Warrior's Promise Chapter 537

Warrior's Promise 716 Was It Su Mo?
Su Mo went silent after hearing it. "Must I really do that?"

He would not be able to face Hong Qingxuan if he were to ado it! He was undecided.

Although Qian Xunyue was a rare beauty and Su Mo was attracted to her, he could not cross the line, especially under such circ.u.mstances.

"Su Mo, please send me back!" Qing Pingzi said in a low voice. He had provided Su Mo with the solution, and now it was up to him to decide what to do! He believed that Su Mo would make the right choice!


Su Mo nodded. He waved his hand and Qing Pingzi immediately disappeared into the Divine Map.

Su Mo sighed helplessly as he looked at Qian Xunyue.

He had already made up his mind!

He could not possibly let Qian Xunyue die before his eyes. As for Qingxuan, he could only take things as they came!

He did not do it for himself but to save lives.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Su Mo tapped on Qian Xunyue's acupoints to remove the seal and mobilized her.

After Qian Xunyue was free to move around, she immediately went to Su Mo. She was no longer behaving like her normal elegant self. Her face was red and she had lost her mind.

Su Mo no longer pushed her away. In the cave, their relationship soon turned intimate.

After several hours, everything had calmed down.

In the Cave.

Su Mo was perplexed as he looked at Qian Xunyue, who was sleeping soundly in his arms.

She had been saved, but Su Mo would soon be getting himself into trouble!

Qian Xunyue looked calm now, and she was breathing steadily. Her face was still a little red.

Su Mo looked tenderly at the beautiful lady before him.

She was his first woman, but he was not happy at all as they were not willing parties. He felt that the G.o.d of destiny had made fun of them!

After a while, he sighed. Qian Xunyue was influenced by the drug earlier. After she has regained consciousness, will she turn crazy?

Su Mo slowly sat up and covered Qian Xunyue with his clothes.

He stood up after changing to a new set of clothes.

"I hope you'll not blame me!" He sighed again. He then pierced through the rock and left the cave.

He had to leave the place quickly or else he might not be able to do so if Qian Xunyue woke up!

Su Mo would not be so naive to think that she would follow him willingly now that he had slept with her.

It could even be worse. When she woke up, she may have an urge to kill him.

He had to leave quickly and travel as far as he could away from the cave.

After Su Mo had flown out of the cave, he flew across the sky and disappeared in an instant toward the direction of the Central Continent.

Two hours after Su Mo had left, Qian Xunyue, who had been sleeping soundly, started to wake up.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Qian Xunyue slowly opened her eyes.

She was in a daze and had a blank expression on her face. There was no life in her eyes. Her mind was silent.

After more than 10 breaths, she started to have some glow in her face and her mind became clearer.

She turned pale when she found herself naked and only covered with a green robe.


In the next instant, she jumped up and a set of white clothes appeared in the air to cover her up.

Qian Xunyue had now regained consciousness, and the earlier scenes kept replaying in her mind.

She had escaped with Hong Qingxuan from the Talents' Grand Gathering, but Zuoqiu Ting had gone after her. She had not been able to shake him off even though she had tried to run away.

He was like a leech and had followed her closely.

When she was at the Barbaric Mountains, she had fought with Zuoqiu Ting and had held him back so that Qingxuan could escape to the Central Continent.

After that, she had been injured by Zuoqiu Ting and drugged by him!

Qian Xunyue started to recall everything.

Feeling pain in her lower area, her face instantly turned pale.

She knew that she had been raped by Zuoqiu Ting!

She trembled and cried.

Tears kept flowing from her eyes as they continued to wet her face.

She was like a zombie without a soul. She looked pale as she stood on the spot the scene had happened and burst into tears.

This was a great blow to her and she found it hard to accept.

She had kept herself pure by staying away from all men. However, she had been raped. She found it hard to accept!

After a while, she broke the seal in her elixir field.

She flipped her hand over and a teal long sword appeared.

She put the long sword on her neck and was prepared to end her life. She was too ashamed to continue with her life.

She hated her dirty body and wanted to end everything.

Qian Xunyue slowly shut her eyes and was about to kill herself to put an end to everything.

Suddenly, she stopped.

No! It was not Zuoqiu Ting!

She opened her eyes. They suddenly turned sharp and cold.

She indistinctly remembered that after Zuoqiu Ting had immobilized her and left, someone else had come in.

She calmed herself down and started to recall what had happened. Although she had been influenced by the drug, she was still somewhat conscious.

Someone had arrived and taken her away. However, she did not know who it had been as she had totally lost her mind by that point.

Qian Xunyue picked up the green robe on the floor that was had been used to cover her and sensed a familiar aura.

This aura seemed to belong to...Su Mo!

After she had carefully felt the aura on the clothes, Qian Xunyue finally realized whose aura it belonged to!

This was Su Mo's aura!

The clothes belonged to Su Mo, thus he must have been the one who raped her!