Warrior's Promise Chapter 1010

Warrior's Promise Chapter 1010 - Greetings, Holy Son!

Chapter 1010: Greetings, Holy Son!

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Youre not escaping any more? Go on! Su Mo said, smiling slightly, his gaze sweeping over the crowd.

His laughter was very gentle, but to the crowd, it was terrifying. It was just like the smile of the devil, they couldnt help but shiver when they saw it.

The devil!

Everyone looked at Su Mos face and they all could not help but have the same thought.

Indeed! The feeling Su Mo gave them was like that of the devil.

Su Mo had killed about 3000 people in a short time earlier.

Who is the current sect master of the Celestialspirit Sect? Su Mos eyes were sharp as he asked coldly.

Everyone was silent and did not reply.

Do you want me to start killing again? Su Mos face turned grave when he saw that no one was replying.

The sect master died just now! Someone answered hurriedly.

Su Mo paused when he heard that. The sect master was too useless, how could he die so quickly!

Su Mo sighed, and then, he saw that there were still two or three hundred from the Cold-blood Hall. He stated loudly, Everyone from the Cold-blood Hall, come here!

Those from the Cold-blood Hall were distraught and appalled when they heard Su Mos words.

However, they did not dare to escape. They did not dare to disobey Su Mo no matter how afraid they were, and they emerged warily.

Mo Qing was equally pale. He gritted his teeth and slowly emerged.

Those from the Cold-blood Hall looked at Su Mo, frightened and wary. They did not know what Su Mo wanted to do!


Su Molooked at them and nodded slightly. Then, he suddenly acted, waving the Demonic Sword several times. Rays of sword Qi emerged, heading towards the crowd, killing them.

Oh no!


Those from the Cold-blood Hall saw what was happening, and were all extremely frightened. They fled frantically.

They had not expected that Su Mo had asked them to come out so that he could kill them more easily.

They fled with all they had. But they were too weak and were not able to escape from Su Mos clutches.

A swipe of sword Qi swept past and blood rained down from the sky and limbs started to fly. Everyone from the Cold-blood Hall died.

A mighty river of blood quickly gathered into the Demonic Sword.


The rest present who were from the Celestialspirit Sect gasped one after another, their faces all pale. Some who were weak in cultivation even collapsed in fear.

How vicious!

He had killed without even batting an eye. He was a true murderer!

Furthermore, Su Mos sword was just as terrifying as him. It could absorb blood!

To those from the Celestialspirit Sect, today was an unforgettable day because their hearts and minds had been a.s.saulted greatly.

After killing everyone from the Cold-blood Hall and when the Demonic Sword had swallowed all the blood, Su Mo scanned the crowd made up of those from the Celestialspirit Sect.

His eyes rested on Hou Yuan, making Hou Yuans heart tremble. The expert in the Martial Royal Realm could not help but tremble.

However, Su Mos gaze had only rested on Hou Yuan for a mere moment before he looked away.

Su Mo did not kill Hou Yuan even though Hou Yuan had wanted to capture him at first. However, that had only happened because he had given Hou Yuan a dressing down and the man had just wanted to get even.

Hou Jun had already been killed by him, so Su Mo had no grudge against Hou Yuan.

Su Mo looked around but no one dared to look at him. Those he looked at immediately bowed their heads.

Su Mo quickly found his target. His gaze landed on an old man wearing a grey robe.

The old man was the First Elder of the Holy Sky Peak, Zhu Wen.

Then, Su Mo pointed at him, and a Spiritual Sword shot out, penetrating Zhu Wens head.

Zhu Wen had once sent men to kill Su Mo in the Horned-demon Territory. Su Mo would not forget this matter. Since he had discovered the man, he would not hold back.

Everyone trembled when they saw Zhu Wens tragic death. They did not know who Su Mo would kill next, but they were unable to go against him. They could only secretly pray that they would not be killed.

Su Mo did not notice any enemies or old friends after sweeping his eyes through the crowd, and he could not help but sigh.

Where is Murong Wudi? Su Mo asked as he thought of the sect masters disciple who had once battled with him.

Su Mo thought rather highly of Murong Wudi. He had cultivated in the Mountains-weight Skill and was highly talented and powerful.

Murong Wudi died last year when the Cold-blood Hall attacked the Celestialspirit Sect! said someone with trepidation.

Su Mo sighed to himself when he heard that. He had wanted to bring Murong Wudi into the firmament Palace and make him the descendant of the Earth Palace. But who would have thought that he had died!

He wondered if Wu Sheng was dead or alive.

Su Mo asked again, but no one knew who Wu Sheng was. Wu Sheng was no one important, so n.o.body knew him.

Su Mo felt a little lost. His old friends were no longer around, and he could not help but feel sad.

Su Mo sighed and looked at Cai Yun who was in the distance. He said, Miss Cai Yun, I will wait for you here. Go to the Horned-demon Territory and bring the Horned-demon tribe out!

With that, Su Mo began to pack up his spoils. He wanted to keep all the storage rings and divine elixir of those who had died.

Even though these people were not powerful nor rich, there were many of them. Su Mo would naturally not leave them behind.

Cai Yun paused slightly. She still had not recovered from her shock.

She did not react until she had taken several breaths. She looked at Su Mo intently before flying towards the entrance of the Horned-demon Territory.

Sometime later, Su Mo managed to keep all the spoils of the battle. He sat on the ground and shut his eyes and meditated in silence.

Those from the Celestialspirit Sect looked at Su Mo uncertainly. No one dared to leave without Su Mos instructions.

They all looked at Su Mos fine features, lamenting in their hearts.

Su Mo had already shown great talent when he was in the Celestialspirit Sect. But even so, no one expected that he would have accomplished such great achievements in less than two years.

Everyone understood that Su Mos strength was indomitable in the East Continent.

They suppose Su Mo would act against the Cold-blood Hall next and it was doomed.

Even though the Cold-blood Hall had the support of the Netherworld Devil Sect, the Netherworld Devil Sect was far away in the Central Continent. They would not be able to provide aid in time!

Moreover, the experts of the Corpse Hall had leftsince the Cold-blood Hall unified the East Continent.

The Cold-blood Hall would find it hard to resist Su Mo.

Everyone kept thinking, and they all knew that the East Continent was about to undergo a large change once more.

Time pa.s.sed slowly, and Su Mo meditated silently like an old monk.

Cai Yun returned about six hours later, a crowd of those from the Horned-demon tribe following behind her.

At a cursory glance, there was about 100,000 of them. Everyone from the ten major tribes of the Horned-demon tribe had all emerged.

Cai Yun had rescued the tribe easily without the obstruction of the Cold-blood Hall and Celestialspirit Sect.


Cai Yun flew up to Su Mo and stopped in front of him. She looked at him silently.

Moments later, everyone from the Horned-demon tribe arrived one after another.

Greetings, Holy Son.

Jin Li, Huo Tang, w.a.n.g Kun, and the other chieftains of the Horned-demon tribe put their fists together and bowed to Su Mo.

Su Mo had once been captured by Cai Yun in the Horned-demon Territory. That was how they all met Su Mo and also knew of his ident.i.ty.