Warrior's Promise Chapter 641

Warrior's Promise Chapter 641
Chapter 641: Trouble!

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Everyone in the Arena was certain that Su Mo would die if his opponent was Hai Kun.

Thus, they all rushed to place their bets on Hai Kun.

Even so, there were still three people in the crowd that placed their bets on Su Mo. They were, of course, Li Feng and Hong Qingxuan, and the young man clad in a gold-rimmed purple robe.

A while later, the formation on the fighting ring was activated, and soon the ring was completely covered by the formation air shield.

As soon as the formation was activated, it meant that between Su Mo or Hai Kun, only one would be able to walk out alive.

In the fighting ring, Hai Kun sized up Su Mo, and said coldly, “Count it as bad luck that your opponent is me!”

Su Mo looked indifferent, and he stared quietly at his opponent.

“I love killing geniuses. I wasn't planning to compete today, but now I'm itching for a fight!” Hai Kun smiled contemptuously. He did not take Su Mo even a little seriously.

Su Mo might have displayed his strength in the previous battle, but he was no more than a Peak Lv 2 True Darkness Realm. There would still be a huge gap between them.

“Are you done talking?” Asked Su Mo flatly.

“Why? You can't possibly think that you'd stand a chance against me, do you?” Hai Kun asked with surprised as he saw Su Mo's calm face.

“Then once you're finished talking, you can go ahead and die!” Su Mo replied coldly. His words still echoed as he already punched out with explosive power.


The sound of dragons could be heard everywhere, and the dazzling five-colored fist radiance transformed into a divine dragon, heading straight towards Hai Kun with a loud roar.

It was the Tiger-roaring Dragon Fist!

Su Mo used his Tiger-roaring Dragon Fist for the first time in a while. Although this fistplay was not of a high level, when combined with his Five Elements Dark Force it remained formidable.

The five-colored divine dragon shot toward him like lightning. With a flick of its tail, it appeared right in front of Hai Kun and opened its mouth to bite him.


Hai Kun's eyes widened in shock. His blood froze when he felt the destructive power of the punch. The pressure it exerted made him hair-raising and turned his body to ice.

How could he be so powerful?

Hai Kun was greatly shocked, but he didn't have time to dwell in his thoughts. With a flash of saber radiance, he summoned his black war saber to his hands.

He waved his war saber and the saber radiance soared up and slashed powerfully at the five-colored divine dragon.


The long saber and the five-colored divine dragon collided into each other, and then a shrill, loud scream was heard.


Hai Kun was sent flying together with his war saber, and blood spurted from his mouth.


Hai Kun crashed against the formation air shield, then bounced back, falling heavily onto the fighting ring.

Everyone stared in shock and disbelief at the scene before them.

Hai Kun lay on the fighting ring, his body twitching and blood pouring out from all of his seven acupores.

He twitched for a few breaths, then grew still as the last bit of life ebbed out of him.


Gasps could be heard all around as the crowd reacted in shock.

He was fighting someone one level above him and still managed to kill his opponent instantly?

The crowd was completely stunned, but burst into excited chatter after a moment's silence.

“How can that be? Hai Kun was instakilled!”

“Incredible! Is this guy really of Lv 1 True Darkness Realm cultivation?”

“Damm it! I lost too much!”

A cacophony of voices rose from the spectators stand.

Other than the three who placed their bets on Su Mo, everyone else lost.

After killing Hai Kun, Su Mo walked up to his corpse and took his long saber and storage ring.

Su Mo was not about to let go of anything was worth such a fortune.

Su Mo had attacked the burly man little too violently earlier, and had destroyed his storage ring!

“Lv 3 True Darkness Realm martial artists, would anyone of you like a fight!” Su Mo glanced around again and said in a loud voice.

The Arena fell silent after he issued his challenge, then burst into an uproar.

“Does he still want to continue?”

“He would be fighting people two levels above his cultivation! Scary!”

“He looks familiar. Where have I seen him before?”

“Strange, I feel like I have seen him before too!”

The crowd burst into a surprised chatter.

At the umpire stand, the umpire's faces were all grave.

“Elder Lin, this is another powerful partic.i.p.ant!” Said one middle-aged man to the Martial King Realm elder.

Elder Lin nodded and replied, “We still don't know the limits to his strength yet, let's wait and see!”

Like all the other arenas, Death Arena hated to see those who possessed incredible combat strength.

This was similar to when Su Mo was on a winning streak at the Four Seas Arena in Skymoon Country, when he had forced the arena to send out experts to stop him.

Ultimately, they had failed to stop Su Mo.

However, the Death Arena differed from Four Seas Arena as failure meant death.

Thus, no one would step into the fighting ring unless they were absolutely sure of victory.

At this moment, a young martial artist suddenly yelled from the spectators stand, and his words silenced the Arena.

“I know! He's Su Mo from the List of Top 1,000 Talents!”

Everyone was stunned by his words and they stared at him, eyes wide in shock.

Su Mo?

Su Mo from the List of Top 1,000 Talents?

The genius from Celestialspirit Sect who made the list at a mere Enlightenment Realm cultivation?

The Arena was stunned silent, then burst into uproar yet again.

“No way! Is he really Su Mo?”

“Su Mo made the List of Top 1,000 Talents at only Lv 9 Enlightenment Realm cultivation and has unbelievable combat strength. If this guy is truly him, he would definitely be able to easily instakill an opponent one level above him!”

“Wasn't Su Mo just of Lv 9 Enlightenment Realm cultivation when he made the list? Has he already advanced to True Darkness Realm?”

The audience all stared at Su Mo with surprise and shock.

In the umpire stand, all the umpires of the Arena rose to their feet, frowning.

Death Arena's greatest fear was to have talents from the List of Top 1,000 Talents coming to the Arena to battle. These talents all had incredible combat strength and would cause them to suffer heavy losses.

If he was any other talent on the List of Top 1,000 Talents, the Arena could still find a way to deal with the situation, but this was Su Mo they were dealing with. Su Mo, who was acknowledged as the genius with unparalleled combat strength across East Continent, meaning dealing with him would be quite troublesome!

“Young friend, are you really Su Mo?” Asked Elder Lin gravely.

One could judge the others by their fame and Su Mo was just too famous. If the rumors were to be believed, his combat strength would be more than enough for him to battle martial artists at least six levels above him.

If this was the case, the Arena would lose too much.

Of course, Su Mo's winnings were nothing compared to what they would need to pay out to those who placed their bets on him.

Now that everyone knew of Su Mo's formidable combat strength, they would definitely place their bets on him.

If this was the case, the amount of Spiritual Stones the Arena would have to payout was unimaginable.

“I am!” Su Mo nodded in response. Now that he had been recognized, there was no need to deny it.


Many people were surprised when they heard Su Mo confirm his ident.i.ty. No wonder he was so strong that he could instakill experts one level above him. He truly lived up to his name!

Elder Lin frowned. He really is Su Mo. This would be trouble!