Warrior's Promise Chapter 382

Warrior's Promise Chapter 382 - Su Mo's Strength

Chapter 382: Su Mos Strength

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Su Mo and Xue Mos fists made contact. It was a simple clash of strength.

What Su Mo had was formidable physical strength and Genuine Vitality and cultivation of Lv 7 True Spirit Realm, while Xue Mo had his unreasonably potent power of peak Lv 9 True Spirit Realm.


One stroke was enough to tell the strong and the weak

Su Mo was sent instantly backward more than 200 meters.

"Powerful indeed!"

Su Mo raised his eyebrows. He was astonished, yet not surprised. He estimated that Xue Mos strength was equivalent to a fighter at Lv 1 Enlightenment Realm. The punch he had just made was enough to kill a martial artist at Lv 9 True Spirit Realm, but could not match others.

"What? He survived!"

Seeing Su Mo intact, Xue Mo was quite surprised.

Xue Mos attack could even have killed or hurt a talent at Lv 9 True Spirit Realm, not to mention Su Mo, who was at Lv 7 True Spirit Realm. However, Su Mo was not dead and stayed intact.

It surprised Xue Mo, along with the crowd in the square.

"Dear G.o.d! Why is he so strong? Isnt he at Lv 7 of the True Spirit Realm?"

"Xue Mo was at the Peak of Level Nine of the True Spirit Realm, the same as Chu Zhantian and Lei Xiao!"

"Holy sh*t! Su Mo, as a Lv 7 True Spirit Realm martial artist, can directly take the hit from a Level Nine True Spirit Realm talent! Incredible!"

The crowd was dumbstruck. It was not hard for a talent to fight a martial artist two levels higher, but it was shocking to see a talent fight the other talent two levels higher.

Those who knew Su Mo had different feelings.

Duanmu Ying, Huo Ling, Nie Chong and the others from Hong Domain stared agape. It had never occurred to them that Su Mo could be so powerful!

So did Yuwen Jun, Fang Qingyun, and Li Hai. All of them made a chilled gasp.

Chu Yunfeng looked terrible with unbelievable eyes.

As for the ninth princess, she looked better and worried about Su Mo. Based on the strength he had demonstrated, it would not be easy for Xue Mo to kill him!

Seeing Su Mo take the hit of Xue Mo, Han Qianze and the other three who were blown away by the air blast were overjoyed. They were less surprised than the others because they were well aware of Su Mos incredible strength.

"Elephants Strength Skill!"

Chu Zhantian murmured, and a keen light flashed in his eyes. He easily noticed that it was the Elephants Strength Skill because he had also cultivated it.

Chu Zhantian was not very surprised that Su Mo had also cultivated the Elephants Strength Skill!

Elephants Strength Skill was an ancient Body Refining Skill in Firmament Palace, where Chu Zhantians ancestors within the sect had fetched it.

This meant that the others could also get the scroll for this skill. n.o.body knew how many people had gotten it over the span of time, hence it was not strange to see Su Mo cultivate Elephant Strength Skill.

"A Body Refining Skill. Ive underestimated you!"

Xue Mo was getting serious now. He could tell that Su Mos physical strength had greatly helped him.

"But if you think that you can survive with that level of strength, you might be disappointed!"

Xue Mo sneered coldly. A wave of blood surged over him and then turned into a long saber.

"b.l.o.o.d.y River Cut!"

With a cold voice, he skyrocketed into the sky and brought his long saber down.

The sanguine saber radiance dazzled with the might of splitting heaven and earth, and the surging blood Qi made the crowd chill.

The saber radiance instantly arrived at Su Mos head, and its momentum locked him up.

"Infinite Heaven and Earth!"

Sword glowing, Su Mo wielded his sword upwards.

Su Mo struck with his full strength. He drove the Grand Completion of the 1st stagesword will and his nine Spiritual Spirals to an extreme, and his body was covered with shiny light-gold scales.


The air was split instantly like a piece of cloth, and the brilliant sword radiance met the sanguine saber radiance.


The saber radiance was cut into two pieces and then exploded.

Although it was cut apart, its power was overwhelming, vibrating through Su Mos body and sending him backwards thousands of meters.


Seeing Su Mo survive two moves, Xue Mos eyes turned exceedingly murderous. He rushed toward Su Mo like a sanguine shooting star.

"Youre far from enough to kill me!"

A Sword Martial Soul was looming behind Su Mo, strengthening his sword aura. He then bore down on Xue Mo.

Boom! Boom! Poom! Poom!

With numerous explosions and blasts, the sanguine shooting star and the golden shooting star crashed time and time again at an incredibly fast speed. People could only see two illusions in the sky.

In the blink of an eye, the two had collided dozens of times. Although Su Mo was slightly weaker than Xue Mo, he fought stronger and stronger and kept intact with his tough physical strength.

The crowd was dead silent, staring at the fight in shock. Apparently, both of the twos strength had gone beyond the True Spirit Realm, and were approaching the Enlightenment Realm.

Even Chu Zhantian, Lei Xiao, and Jiang Taixu turned became serious. The strength the two were now demonstrating was no weaker than theirs, especially Xue Mos.

How could Xue Mo be the 10th in Dark Domain! He could even match Wenren Tianyi!

After having crashed for dozens of times, the ancient stone gate at the end of the square suddenly opened at a slow pace, rumbling with huge noise.

The entrance of the Sky-climbing Ladder appeared in front of the crowd.

Wenren Tianyi, who had been sitting at the gate, rose up and rushed into the ladder. In the blink of an eye, he had already climbed more than 300 steps.

"The gate opened. Lets go!"

"Go! Up the Sky-climbing Ladder!"

Seeing the entrance, the crowd stopped watching the fight. They poured onto the Sky-climbing Ladder.

For them, pa.s.sing the test and getting the Legacy was the priority.

Seeing that Su Mo could match Xue Mo, Han Qianze and the other three were relieved and rushed toward the ladder.

In a short time, there were only Su Mo and Xue Mo left in the whole square.


After another collision, the two separated.

"Su Mo, Im letting you go for now. Ill kill you after the test!"

Xue Mo had a somber face. He was extremely saddened after not killing Su Mo even with so many moves.

However, the gate had opened, and he had to give up killing Su Mo.

Moreover, he had a powerful ultimate move which could definitely kill Su Mo after pa.s.sing the test.

"Ill be waiting!"

Su Mo smirked, turned around and rushed toward the ladder.

He did not care about Xue Mos threat because he had so many hidden cards. With his current strength, only experts in the Enlightenment Realm could kill him.