Waking Up In Another World As A God Chapter 4

4 Leveling Up
"Listen Meep,"


"Your job is to tend to the sunflowers and make sure they stay in good condition."

Meep nodded with his overly large head, the creature understanding his job.

"Meep meep?"

Leon stopped in his tracks, "Yeah, you do need water." After being with the creature and talking to it for extensive amounts of time, the language Meep used was now coherent. It was rather odd to understand such a simple speaking pattern. Stanley was completely silent, waiting for a question or task.

"Hey Stanley, how come he can talk in sentences? Before it was just his name but now he can talk to me."

Stanley pointed at the small creature, "When you put me inside that idiotic creature my mind was conjoined with it for a few seconds, allowing it to understand a few concepts."

"Ah," Leon guessed as much.

Meep sat on the grass in spawn, his eyes wondering around his home, a new mind soaking in the world around him. Leon held the Tech Token in his hand, an idea forming in his head.

The idea was he was going to give Meep the ability to craft a watering can by using a good sized rock. He would find a smaller one and slowly carve out a hole that could hold water and use it to tend to the sunflowers. There was just the fact that he had no source of water.

Leon touched Meep's forehead with the coin and a bright flash of white consumed the immediate area. Leon blinked as he saw the token no longer was in his hand. Meep opened his mouth, his purpose formulating in his head.


Leon looked up from his perch, noticing the count down on a whim. He had Three days left to create something that could protect his World.

"Yes Stanley?"

"You leveled up!"

Stanley jumped in his head and cheered, his quiet act completely destroyed. Leon was caught off guard and fell backwards from the rock he was crouched on. The sensation he felt before came back, "God damnit Stanley can you n-"

Leon stopped, something he couldn't quite understand radiated throughout his body. Knowledge and power gripped his entire being and seeped into his soul, "Woah"

Three tokens dropped in front of him, a bronze for Spacial, Silver for Sentient, and gold for a Tech Token. Leon beamed at the tokens, his Godly prowess kicking in to full gear. He grabbed the tokens and disappeared from existence, Meep standing awkwardly alone.


-- -- -- --

"Sir, is everything alright, you have been in the Corporeal room for an entire day?"

Angelo let his hands drop and turned to see his servant still in his demonic like body. Ram floated just an inch or so above the white floor.

"I have finished," Angelo was sweating from the extended use of his mind, ideas were hard to shape from just imagination. The creator took a few steps back to admire his work, Ram floated to his side.

"It is magnificent sir, I can tell no time was wasted."

Angelo did not smile or even boast, he simply waited for his servant to continue, "What would you like to name it?"

Angelo scratched his chin, his fingers still aching from the previous session.

"I do no prefer specific names so we shall go with,"

The creature spawned at the familiar circle,


The bulging bull like creature exhaled, steam escaping from its huge nostrils. A single cloth wrapped around its waist, barley able to stay on from its bulging muscles. The goblin like creatures who calmly tended to the herbs quickly brought their attention toward the spawn.

"Itz iz Sir?"

One of the smaller ones said in a broken language.

"Noze, sir never shows this fear."

A bigger green creature with two brown horns turned toward his lesser brethren, "getz ze spears, a intruder haz arrived."

Five goblin like beast quickly ran to a small hut and retrieved five long sticks with sharpened rocks.

Angelo watched carefully from the same boulder he regularly sat on, an eye on his creations that encircled the spawn. They quickly hid themselves among the tree's shadows and examined his recent creation.

Ram spoke, "Do you intend to let your Hoblins die?"

Angelo held up a hand to silence him, "My only intention is to make sure the Minotaur can use his attributes right."

Ram rose the scale above his goat eyes, "Attributes?"

The Minotaur inhaled, a unknown scent filled his lungs, he knew something was close. It was the first of three animal like aspects he gave to the animal. Angelo was a zoologist back on Earth, so watching animals and knowing their strengths was his niche. He gave the Minotaur the nose of a deer, the echo location of a bat, and the strength of a bull.

The hoblins were now evenly divided, spears cocked back at the ready.

Woosh, Woosh, Woosh

Three spears soared through the air with precision. One aimed at the base of the neck while the other two at the lumbar of the spine. It seemed his hoblins were trained exceptionally well. However, their effort and praise were short lived as the Minotaur turned and grabbed the spears with ease. The tiny weapons seemed like toothpicks compared to the Minotaur, and in the same way, they snapped in two like them. The Minotaur roared with ferocity and wild intent.

Angelo quickly teleported behind the hoblins.

"Thank gosh sir haz arrived, th-"

Angelo stared down the Minotaur, ignoring the Hoblin.

"Go, I will handle it."

The Hoblins nodded quickly and vanished into the shrubbery that encircled the spawn.

"Hey, you."

The Minotaur swirled around and faced his Creator, not aware of it in the slightest.

"I am your God so you will obey me dull creature."

No reaction came from the insult, Angelo noting it was to busy reacting to the unknown. The god sighed before sprinting toward the bull.

The Minotaur equally charged forward, muscles bulging as it left marks in the grass. Angelo side stepped as two dangerous arms came crashing downwards. The two human like fist impacted the ground with devastating force. Chunks of dirt and grass exploded outwards, a crater forming.

The Minotaur noticed his opponent's ability to dodge and brought his fist up in an uppercut. The blow would easily destroy the upper torso of any organism. Angelo was a god however, the Minotaur weak and fragile to him. Angelo put a single finger out and stopped all momentum, a look of confusion on the Minotaur's face. He called for a Tech token and it appeared in his right palm. He fished it to his fingers and tapped the forehead of the Minotaur. A bright white light enclosed the Minotaur before it dissolved in to thin air.

The Minotaur stood and nodded before walking away toward the north side of Angelo's World. It kept its pace until it came to a certain destination, The Gate. The end of the world inches in front of the Minotaur. It exhaled steam before simply sitting down, waiting to attack what would appear beyond the barrier.

"Is this it sir?"

Angelo nodded, "I only need him, he will gladly give his life to show a superior his worth."

Ram tilted his head, "So you are only wagering it on the Minotaur?"

"No, I will make a few more hoblins to support him but for the most part, he can handle it."

"Yes sir."

Angelo fixed his red cape and aligned his black furred maroon coat.

"Sir, I think you are ready to create your vessel."

Angelo raised an eyebrow at the statement, "Come again?"

"All God Candidates must participate in invasions and wars with a body to suit them, called a vessel. You will create it using a universal power."

"Enlighten me Ram, what is this universal power?"

Ram planted his hooves in the grass, "It is referred to as Magic."

-- -- -- --

"So you don't plan on attacking?"

Stanley ask while he studied his god, hands raised as he started to form a being.

Leon annoyingly stopped his powers and spoke, "there is no way I can outwit or beat my opponent, I spent a day and a half messing around."

Stanley slightly felt guilty, he was genuinely having fun with his Master.

"Well what are your plans then?"

Leon scratched the back of his neck, "You ask a lot of questions, usually this is reversed."

Stanley nodded, still waiting for his Master to explain his plans.

"Im going to focus on defense and reconnaissance, It's the ultimate plan of mine. Im only going to react, not act."


Leon glanced at his servant,

"It's amazing Master!"

The two simultaneously puffed up their chest to act tough, "Let us get this bread Stanley."

Stanley deflated and stared at his master, "Bread?"

Leon waved him off and continued, "never mind, I already have a creation in mind."

Stanley seemed to peer over his shoulder, "And what might that be?"

Leon held his hands up, white light fizzling our from his finger tips. The same all knowing knowledge Leon has come to love trickled back into his soul. Another memory seemed back into his head.

His beagle Marley came to the edge of the farm, seven year old Leon close behind.

"Marleeey, come back, dad is gonna be mad we went this far."

Marley stood still, his keen eyes locked on something at the tree line. Leon also stopped in his tracks, panting hard from chasing the dog. "Marley let's goooo."

Leon bent down and tried to grab the beagle, his grip not moving him an inch. Then Leon heard it, the slight snarl of a wild beast. His eyes also locked on to the noise, an uneasiness growing in him.

"Marley we really ne-"

A grey mass exploded from the shrubbery and was advancing toward Leon and Marley. It was a wolf, its agile body gliding across the wet grass. Leon backed away and started to turn, the wolf already upon them. Marley lunged forward and barked. The wolf easily evaded and snatched Marley's windpipe, bringing him to the dirt. Leon stopped trying to run, watching his best friend's neck being ripped apart making him angry.

"Get away from M-"

The wolf let go of Marley and aimed its bloody snout at Leon. For a split second everything went quiet as the wolf slowly inches toward Leon. Then, it pounced, Leon putting his hands up in fear. A loud boom from a shotgun echoed through the farm land, the wolf laying limp on its side. Leon's dad held the twelve gauge with a confused look on his face.

"Goddamnit I told you not to leave the back yard Leon, you could have got hurt!"

Leon ignored his dad an crashed to the side of Marley. "Marley?"

Leon's father held his breath as his son started to cry uncontrollably. From that day on, Leon gained a fear of wolves.

Leon opened his eyes, the same viscous wolf that murdered his most dearest friend hovering over a white pedestal.

"Create it Stanley..."

"Yes sir."
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