Warrior's Promise Chapter 703

Warrior's Promise Chapter 703
Chapter 703: Going All Out

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Boom! Boom!

Su Mo's spiritual Qi burst forth like a volcano.

His cultivation had already reached the maximum limit of peak Lv 4 True Darkness Realm and was now just a whisker away from Lv 5 True Darkness Realm.

He was just a whisker away, but this was like a huge gulf that was extremely difficult to breach.

“Su Mo, where do you think you're going!” a harsh voice rang out and a huge blood-red saber Qi sliced across the skies and attacked him from behind.

Xue Tianqiong was slightly faster than Mo Qing and was just 100 kilometers from Su Mo, which meant that Su Mo was within attacking range.


Su Mo dodged the attack as he flew on his Spiritual Sword. Thankfully, there was still some distance between them, which bought him enough time to dodge the attack.

“I must breakthrough as soon as possible!” Su Mo was starting to get worried. At the speed Xue Tianqiong was going at, he would only need 15 mins to get within 5 kilometers of him. Once that happened, Su Mo would no longer be able to dodge his attacks and would need to battle!

Su Mo estimated that he would need to use 70% of his essence, qi and spirit on the Three Secret Techniques if he wanted to defeat Xue Tianqiong.

This would practically cost him his life. It would probably take him more than two months to regain his strength, so Su Mo would not use this method unless absolutely necessary.


Yet another powerful blood-red saber Qi came straight at him and once again, Su Mo dodged the attack.

Su Mo turned to look at Xue Tianqiong and a dim light shot from his eyes toward Xue Tianqiong.

Su Mo had used his Ghostly Magic Sight Martial Soul in a bid to slow Xue Tianqiong down.

Xue Tianqiong's face froze for a moment and his movements slowed down for an instant before he shook himself out of it.

His willpower was naturally very powerful due to his high cultivation, so it would be very difficult for Su Mo to pull him into dreamland.

However, that tiny instant was enough for Su Mo to increase the distance between them by another 150 kilometers.

“Wasn't…wasn't this Junior Brother Xue Chan's martial soul?” Xue Tianqiong wondered uncertainly. As Xue Chan and himself were both top talents from Cold-blood Hall, they often sparred together. He was thus very familiar with the abilities of Xue Chan's martial soul.

The question was, why was Su Mo able to display similar abilities too?

Was Su Mo's martial soul also a Ghostly Magic Sight?

If so, then why did were their auras exactly the same?

The same martial soul with the exact same aura? How was that possible?

Xue Tianqiong just couldn't wrap his head around it. Xue Chan had left the Sect roughly one month ago and had not returned since. No one had heard from him either, so it was likely that he was dead.

Otherwise, how could he not even show up to an important event like the Talents' Grand Gathering?

“Does Su Mo have something to do with Junior Brother Xue Chan's disappearance?” Xue Tianqiong guessed. He increased his speed to its maximum limit as he tore apart and tunneled through s.p.a.ce in pursuit of Su Mo.

“Breakthrough! Breakthrough!” Su Mo urged as he continued fleeing, getting more and more agitated.

He wasn't worried about Xue Tianqiong catching up with him. Even if he did, Xue Tianqiong wouldn”t be able to kill him. However, as long as he was unable to breakthrough, he would not be able to defeat Xue Tianqiong and Mo Qing. If this dragged on until Huangfu Qing returned, it would then be too late for him to escape!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Su Mo continued to speed ahead with Xue Tianqiong following close behind. Mo Qing lagged behind them both since he was slower than Xue Tianqiong.

The trio moved extremely quickly, able to cover of a distance of 50 kilometers in an instant. Now that Su Mo had already used the abilities of the Ghostly Magic Sight once, he wouldn't be able to do so again.

Xue Tianqiong's cultivation was too high and his willpower too strong. Compounded with his understanding of this Ghostly Magic Sight, there was no way he would be able to fall under its influence now that he knew of its existence.

A large mountain range appeared just up ahead, covered in dense forests. The loud growls of beasts could be heard from within. Su Mo immediately headed straight for that mountain range without further thought.

“Why is it so hard to breakthrough?” Su Mo thought helplessly. He had already consumed a large number of spiritual herbs but it still wasn't enough for him to breakthrough.

This could also be attributed to the fact that his cultivation had advanced too quickly recently, which meant that his foundation was not solid enough. Why else would it be so difficult!

“Die!” Xue Tianqiong shouted harshly. He was now within 50 kilometers of Su Mo. He slashed out and a dazzling sanguine light dyed the skies red.

The s.p.a.ce shattered as the saber Qi quickly destroyed everything in its way.

“Oh no!” Su Mo thought in surprise. He barely managed to dodge that attack on his Spiritual Sword.

The saber Qi brushed past Su Mo and its humongous power caused Su Mo's blood to freeze.


The saber Qi hit a tall mountain ahead and that mountain was immediately sliced into two.


Su Mo did not stop. He moved like lightning and streaked above the mountain range.

Snarl! Snarl! Snarl!

This attracted the attention of the beasts within the mountains and they all roared loudly in anger.

“Su Mo, this shall be your grave!” Xue Tianqiong roared loudly. He was slightly faster than Su Mo and was finally within attacking range. HIs body was covered in blood-red aura shot from his body and a sea of blood burst from his body.

“Endless Blood Sea!”

The sea of blood flowed everywhere at incredible speed and the surrounding areas were soon covered in blood.

Su Mo stopped fleeing for he was also covered by the sea of blood. There was nowhere to run.

The sea of blood was like a huge prison cage that trapped him within.

“Su Mo, your blood shall be nutrition for my Endless Blood Sea!” Xue Tianqiong let out a sigh of relief as he walked across the sky. He had finally managed to catch up to Su Mo.

Su Mo turned to stare at Xue Tianqiong. He sighed inwardly. Since there was no running away now, he could only give his all in this battle!


Mo Qing had also caught up with them walled Su Mo between himself and Xue Tianqiong.

“Xue Tianqiong, come at me! Let me have a taste of your strength!” Su Mo roared and immediately used his Three Secret Techniques, extracting 60% of his essence, Qi and spirit.


His Spiritual Spirals swirled and his aura shot up crazily. His hair turned white almost instantaneously.

This was a sign that his essence, Qi and spirit had been greatly depleted.

“Hm?” Xue Tianqiong froze, then laughed coldly. “No matter what kind of hidden card you have, you're still doomed to die today!”

Xue Tianqiong was extremely confident in his abilities. No one below Martial King Realm cultivation was his match!

Not even Wenren Tiandu would be able to defeat him!

He turned to Mo Qing and said, “Junior Brother Mo Qing, you stand guard and prevent him from escaping. I'll kill him myself!”

“Alright!” Mo Qing nodded immediately and flew tens of miles away to stand guard.

“Su Mo, I hope you'd be able to survive this!” Xue Tianqiong laughed coldly and attacked abruptly, slashing out with his saber.

“Blood Wave Cut!”

The sanguine saber radiance flashed and an enormous sanguine saber Qi shot toward the sky with such terrifying power, the s.p.a.ce shattered.

This move was so powerful, it was enough to instakill any martial artist below Martial King Realm.