Warrior's Promise Chapter 383

Warrior's Promise Chapter 383 - The Climb

Chapter 383: The Climb

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Sky-climbing Ladder was the first obstacle upon entering Firmament Palace to seek the Legacy.

At this moment, thousands of people flooded onto the Sky-climbing Ladder. Some geniuses were faster and had scaled most of the ladder while some were still at the bottom, struggling to take each step.

Su Mo rushed toward Sky-climbing Ladder, and when he touched the first step, he felt his body tremble. It felt as if the air around him weighed 500 kilograms.

When he reached the second step, he felt the pressure on him increase by a notch, and the pressure continued to increase as he climbed.

However, the pressure was nothing to Su Mo. In the blink of an eye, he dashed up to the 200th step like a gust of wind.

"Hes so fast!" Exclaimed some of the people Su Mo had pa.s.sed.

He continued to climb. At the 200th step, he felt the pressure on his body increase by a factor of ten. At this point it was restricting the Genuine Vitality circulation in his body.

"It can restrict my Genuine Vitality?"

Su Mo was shocked and continued to climb. He reached Wu Sheng, Han Qianze, and the others in no time.

These four people were quite strong and had already reached the 300th step.

"See you later, everyone!" Su Mo said with a chuckle and sped up the steps.

In a couple short seconds, Su Mo had already reached the 400th step.

At that moment, his Genuine Vitality was greatly restricted and was circulating very slowly.

Chu Yunfengs and the ninth princess figures appeared before him.

Su Mo saw the end of the ladder, took a deep breath, and lifted his feet to try to pa.s.s the three people and reach the top.

Chu Yunfeng saw Su Mos speed, and a mocking glint flashed in his eyes.

"Su Mo, dont go too fast! You need to conserve your energy!" A melodious voice chirped. Su Mo turned around.

It was the ninth princess, Hong Qingxuan.

"Why?" Su Mo looked confused. With his strength, even if the pressure on the stairs increased by dozens of times, he would still be fine.

"You wont be able to make it to the 999th step like this!" Hong Qingxuan said, and shook her head lightly, "Sky-climbing Ladders pressure increases the more you climb, and the stronger you are, the more pressure youll feel!"


Su Mo turned to look at the 800th step above in which super geniuses like Wenren Tianyi and Chu Zhantian were struggling so much that they had to rest after every step.

Su Mo raised his brows. He had indeed underestimated the Sky-climbing Ladder.

After some thought, Su Mo said to Hong Qingxuan with a smile, "Thank you for letting me know!"

After this, Su Mo continued to climb. Although he was slightly slower than before, he was still much faster than others.

"Humph! Junior Sister Hong, he didnt pay heed your advice at all! Just ignore this kind of brute!" Chu Yunfeng saw Hong Qingxuan voluntarily help Su Mo, and his eyes glinted darkly.

Hong Qingxuans face was calm, shook her head, and said, "He saved our lives!"

This further enraged Chu Yunfeng.

"He was just trying to steal from us, not save our lives!" Chu Yunfeng said with a dark expression.

Hong Qingxuan just shook her head lightly and didnt say anything else.

Su Mos speed was unmatched, and he only slightly slowed down at the 600th step.

At this moment, Su Mo had pa.s.sed most of the people, and there were only around 100 people in front of him.

They were mostly all experts above Lv 8 True Spirit Realm, besides a few Lv 7 experts.

However, after reaching the 600th step, having a high cultivation was no longer an advantage.

Since his Genuine Vitality was repressed, Su Mo felt as if his nine Spiritual Spirals had been sealed and rendered completely useless.

He also felt as if he was carrying a heavy giant mountain.

However, even if he could not use Genuine Vitality, Su Mo still had great physical strength.

He took a deep breath and continued climbing. He soon reached the 700th step.

On this step, Su Mo felt a terrifying pressure on him. Any regular Lv 7 True Spirit Realm martial artist would explode under this kind of pressure.

Even Su Mo, with his extraordinary physical strength, was starting to struggle.

It was true that the stronger the martial artist, the more pressure he would feel!

At this moment, there were only around 20 people in front of Su Mo. Wenren Tianyi, Chu Zhantian, and Lei Xiao were far ahead and had reached the 900th step. Wenren Tianyi had already reached the 940th step with only around 50 steps from pa.s.sing the obstacle.

After a short break, Su Mo started to make the next step. His foot landed with a heavy and dull sound. It felt as if a giant hammer had smashed onto the ground.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Su Mo slowly walked up, step by step.

He heard footsteps behind him, and turned around to see Xue Mo was catching up to him and was less than 20 steps away.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, are you stuck?" Xue Mo scoffed and sped up to pa.s.s Su Mo.

At this moment, Xue Mos body was surrounded in a faint b.l.o.o.d.y hue, and his expression was much more relaxed than Su Mos.

Su Mo sneered coldly, ignored him, and continued walking.

After a while, when he reached the 800th step, the pressure around him was as heavy as 10,000 mountains. His powerful body started to give out, and his limbs grew numb to the point that it felt like they were filled with lead.

"How terrifying!"

Su Mos face grew serious. This ladder was really challenging. It became more difficult with every step.


With a dull sound, Su Mo made another step.

After resting for a while, he finally stepped again. He needed to rest after every step and slowed down to a tenth of his previous speed.

After a while, a tall figure appeared before him.

Li Hai!

The corner of Su Mos mouth tugged into a smile.

"Ill see how you can escape me on the Sky-climbing Ladder!"

Li Hai heard footsteps and turned around to see Su Mo wearing a wicked smile, and he was instantly terrified.

Su Mo was much more powerful than he was in Skygale Valley and could easily kill him.