Way Of The Devil Chapter 261

Chapter 261: Banquet (4)

"Red Pavilion? What do you mean?" Lu Sheng asked, confused.

"There are a lot of young and beautiful girls here from my Shangyang Family. Once you enter, it's a completely secluded environment. You can enjoy any girl you meet. It doesn't matter what their position is, how they look or acteverything is yours for the taking." Peipei smiled. "Whether it's a mistress, a girl, a servant, a cook, or a sister or daughter, it's all yours. The time limit is one night."

Lu Sheng frowned slightly.

"They're all from the Shangyang Family?"

"Yes, they're all former convicts within the family. They made a mistake, so they need to punished. Should you impregnate them, it'll be their best way to leave this miserable life." Peipei's smile didn't match the cruel words that came out of her mouth. "Inside this Red Pavilion is a huge mansion. Everyone you meet inside will be female, and they're all pretty. When there's no one inside, they live a normal and regular life. Only at special times will their memories about the Red Pavilion be restored so as to give you a better experience. I'm sure you'll like it."

This was indeed a heavenly place.

But once Lu Sheng remembered that this Red Pavilion must have welcomed people before him, he was disgusted. And there was definitely more than one place like this.

"Is there a way to change the gift that I receive?" he asked in a low voice.

"I'm sorry" Peipei shook her head. "But if you're not interested, you can go to the center of the Red Pavilion. There, you'll find some medication good for the body. Even if you're not interested in anything else, the medicines there can help you a lot."

Peipei had already said so much, and Lu Sheng was also a little curious as to what this Red Pavillon was like. So he didn't push it off anymore.

Peipei took Lu Sheng to a cave deep in the woods. She conversed with the guard for a bit, then led him into the cave and walked down the steps.

Seemingly able to read Lu Sheng's thoughts, Peipei laughed.

"Don't think that we are too cruel. All of the girls' memories have been altered, and they think they live in a girls' kingdom, and their beauty will remain without any care or products. Only when you walk in and touch them will a small part of their memory be awakened, and they'll listen to you completely.

In addition, other than the Red Pavilion, there is also a corresponding Blue Pavilion. If you have some friends of the other sex that are interested and can be valued by the family, it's also possible to open up the Blue Pavilion for them."

"What about the other families? Do they have similar things?"

Lu Sheng couldn't resist asking.

"Of course. We're not even the worst, considering how we only picking girls from inside our family. But, some other families don't care about this. I've heard that one opened an underground city and called it Ecstasy City, specially made for breeding purposes," Peipei exclaimed. "I can't imagine such a scene."

And Lu Sheng finally understood why the Nine Great Families of the Central Plains had so many more people than the other Noble families.

These methods of imprisoning their own blood like pigs couldn't even be called cruel anymore; they were inhumane.

In order to give birth to strong disciples with a powerful bloodline, these Noble families' leaders were willing to do anything.

As for whether the descendants were really of the family or not, who cared? Maybe they were just normal people who got the radiation from the Divine Weapon, or maybe they were pretty prisoners of war. But as long as they could produce offspring, they were incorporated into the Noble family. Children born into families like this had to have very twisted and abnormal personalities.

This was the first time Lu Sheng personally realized how cruel and cold-blooded this world was.

He thought back to Shangyang Jiuli and Shangyang Fei. They couldn't have been born this way. The Nine Great Families of the Central Plains had to have another breeding method for people in the ruling class.

'That means, in the Nine Great Families of the Central Plains, there are two completely different levels.' Lu Sheng understood.

He followed Peipei to the end of the tunnel, to a heavy black stone door.

"Not flowers not leaves not passion, it's love it's care it's life," she chanted under her breath.

The stone door trembled, and a faint light flashed. Then it made a clicking sound.

Peipei reached out and pushed gently. The stone door immediately opened, revealing a row of bright and roomy houses.

Made with red wood and covered in red paint, with black pillars and black stones, people were constantly moving within the mansion. And all of them were pretty girls with good figures.

There weren't even elderly people, the oldest being around thirty. All of the girls had soft and smooth skin, doing their own things quietly as if they couldn't see Lu Sheng and Peipei at all.

"This mansion is the Red Pavilion. They can't see us unless you touch them. Then their memories will be awakened and they'll be able to see us," Peipei explained. "This place is completely isolated and no one can come and check. There are five Divine Weapon Pools around it, and the power they emit naturally completely surrounds this place. Even Divine Weapon Masters can't try to look into here without alerting our Shangyang Family, so you don't have to worry about anything."

Lu Sheng nodded.

"Where's the stuff?"

"It's at the center of this mansion. Right, once you start enjoying the Red Pavilion, you can only leave after one night. Please remember that," Peipei added.

This was literally a brothel. Lu Sheng shook his head. He wasn't interested in this at all. He didn't want to play such games when a great disaster was about to come.

"Wait for me a bit, I'll be out in a second."

Without waiting for Peipei's reply, Lu Sheng strode forward and floated into the air, flying directly over the mansion's wall and landing on the artificial rocks in the middle of the mansion.

On the artificial rock hung a bag that was filled to the brim.

Lu Sheng looked at the bag, then grabbed it and flew back.

Peipei watched him in surprise as he jumped back and forth. She couldn't quite believe that there was someone who could, as a man, resist such temptation. Hey, inside this Red Pavilion were hundreds of beautiful girls, each with a different figure and age. Yet he had no interest at all.

"Let's go." Lu Sheng didn't wait for Peipei to say anything before walking back through the stone door.

Shangyang Peipei started, then seemed to remember something. She had met such visitors before. Usually they had a strong desire for possession, and didn't like using stuff that others had used before.

With such visitors, they needed another plan.

She thought of her father's second mistress' sister. She had made a huge mistake, so maybe this was a chance She needed to introduce her to this Mister Lu.

The two returned to the surface without wasting any time.

"Well, I understand what Mister Lu now." Peipei smiled. "Since you're not interested in the Red Pavillon, then today"

"You're Lu Sheng?" As the two were talking, another voice sounded outside the cave. It was a man.

As the other person walked closer, Lu Sheng and Peipei finally saw what he looked like.

It was handsome young man with a tall forehead and deep, intelligent eyes. He led a multitude of other young handsome men who held fans in their hands as they followed behind him. They had an air of nobility and wealth about them.

"It's Mister Kanyun." Peipei smiled and curtsied.

"Ah, so it's Peipei. Whom are you taking to the Red Pavilion this time?" Although Shangyang Kanyun was talking to Peipei, his eyes never left Lu Sheng.

Ever since news of Shangyang Ruo almost marrying Lu Sheng spread, he had become the laughingstock of everyone within the circle of the Shangyang Family.

His other friends, who were also sons of the Iron Brush Judge, all joked that this was due to a hatred for his wife. Shangyang Kanyun was also furious and extremely frustrated. Shangyang Ruo's grandfather actually thought a poor farmer from the Northern Territories was better than him! What the heck!

He needed to prove that he was better in the quickest way possible. And the best was to find Lu Sheng and beat him.

And if he wasn't strong enough, then he'd find someone strong enough. Wasn't a person's familial background part of their strength?

So when he heard that Lu Sheng had come to the Wisdom Garden, he brought his people and hurried over. After asking around, he finally caught up to Lu Sheng as he was about to leave the Red Pavilion.

"You are?" Lu Sheng didn't recognize the other person at all.

Shangyang Kanyun remained expressionless. "I'm Shangyang Kanyun. I'm sure you remember me."

"Shangyang Kanyun?' Lu Sheng's face was blank. "I don't think we've met?" The other person looked to be in a fury, and he really couldn't remember when he made such a person mad.

Once he said this, he saw Shangyang Kanyun's face turn beet red as if he was about to explode.

"Someone like you isn't good enough for Ruoruo! I'm warning you, don't have such thoughts anymore! And you even got Shangyang Jiuli to speak on your behalf. Even for me, Shangyang Kanyun, this is the first time I've seen someone so shameless!!" Shangyang Kanyun yelled, his hands balled into fists, his eyes almost spitting fire.

"Ruoruo?" Lu Sheng was still confused. "Who? I think you might have mistook me for someone else," he replied politely.

"You!" Shangyang Kanyun went ballistic. This person still pretended to not know anything.

Unable to resist anymore, he shouted, "Uncle Wang!!"

From the dark, a shadow flashed and shot silently towards Lu Sheng from behind.

The shadow sighed internally. If the young master hadn't called out his name, this blow would have made much more of an impact. But

But even though the essence of surprise was gone, it should still be enough to take care of a five vein sect disciple.


The shadow's crinkled hand seemed to slip and hit the air.

He opened his eyes, confused as to what just happened. Lu Sheng was standing right in front of him and he hit Lu Sheng right in the back, but for some reason, he somehow missed.

"Again!" He quickly started his secret art, his two arms stabbing towards Lu Sheng's back from unimaginable angles.


This time he hit right on the dot, but Lu Sheng seemed like a hallucination. He was right in front of him, but he couldn't feel anything when he hit him.

"Uh" Uncle Wang felt a shiver in his heart, and started using both his hands and feet. Within a moment, he had landed over ten blows on Lu Sheng.

In the woods.

"Uncle Wang! Uncle Wang?!" Shangyan Kanyun shouted.

Lu Sheng turned his head to look behind him, where an elderly man dressed in black was crazily punching a stalk of bamboo.

"I think you should take him to the doctor." He pointed to his own head. "He just may have some problems up here."

Shangyang Kanyun had never been so embarrassed and furious. His whole body was shaking.

But Uncle Wang seemed like he was in a trance, furiously punching a stalk of bamboo. His target, Lu Sheng, was standing right next to him, but it was like he couldn't see him.

"Okay, let's go." Lu Sheng shook his head. Honestly, he didn't even do anything. All he did was let out a tiny bit of the Snake of Jealousy's mind-confusing force field. He didn't expect it to be so strong. Of course, he wasn't about to tell it anyone here.