Way Of The Devil Chapter 245

Chapter 245: Clean Up (2)

'And... that's a Great Demon, right? A horror so terrifying that just its Heartbeat Resonance can render Elder Brother Fang defenseless!? And it was just barely defending against Lu Sheng?!'

What kind of power was this...?

Zhan Hongsheng suddenly thought about how she'd mocked and ridiculed Lu Sheng in the past. Now that she thought about it, she immediately blanked out. The anxiety and fear that she felt in her heart were incomparable.

Had Lu Sheng retaliated in secret back then... She was too scared to keep thinking about it.


At this time, the snake demon spurted out blood from all seven openings on its head[1], barely managing to pull itself away from Lu Sheng's control and tumbling onto the ground not far away.

It was just that for the reverse sneak attack just then, his defense wasn't as strong as Lu Sheng, so he had to take his palm strike head-on.

The frightening palm force along with a huge amount of Devil Qi and an incomparable burning sensation poured into his body. At this time, all of his tissues, nerves, and internal organs were being brutally damaged.

Even considering his Great Demon-level regenerative capabilities, it still wasn't able to keep up.

All it took was a single move, and his body received severe injuries.

With a plop, the snake demon fell down on a knee, lowered his head, and spat out a large mouthful of reddish-purple blood mixed with water. When the blood landed on the grassy ground, the grass was immediately corroded, giving off a black smoke. A bit of heat seemed to have been added too as pieces of the grass quickly burned, drying out and becoming black ash.

"Oh?" Lu Sheng swung his battering ram-like huge tail, slowly took a step with his legs that were so sturdy they looked obese, and looked at the Snake Demon as if he was seeing something rare and strange.

"In this situation, earlier, I indeed held back. And yet you still managed to block a palm strike of mine?" At this time, when compared to the Snake Demon, his body was easily over three times as long.

When compared, the one that seemed more like a Great Demon was Lu Sheng.

"What... exactly are you!?" The Snake Demon panted heavily, rapidly pressing one of the scales on his right arm.

Suddenly, purple symbols appeared one by one on his body and formed a bloodstain, almost like a tattoo that could be seen through fish scales.

Only when this tattoo showed through did the Snake Demon force himself up, suppressing his injuries from just a moment ago.

"Me?" Lu Sheng stomped on the ground. When he took a step with his two hooves that looked like elephant legs, he gave off a terrifying thud upon impact. He was gradually approaching the Snake Demon.

"I'm a human, can't you tell?" he said as if it should've been obvious.

The corners of the Snake Demon's eyes twitched.

Which f*cking part of his body looked human??

Was it the two legs that were even thicker than those of an elephant? Or rather, was it the giant tail that might as well have been a battering ram? Or was it his teeth, which were close to the same size as an alligator's?

"Alright, we've dragged this on for too long. If you say what the purpose for disguising yourself was, I can kill you in a less painful way," Lu Sheng said, wanting to cut to the chase.

To be honest, all the power and speed in the world wouldn't even be able to compete with him. In front of him, everything was just like trash.

He just needed to destroy their body, then pour his Qi into them. No matter how good their regenerative abilities were, they'd all die in the end. If he ran out of Qi, he just needed to keep destroying their body until his Qi replenished.

"My goal... I see, it looks like it was you who took care of the Wandering God." The Snake Demon suddenly realized what had happened.

The purple tattoo on his body became brighter and brighter as if it was going to start dripping blood. Also, his body started to slowly expand, becoming larger and larger.

"Did you think you had me cornered? If it wasn't for me restraining my own power just now to disguise myself, I wouldn't have lost." The Snake Demon laughed grimly, suddenly opening his mouth and spitting out a mouthful of red Qi.

That was the Ultimate Crimson Nine Furies Skill inner Qi and Devil Qi mixture that Lu Sheng had hit into his body.

"Also, earlier, I only used a third of my power. Since I've found the actual person, then today I'll completely dispose of you!"

The Snake Demon's body suddenly began to transform violently. His two legs in his human form abruptly fused together to become a thick and bulky pitch-black python tail.

His tail grew quickly, coils growing out one at a time. Very quickly, the Snake Demon became a giant python at least ten meters long.


The thick snake tail slammed down loudly towards Lu Sheng with the speed and force of an artillery shell, carrying a dull whistle with it as it went through the air.

"Dumbass!" Lu Sheng split his large mouth open into a nasty grin. "You used a third of your power, but as for me just now, I didn't use any power at all..."

He pulled back his right arm, which started to swell and expand as if there was an extra ball of muscle growing inside, giving off the rumbling sound of thunder with its dull tremors of muscles and blood.

That ball suddenly flowed from his arm into his palm. Then, Lu Sheng used his right palm to strike with a loud sound.

His palm and the snake's tail collided head-on.


When the two monstrous forces struck each other, an invisible disc of a sonic boom exploded from the source of impact. All the horse carriages around them cracked. The horses that were rigid and motionless all began to bleed from all their apertures, their eyeballs exploding into a bloody mist one by one.

The Snake Demon only managed to last two breaths before bursting open, a bloody mist covering his whole body. He howled loudly in pain.

Going up along the vertebrae of his tail, a terrifyingly large power poured in like an incoming tide, in a flash squeezing and rupturing all of his internal organs and flesh.

The gray-white demon power of the Middle Three Grades began to emerge, quickly healing his injuries. This demon power also seemed to carry a strong corrosive property, burning skin on Lu Sheng's hands so bad they wouldn't stop sizzling.

But this was completely useless. At this rate of corrosion, it still might not be able to burn through Lu Sheng's skin even after three days.

There was nothing fancy about it this time. All it was was a terrifying amount of power that was accompanied with a strong tremor and squeezing force.

A large part of the Snake Demon's tail suddenly burst open, turning into countless pieces of ground meat and blood that flew through the air, splashing everywhere.


The Snake Demon gave off an inhumane howl and was thrown a long distance, knocking over a carriage and stopping just before the edge of the silver thread.

His body seemed to have hit something outside the silver thread and was knocked back in by something hard.

Lu Sheng took slow, heavy steps over in his direction.

This was only his normal form, but he used a bit of the Yang Extreme Mode earlier on his arm, completely deciding the match with just that. He hadn't said anything incorrectusing his normal amount of power was just displaying his normal abilities, about the same as merely raising his arms to eat.

Where he was really strong was his Yang Extreme Mode, which was a combination of the combination of Yin and Yang with a liquid Qi explosion. Compared with those, the him right now truly didn't use any of his power at all.

"Speaking of which, your power isn't bad. At least you're the first to manage to stall against me using just your body." Lu Sheng calmly shook his tail lightly, almost like how a lion messed with its prey.

"You... you bastard...!!" The Snake Demon struggled to straighten his body, both of his arms supporting his upper body as he kept staring viciously at Lu Sheng.

"Do you not accept defeat?" Lu Sheng asked in response.

"Of course he doesn't." Another voice came out from behind Lu Sheng. It had a similar tone as the Snake Demon, but it was deeper and more resounding.

"Because had he not been put at a disadvantage from that palm strike at the start, he totally could have been even stronger." Another Snake-headed human-bodied Great Demon once again came out from behind Lu Sheng.

"Older Brother, be careful! This guy's not normal!" the previous Snake Demon hurriedly warned.

"Look after yourself." The other Snake Demon secretly gave his younger brother a glance, signaling him to retreat. They already figured out who the culprit was, so if they managed to return safely, then it would be a big victory.

A reason why he came was also to cover for his younger brother so that he could successfully retreat. Based on the power demonstrated by the opponent just now, if his younger brother wanted to escape on his own, it would be extremely difficult.

Lu Sheng stood between the two Snake Demons, but neither of them dared to move. From just the aura that Lu Sheng gave off naturally, it was already far past what they could imagine. Devil Qi and a different kind of well-known Qi mixed together formed an indescribable power.

"Have you made up your minds?" Lu Sheng said suddenly.

"??" The two Snake Demons stared wide-eyed at Lu Sheng, not understanding what he meant.

"Have you made up your minds on how you want to die?" Before Lu Sheng had finished speaking, his body swiftly flashed. Surprisingly, his over-three-meter-long body moved like a bolt of lightning, disappearing from where he was standing.

When he reappeared, he was already in front of the younger Snake Demon, claws headed towards his head.

"Don't even think about it!" The older Snake Demon rushed over, opening his mouth and firing several red shadows towards Lu Sheng's back.


The red shadows were caught by Lu Sheng with just a turn of his hand. He used a little bit of strength and flung them.

"Confusion Yang Head!" Surprisingly, the head of older Snake Demon completely separated from his body, flying towards Lu Sheng. A new head grew out from his body, his tail curling up as he then started running to his younger brother.

The two Snake Demons were very fast. As they were Great Demons of the Middle Three Grades, their speed was naturally far from comparable to normal humans'.

In the blink of an eye, they traveled tens of meters, rushing to a faraway place.

But Lu Sheng was faster than them.

The Clear Void Earth Stomp Technique gave him a terrifyingly fast speed boost when going in a straight line. In only a single breath, he, who could pinch a snake head hard enough to make it explode, cut off the escape route of the two Snake Demons.

His giant tail pounded down with a bang.


The two Snake Demons stuck out their hands at the same time in a bid to resist. Lu Sheng was too fast, they didn't have enough time to dodge at all and could only try to resist.


With the sound of a bone fracture, the Python Demons that relied on their physique had finally come across their nemesis. All of their secret techniques were used to improve their physique, but when they came across someone with an even stronger body like Lu Sheng, they couldn't do much about it.

In the past, it was always them who used their bodies to crush other people, and now it was their first time being crushed by someone else.

Both Snake Demons rolled on the ground at the same time; half of their bodies were slammed on the ground and they were unable to get up.

Lu Sheng's giant tail pounded the ground, leaving a four or five meter deep ditch in it. Both sides of the ditch were split with cracks, covering a large area.

The older Snake Demon spat out a mouthful of blood. His eyes suddenly became blood-red; his right claw quickly turned red and he suddenly rushed towards Lu Sheng.

However, all Lu Sheng needed to stop him was to pinch him.

"Oh? A poison sorcery?" Lu Sheng took a look at the red mist that continuously encircled the claw.


To think that he'd tear off a Snake Demon's entire arm!

"It's over." As Lu Sheng brought his other hand towards the two Snake Demons, a red and a black smoke[2] came out from his open palm and began to whirl around, ferociously restraining the two.


The black and red smoke suddenly exploded, completely covering the Snake Demons and an additional ten or some meters around them.

"No!!!" The Snake Demons' painful howling could be vaguely heard, but very quickly became fainter and fainter, gradually fading away.

After about ten breaths, the black-red fog dissipated, with nothing remaining in its place. The grass just became slightly black.

Lu Sheng also returned to his human body shape. To tell the truth, both Snake Demons were actually fairly strong, it was just a shame that they came across Lu Sheng.

Maybe if it was a Great Demon that used a different type of sorcery, it might've survived for a little longer. But what he met were two Snake Demons that only knew how to fight with brute force.

Lu Sheng completely displayed his greatest strength, quickly and easily taking care of the two Demons.


Suddenly, Lu Sheng stared at the ground. On the ground was a light blue gemstone ring, giving off a strong divine aura.