Warrior's Promise Chapter 422

Warrior's Promise 558 A Great Joke!
Upon hearing this, Su Mo smiled nonchalantly and said, "How would I know he's so weak? Even if he dies, he can only blame himself for being incompetent!"

"You...!" When Elder Wei heard that, he was speechless. The words used by Su Mo were exactly what Xiang Tianyang had said when he seriously injured Hua Suiyu.

"Ha! You're so ruthless. You'll come to a miserable end one of these days!" Elder Wei snorted and his eyes were filled with killing desire.

Su Mo simply sneered and ignored him. He sighed within himself. Since Elder Wei was around, it would not be possible for him to kill Xiang Tianyang!

Fortunately, he had killed a few men from Holy Sky Peak to avenge Seventh Senior Sister.

When Xiang Tianyang saw that Elder Wei had destroyed the Sword Net, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He had almost died!

Xiang Tianyang looked intently at Su Mo before he returned to the mountain.

There was silence at the nine peaks. After a while, there was a great commotion

"He's too strong!"

"He's so powerful!"

"What is a genius? This is a true genius!"

"Miracle, this is a miracle. His cultivation is at Lv 7 Enlightenment Realm, but he has surpa.s.sed a martial artist who is at Lv 1 True Darkness Realm. His strength is comparable to a Lv 2 martial artist. How can you not call this a miracle!"

The crowd cried out in shock, and the area was extremely noisy. Many of them were so excited as though they were the ones who had such great attainments.

Su Mo attained astounding results today. No geniuses in Celestialspirit Sect or even the enormous Dark Domain had ever reached this level.

"Second Senior Sister, 11th Junior Brother is indeed amazing!" Feng Shaoyu said in a low voice, looking stunned. It took him a long while to calm down.

An Nuan did not say a word. She took a deep breath and gradually calmed down.

"The future of this Junior Brother is beyond imagination. It's possible for him to surpa.s.s Senior Brother!"

Even Hong Qingxuan, who knew Su Mo well, could not hide her shock. She got so excited that her face turned red.

She and Su Mo had the same cultivation and she had thought that their strength was almost on par. After all, she had obtained the inheritance from the Martial Emperor of Firmament Palace. However, it was apparent that she was still far from Su Mo.

Hong Qingxuan wondered if Su Mo had obtained some powerful legacies from Firmament Palace. If not, his combat strength would not have been so powerful!

She vividly remembered that when Su Mo was in Firmament Palace, he had been taken away by the puppets when they found that he had great talent.

Logically speaking, Su Mo must have obtained some legacies, given his talent.

Of course, if this was truly the case, Hong Qingxuan would be happy for him.

Su Mo stood tall and straight. After seeing that no one was going to enter the fighting ring to challenge him, he looked around the nine peaks and said, "Is there anyone who wants to challenge me?"

Su Mo's words silenced the peaks immediately.

The strength that Su Mo had displayed was beyond the peak of the outer sect. There were only a handful of people left who were qualified to challenge him.

Even those past top experts in outer sect might be no match for him.

There was silence on the nine peaks and no one went into the fighting ring to challenge Su Mo.

After a while, some of the disciples turned to look at the camp of Great Heaven Peak and fixed their gaze on an elegant young man.

The young man looked around 16 years old. He had red lips and white teeth, and he looked beautiful. Yes! He was indeed beautiful like a girl with a feminine look.

He was Wan Xingyun, son of the peak master of Great Heaven Peak. He was accepted as the number one expert in outer sect.

When Wan Xingyun saw the people looking at him, he pondered for a while and shook his head. He said, "I'm no match for him!"

Wan Xingyun knew that he was no match for Su Mo as he was only slightly more powerful than Xiang Tianyang.

He would need to use more than 30 strokes to defeat Xiang Tianyang.

However, Su Mo had directly flattened Xiang Tianyang with his strength. Thus, Wan Xingyun could not possibly take Su Mo on!

Wan Xingyun would rather choose not to challenge Su Mo than to disgrace himself.

The crowd was not surprised that w.a.n.g Xingyun had directly admitted defeat, but they still whispered among themselves!

Su Mo was invincible in outer sect!

Hou Jun's face had turned pale. It was apparent that Su Mo would not be killed in the martial arts compet.i.tion. His Senior Brother, Gong Cheng, would probably not dare to challenge Su Mo as well!

Gong Cheng, who was on the mountain, looked fearful. Fortunately, he had not acted rashly. If not, he dared not think of the consequences!

No one challenged Su Mo even after a long while, so he looked toward Holy Sky Peak.

"Is there anyone from Holy Sky Peak who wants to challenge me?" Su Mo asked.

No one from Holy Sky Peak said a word. They looked pale. They felt lousy to be provoked.

However, no matter how lousy they felt, they had to endure. Even Xiang Tianyang had been defeated. Anyone who challenged Su Mo would be courting his own death!

Su Mo frowned when he saw that no one wanted to challenge him.

This was only the fourth round and no one dared to challenge him anymore!

Was this considered as having suppressed the top powers?


However, Su Mo felt that it was still not enough. After all, he had only fought four rounds.

After pondering for a while, Su Mo looked at the men of Holy Sky Peak and shouted, "Those who wish to challenge me can take me on together!"

When the disciples at the nine peaks heard him, they were shocked.

Shortly, there was an uproar at the nine peaks.

"What? Did I hear him correctly?"

"Did Su Mo ask the men of Holy Sky Peak to take him on together?"

"Arrogant! He's too arrogant!"

"He's over-confident!"

"I have thought highly of him as he has created a miracle. I never know he's so arrogant!"

The area was bustling with noise, and everyone looked shocked. Even those who had thought highly of Su Mo shook their head.

"Is he trying to challenge all the disciples of Holy Sky Peak by himself?"

"What a great joke!"

"He must be insane!"

"Su Mo, although you're powerful, it's impossible for you to do it!"

The disciples of Holy Sky Peak were taken aback. Soon, they were fuming with anger.

"Too conceited!"

"Too haughty!"

What Su Mo had just said was not only arrogant, he was also looking down on the disciples of Holy Sky Peak.

Many disciples of Holy Sky Peak had been provoked in an instant!

"This is outrageous!"

"This is so infuriating!"

The disciples of Holy Sky Peak were fuming with anger and they were filled with killing desire.

Elder Wei looked grave and his eyes kept flickering. He secretly calculated and concluded that if 100 disciples were to take Su Mo on, they would definitely be able to kill him.

However, Su Mo was too powerful. If 100 disciples joined forces to kill him, even if they managed to kill him, there would be a large number of casualties.

Moreover, there was still An Nuan. If Su Mo were to meet with any danger, she would definitely help him. It would be impossible to kill Su Mo!