Warrior's Promise Chapter 654

Warrior's Promise Chapter 654
Chapter 654: To Obtain the Demonic Sword, One Must First Enter the Way of Killing

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After chatting for several hours Yin Tianchou left Su Mo's quarters.

Su Mo and his friends returned to their rooms to cultivate.

Su Mo planned to continue his convalescence and restore his essence, qi and spirit. He aimed to regain peak status in the shortest possible time.

Now that Li Feng and Hong Qingxuan had improved their strength, they needed to cultivate in seclusion as well. This would allow them to familiarize themselves with their newfound surge in strength and stabilize their cultivation.

In his room, Su Mo refined his Dark Force with the Nirvana Cultivation Method.

He did not need to do much to restore his essence, qi and spirit, for it would happen naturally.

Another 10 days pa.s.sed, and Su Mo sensed that his essence, qi and spirit were almost fully restored.

He left the room. He saw that Li Feng and Hong Qingxuan were still cultivating, so he decided not to disturb them. He strolled about the Mansion of the City Governor for a while before he left and entered the small square outside.

The Devil Stele stood in the center of the square. A few dozen martial artists were standing around it.

Su Mo thought for a moment and then walked over to the Stele.

He sat cross-legged in front of the Devil Stele and looked into its murky depths.

Since he had a bit of time on his hands, he could try to understand it.

His gaze fixed on the Devil Stele, Su Mo slowly closed his eyes. As his mind reached out to it, the same scene replayed in his mind again.

A figure in black stood proudly in a pitch-black world with endless Devilish Qi.

He had a long sword shining with dazzling sanguine light. With a wave of his long sword, the skies parted, heaven and earth were unrecognizable, and the earth sank.

Not long after, Su Mo left the scene, his face pale.

However, since he was mentally prepared this time, he was not as disheveled as before!

“Demonic Sword, Demonic Qi, Devil Stele, what do all these have in common?” Su Mo muttered to himself. He reached out with his mind and entered the Devil Stele again.

This time, as he carefully sensed every part of the Demonic Sword, a cold, dark, bloodthirsty and violent aura entered his heart.

This aura was the embodiment of evil. It made one feel disgust and fear at the same time.

The demonic sword grew larger and larger in Su Mo's mind, until it became a gigantic sword that could reach the heavens. Su Mo could clearly see the lines engraved on the sword.

It was as if there were countless ghosts screaming, howling and crying!

In an instant, Su Mo suddenly felt like his body was no longer his. His eyes turned pitch-black with a flash of sanguine light, and his body gave off a devilish Qi, scaring the people around the Devil Stele.

“Cackle Cackle Cackle! A potential candidate!” A chilling laugh rose from within Su Mo's heart.

“Who's there?” Su Mo roared in shock.

“To Obtain the Demonic Sword, One Must First Enter the Way of Killing!” a cold voice echoed in his heart.

He withdrew his mind from the Stele.

As he tried to make sense of what had just happened, the Devil Stele in front of him suddenly exploded.

“What's happening?”

“Why did the Devil Stele break apart?”

“Did someone manage to unlock its secret?”

Surprise and confusion were written on the faces of the martial artists in the square.

The next moment, the shattered Devil Stele suddenly transformed into a strong gust of Devilish Qi. It billowed in every direction.

The billowing Devilish Qi turned into a 30 meter tall illusory gate that floated in the sky.

“What is that?”

“Did someone really manage to unlock its secret?”

“It's him!”

Everyone turned to stare in shock at Su Mo, who was still sitting cross-legged on the floor.

Su Mo looked equally surprised, but soon understood.

There was no need to comprehend the Devilish Stele at all. This was the Billion Demonic Sword, or rather Dugu Shang, searching for a descendant!

Those who did not meet the requirements would not be able to unlock its secret even if they tried for 10,000 years. But those who met its requirements did not even need to try.

Since he met the requirements, the secret was unlocked immediately.

It was not just here. The other nine ancient cities of Devilish Land were experiencing the same phenomena.

The Devil Stele was also located in the other nine cities, and all of them exploded together, transforming into a similar gate.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

A huge number of people began to fly toward the square.

The huge floating Devil Gate attracted everyone's attention.

“What's going on?”

“What is that?”

“Where does this gate lead to?”

“Has the secret of the Devil Stele been unlocked?”

In a matter of moments, hundreds of thousands of people had arrived in the square. They all stared in shock at the enormous Devil Gate floating in midair.

These people were of varying cultivations. There were even Martial King Realm experts amongst them.

Li Feng, Hong Qingxuan and Yin Tianchou arrived and reached Su Mo's side.

“Su Mo, what is going on? Have you unlocked the secret to the Devil Stele?” Yin Tianchou asked.

“Yes!” Su Mo nodded. “Then this gate appeared!”

Yin Tianchou's eyes lit up, and he asked, “Where does it lead to?”

Su Mo shook his head. “I'm not sure!”.

Some of the martial artists could not wait any longer and flew straight into the gate, disappearing from sight.

“Let's head inside too!”

“The legacy of Dugu Shang, the Sword Devil, might be inside!”

“Let's head in! Quick! We can't let the others reach the treasure before us!”

People shouted one after another. No one could wait any longer and all rushed into the portal.

The figures of people rushing in kept flashing past as they entered the portal.

The figures of people rushing in kept flashing past as they entered the portal.

A middle-aged man clad in a brocade robe descended from the sky and spoke to Yin Tianchou. “Chou'er, no one knows where this gate leads to, and it might be dangerous inside. You stay here, and I'll head in!”

“Uh…!” Yin Tianchou hesitated, and then said. “Father, let me come with you! I should be alright with you around!”

This man was Yin Tianchou's father, Sky Devil City's governor, Yin Qingyuan.

Yin Qingyuan thought for a moment, then nodded. “Alright!”

Yin Qingyuan was confident in his own abilities, so he did not hesitate. With a wave of his arm, a blast of air swept Yin Tianchou away, and they both entered the portal.

“Su Mo, we should go in too!” Li Feng said hurriedly as he saw more and more martial artists heading toward the portal.

“There's no rush!” Su Mo shook his head, his eyes fixed on the towering Devil Gate.

The words he had heard earlier rang in his head.

“To Obtain the Demonic Sword, One Must First Enter the Way of Killing!”