Way Of The Devil Chapter 223

Chapter 223: Disguise (1)

The halberd had turned a glowing, brilliant raw red. A complicated triangular symbol appeared in its center. That was the symbol of a Divine Weapon or a Devil Blade and signified that the weapon was boosted by the light of a Divine Weapon.

How terrifying was a weapon under the radioactive boost of a Divine Weapon?

Grand Elder soon felt the answer to that question himself.

"Wind Snake Nine Yin Halberd!"

The black-robed man continued spinning the halberd in his hands, summoning gusts of violent winds. Like strands of silk, wind encircled the halberd blade and slashed towards Grand Elder, roaring along the way.

'I can't block this!!' Grand Elder knew that the true power of this strikethe strongest part of Wind Snake Nine Yin Halberd was displayed not when it was delivered, but the moment one tried to block it.

This strike was not intended to hit the person; it was designed to be easily blocked!


Grand Elder leapt backwards with all his strength, balling himself up like a black ball of fur.

"Meaningless." The black-robed man strode forward. Immediately, as if he had teleported, he appeared beside Grand Elder and brought the halberd crashing down in him again.

Left with no recourse, Grand Elder lifted both his arms in a bid to grasp the halberd blade.

But the moment his hands landed on the blade, his pupils shrank.

The halberd turned translucent all of a sudden and went straight past his hands. Then, the speed and force of the blade erupted, crashing down with might that was several times greater than before.


The crimson halberd struck, drawing an arc of blood red in the air.


And then it was caught firmly in midair by a large green bluish hand.

Barely an inch away from Grand Elder's neck, the halberd froze in the air. In the vice grip of that inhuman hand, however that inch was like an unbridgeable chasm.

"Had enough fun yet?" Lu Sheng slowly walked out behind Grand Elder. He pulled his other hand back from the back of Grand Elder's head after knocking him out cold and supported him in his hand.

The other hand grasped the tip of the halberd as if it was holding on to a slender branch. Lightly, Lu Sheng twisted his hand.


Red light erupted from the surface of the halberd. Then it shattered into pieces.


Alarmed, the two black-robed men immediately jumped backwards at the same time.

How could a human resist a weapon boosted by the light of a Divine Weapon bare-handed?!

"It's a Devil!! To think that they've still got Devils!?" The short figure a slight distance away staggered backwards, making no effort to hide the shock and alarm in his voice.

"No... it's just pure physical strength," another black-robed man said. He gazed intently at Lu Sheng. "Sir, regardless of why you have chosen to help this man, the Prime Devil Sect's destruction is inevitable. Once the Meeting begins, it's only a matter of time."

"Rats who hide behind masks in the shadows... talking to you disgusts me." Lu Sheng flicked away the shattered halberd shards in his hand.

"Merely three half-baked Snake realms..." Suddenly, Lu Sheng paused and gazed into the distance.

"Oh, I made a mistake. At least there's one more among you with pretty decent strength." His eyes narrowed and excitement visibly emerged on his face.

"I haven't had any exercise for a long time. Don't disappoint me..."


The three black-robed men quickly dashed off.

But it was too late. The ground underneath Lu Sheng exploded in a web-like pattern under Light Void Force Step Skill's terrifying power. Borrowing the rebounded force, Lu Sheng shot forward at an incredible speed.

He simply lifted up his right arm perpendicular to his body.


One of the black-robed man was rammed into by his arm like a housefly. The other was struck on his back by Lu Sheng and launched forwards like a cannonball, smashing into the short black-robed man in front of him.

All three of them landed on the ground with shattered and broken bones all over. Their flesh had been smashed into pulp and mixed with each other.

Lu Sheng landed lightly on the ground.

All he had used was pure, extreme speed. Nothing else.

Just in his Yin Extreme Mode, he already possessed power equivalent to a Nobleman of the lower three grades in the realm of Snake. With his terrifying physical strength and lethal Ultimate Crimson Nine Furies Skill, it only took one move for him to slay three Snake realm experts.

The moment he landed on the ground, however, a streak of distorted red light came shooting towards him. It was a halberd!

One of the black-robed man took advantage of the moment when he landed and seized the opportunity to stab his halberd at him at full strength. It was the same secret art that he had used earlier.

"Looks like some sort of secret art to increase speed and power." Lu Sheng reached out and grabbed at the halberd. But the halberd blade went translucent again and passed through his arm. Then, it materialized again and struck Lu Sheng squarely in the chest.


The halberd blade collided into Lu Sheng's chest.

"Do you know chickens?" Lu Sheng smiled as he lifted up his head and stared at the black-robed man a few steps away from him. "It makes no difference whether it's one chicken, or three chickens when you're up against them."


Lightning-quick, he gripped the black-robed man's neck.

"Like a chicken, your halberd's soft and weak."


The black-robed man released the halberd and attempted with all his might to wrestle free of Lu Sheng's clutch. But the difference in strength was so wide that he could not even cause that steel-like arm to budge.

He sensed the blood all over his body burning, boiling, scorching, as if a furnace of intense heat was burning under him.

Apart from a tear in Lu Sheng's robes on his chest, he did not even managed to leave a scratch on his skin.

"So these are the kind of good-for-nothings who have disturbed my vacation?" Holding onto the black-robed man and dragging him along on the ground, Lu Sheng slowly walked towards the two other black-robed men who were struggling and crawling up.

"Haven't you noticed? I'm also in the lower three grades. We're of the same level. So why are you so weak?" Lu Sheng lifted up the man in his clutch and injected the Ultimate Crimson Nine Furies Skill into him.


The black-robed man screamed in pain. Black membrane flickered in a frenzy all over him, trying to block the invasion of the Ultimate Crimson Nine Furies Skill. But with his thousand years' worth of cultivation, Lu Sheng possessed immense inner force. The horrific Yang-attribute inner force riddled his black membrane with countless holes in no time at all, then gushed madly into him.

"You... you're a monster!!" Another black-robed man was trembling all over. He clutched on to his halberd tightly but was backing away subconsciously.

"That's just because you're too weak." Lu Sheng dropped the black-robed man in his hand. Instantly, he lit up in flames, writhing and crawling in anguish in the scarlet flames.

Lu Sheng was very disappointed. These invaders were too slow and weak compared to him. The damage they inflicted was extremely weak too.

As another Snake realm expert, even Chao Long could take five of them together.

Apart from the powerful defense and recuperative ability all Snake realm experts should have, they had no other powers at all.

Perhaps they could pose a threat to others. But before him, their defense was a paper shield. And as for their recuperative ability, the Ultimate Crimson Nine Furies Skill was the hex of the recuperative ability all Nobleman bloodlines.

That was the reason why the two of them had been defeated so quickly.

"Oh, I was wrong. You two seem to coordinate well with each other. But the end result's the same." Lu Sheng stared at the two people before him who had lost their will to fight. Instantly, his interest died.

What he yearned for was an evenly matched fight to the death! He wanted to lose himself in battle!!

Not such meaningless trampling.

"Forget it. I'll end it soon. You're so weak you don't even qualify to watch my fight."

Right after his words ended, the ground under Lu Sheng exploded. He appeared beside another black-robed man in an instant and his right palm swung upwards.


A black glow lit up around the black-robed man. Messy symbols glowed all over his body, seemingly imbuing him with defense.

But Lu Sheng's force was simply too great. A palm strike like that carried with it the force of a mountain.

All the glowing symbols exploded and shattered. The black-robed man froze in his spot, unable to move.

Lu Sheng landed lightly behind him. In his hand was that short black-robed man from previously.

He tried to run but was scared out of his wits when Lu Sheng's hand reached for him.

"Don't... don't kill me! I'm the sect master of the Nine Bells SectHong Qing!!" the short figure shouted.

"The Nine Bells Sect?" Lu Sheng paused.


The black-robed man who had been struck by Lu Sheng's palm earlier suddenly split from top to toe into two halves. Then, he lit up in flames and was reduced to ashes in no time.

"You look like you could be useful." Lu Sheng attempted to inject Aquarius Qi into him.

Hong Qing dropped all resistance and cooperated by deactivating all defense in his body, allowing Aquarius Qi to enter and swiftly form a complicated Yin Crane Web in him.

Under Lu Sheng's continuous stream on inner Qi, Yin Crane Web swiftly adhered itself tightly with Hong Qing's flesh and bones.

But when Lu Sheng thought of the recuperative abilities of a Snake realm expert and the possibility of regenerating more than half of the body's flesh even when it was destroyed, Lu Sheng secretly injected some of the Ultimate Crimson Nine Furies Skill's Qi as well.

Because Hong Qing cultivated no inner Qi, the Ultimate Crimson Nine Furies Skill's Qi would circulate by itself in Yin Crane Web and quickly grow stronger and stronger.

As long as his loyalty was in question, Lu Sheng could activate the Ultimate Crimson Nine Furies inner Qi in him at will and burn him alive from within any moment.

Although the black membrane of a Snake realm could condense into the form of snakes and provided very strong defense, most of it was against external threats. It could not do much about threats from within the body.

"There's still one of you, isn't there?" Lu Sheng asked casually.

"In... in reply to my lord, three Wandering Gods came with us. You've killed two. There's still one. He's actually the strongest. He's one of the top three bosses among the Wandering Gods," Hong Qing hurriedly replied.

"And then?" Lu Sheng glanced at Grand Elder who lay on the ground. He was actually thinking of going to finish off that guy who seemed pretty powerful. Who knew? Maybe he could even get some exercise in Yang Extreme Mode.

But now he had to worry that someone would finish off his teacher if he left.

"These two were sect masters as well?" he asked.

There were no nobodies among Snake realm experts.

"Yes. They're the sect masters of the Queen Flag Sect," Hong Qing replied softly.

Lu Sheng was surprised. He had not expected that these two would really be sect masters.

This Hundred Lineages was getting interested.

He gazed into the distance in a particular direction. An aura completely alien to the Prime Devil Sect was emanating from that direction, as obvious as a bonfire in the middle of night.

With his acute senses, any change in his surroundings would be picked up clearly immediately. Naturally, he detected that alien energy immediately.

"I should show up with a gift."

Lu Sheng pulled out a halberd from the ground.


The black-robed man walked along the Prime Devil Sect's main path. Every now and then, he would pass by symbols of uneven size on the steep rock walls on both his sides.

In his current position, he could see his disciples exchanging blows with He Xiangzi. They were all his direct disciples, whom he had taken with him to give them some exposure and training.

As for the two other Wandering Gods, he did not like being with them. he was too powerful. Much more powerful than them. Just by standing with others, he would inadvertently exert pressure on them.

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