here!"

A Chaos God said.

Could it be that he is the new apprentice of that old guy? "

Another Chaos God said suddenly.

"That old fellow's new apprentice?

! "

The other four people were all a little surprised.

"It seems likely.

This world is really small, it turns out that Lin Fei is actually the new apprentice of that old guy! But Lin Fei is a descendant of the line of reincarnation, why did he take that old guy as his teacher?

Well, it is very likely that they accidentally met, the old guy took Lin Fei's talents, so he accepted him as an apprentice. "

The ninth floor master said in a loud voice.

"In this case, let's catch this kid quickly! Let's take action together to prevent him from teleporting!"

The ninth floor master continued.

Then, the five apprentices of Baidi Shenjun simultaneously released their laws of time and space, and enveloped them towards Lin Fei's current position.

At this time, Lin Fei was in a space-time tunnel, continuously teleporting forward at an astonishing speed.

Suddenly, a large number of terrifying laws of time and space appeared in the surrounding space, and the time and space tunnel was sealed in an instant.

Then, Lin Fei found that his body was fixed here, unable to move.

"It seems that the ninth floor master, they took action against me!"

Lin Fei's face sank.

Then Lin Fei took out another teleport symbol and activated it directly.

A powerful teleportation force wrapped Lin Fei and forcibly teleported forward.

Behind the Ninth Floor, the Lord of the Ninth Floor was waiting for five Chaos Gods, and found that Lin Fei was teleporting again, which was a little surprised.

They were separated from such a long distance, and the power of the time and space laws they displayed was also limited. Now Lin Fei activated the second teleportation charm and got rid of their control.

"It seems that Lin Fei has a lot of such clever teleportation charms! We will continue to take action to prevent him from teleporting!"

The ninth floor master shouted.

Then these five Chaos Gods, and then displayed their laws of time and space, shrouded Lin Fei from a long distance.

"It's not that easy to want to keep me! Lin Fei's left and right hands both took out a teleportation charm and activated them at the same time.

Two powerful teleporting forces instantly wrapped Lin Fei. In this way, the teleporting force wrapped around Lin Fei's body became extremely powerful, and Lin Fei's body teleported forward at an astonishing speed.

Behind, the time and space laws displayed by the master of the 9th floor and waiting for the five chaos gods could no longer prevent Lin Fei from leaving!

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