Warrior's Promise Chapter 381

Warrior's Promise Chapter 381 - How Do You Want to Die?

Chapter 381: How Do You Want to Die?

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Lei Xiao and Chu Zhantian ceased fire on Wenren Tianyis arrival because he was their truly horrible opponent.

After he arrived, he scanned the whole place with a beaming face, then walked straight toward the ancient stone gate and sat down cross-legged.

Wenren Tianyi ignored every one and left a view of his back to the crowd as he began to cultivate.

Su Mo also closed his eyes and began to refine his Genuine Vitality.

Time went by, two hours later, more than 8000 people crowded White Jade Square. Those who did not show up were pretty much failed.

There were 108 domains across the East Continent, and if every domain had managed to open the Firmament Divine Realm, over 10, 800 people should have been there. However, only about 8,000 had arrived, which meant that more than 2,000 had died early.

Suddenly, the water curtain above White Jade Square became turbulent, revealing 10 figures.

All of them wore black robes, led by a youngster with sanguine hair. They were from Cold-blood Hall.

A white-clothed graceful youngster stood near them, arriving at nearly the same time.

The crowds eyes fell on the sanguine-haired youngster because of his eye-catching hair.

Afterward, people ignored him and gazed at the white-clothed youngster nearby.

Although the sanguine-haired youngster was an extraordinary talent, his reputation and strength were far behind the man in white clothes, who was number one on the List of Top 100 Talents of the Cloud Domain, Jiang Taixu.

Of course, this was just the crowds opinion. In Su Mos view, the sanguine-haired youngster was very likely to overpower Jiang Taixu.

Although the sanguine-haired youngster had remarkably restrained his Qi, So Mo felt a torrential current of Blood Qi inside him, which was much more potent than the that of the elders of Gale Island.

"Hes from Cold-blood Hall?"

Su Mo frowned. He had not expected such a powerful talent from Cold-blood Hall.

Now, Jiang Taixu and Cold-blood Hall members had all landed on White Jade Square.

"Well fight next time!"

Jiang Taixu took an in-depth look at the sanguine-haired youngster, strode forth to an empty area and sat cross-legged.

The sanguine-haired young man glimpsed at Jiang Taixu with a dark smirk.

"What? Is Jiang Taixu saying that they had already fought against each other?"

"True! And I think he didnt win!"

"Whats going on? Who is he that he can even compete with Jiang Taixu?"

"His name is Xue Mo, he is only the 10th on the List of Top 100 Talents in the Dark Domain."

The crowd looked at the sanguine-haired youngster in surprise and discussed him. Xue Mo was not famous, and only a small part of the crowd knew him.

Listening to peoples words, the eyes on Xue Mos cold face fixed on Wenren Tianyi, who sat cross-legged in front of the stone gate with his back toward the crowd.

In fact, Xue Mo had traded more than 100 hundred moves with Jiang Taixu and took the advantage. He could have defeated Jiang Taixu in another 30 moves if Firmament Palace did not show up.

Standing behind Xue Mo, Xue Qi scanned the square and found Su Mo sitting cross-legged. Xue Qis eyes shone with a chilling light.

With a mean and ferocious sneer, Xue Qi walked forward and whispered to Xue Mo, pointing at Su Mo.

Xue Mo nodded slightly, turned toward Su Mo and strode ahead.

"Youre Su Mo? How do you want to die?"

Xue Mo went in front of Su Mo and asked with a cold face while looking down at Su Mo.

The crowd was interested in seeing Xue Mo give Su Mo difficulty.

"Whos that kid? He have a beef with Xue Mo or something?"

"Xue Mo is even able to compete with Jiang Taixu. It seems like this kid will die!"

"Haha! That son of a bit*h deserves to die."

"Yeah! Its even better to peel his skin and take his veins! That would vent my hatred!"

Many people had merciful eyes, while many others who had gotten robbed by Su Mo were overjoyed and watching the scene, and waited for Xue Mo to slay Su Mo.

At this moment, all attention, except Wenren Tianyis, was drawn by the scene. Even Jiang Taixu, Lei Xiao, and Chu Zhantian were interested.

Jiang Taixu sized up Su Mo and shook his head. He was almost Xue Mos opponent, then there was Su Mo.

For Xue Mo, killing a creep at Level Seven of the True Spirit Realm was just like pinching an ant.

The ninth princess slightly frowned. Although Su Mo killed those Cold-blood Hall members for himself, he saved her life indirectly. Therefore, she did not wish for Su Mo to die.

However, Chu Yunfeng, who stood beside, her was had a contrary opinion. He coldly sneered with his eyes full of jeer.

"How shall you die?"

Su Mo looked up at Xue Mo, and his face turned grim.

Standing behind him, Han Qianze and the other three had already turned pale.

"Correct! Ill leave you two choices. One, I suck all of your blood and your corpse stay here forever as a mummy."

"Two, Ill crush you and your soul into dregs, and youll never live a second life." Xue Mo said in a dry, casual, voice.


Many people gasped with cold air. "Cold-blood Hall members are tough indeed!"

Hearing this, Su Mo stood up. With a curved mouth, he said, "And what if I dont choose?"

Xue Mo was still expressionless, he nodded and said, "Fine, then Ill give you another choice. Ill maim your cultivation and cut your four limbs, making you into a living corpse!"

Saying this, Xue Mo attacked, striking with his fist toward Su Mo.

The punch had no trick aside from ma.s.sive fist force, which was enough to crush a mountain, with brilliant sanguine fist radiance.

The b.l.o.o.d.y fist was like lightning, traveling toward Su Mos face.

"Its finished!"

"Su Mo will most definitely die!"

Seeing Xue Mos attack, the crowd sighed in their hearts.

A keen glitter flashed in Su Mos eyes, and he also attacked at about the same time.

Being covered with light-gold scale and surrounded by Genuine Vitality, his fist stroke out, piercing the air and meeting the other fist.

In the next moment, two fists met fiercely.


A deep sound made peoples eardrum ring. An extremely rampant Qi wave burst out from the two fists, sweeping more than 1000 meters around.

Han Qianze and the others who stood close to Su Mo was directly blown away by the air blast.