Way Of The Devil Chapter 263

Chapter 263: Situation (2)

The ground was a messgrassland destroyed, hills flattened, blood everywhere on the ground.

The red light ignited by the fire in the distance made this area look more bloody.

The Painter put Sun Meng aside and looked at the bloody wound on his arm.

"Pretty good," he praised him. "If you were facing another person, then you might have a chance to win. But you encountered me."

On the grass, Sun Meng's arm was torn off, and he was half-squatting on the ground, covered in blood.

Yinzi fell down on the ground and no one knew if she was alive or dead. Only a few pieces of the broken white whip were scattered on the ground.

Li Shunxi held his chest with his hands and kept vomiting blood from his mouth. It looked like he was hurt badly.

"Is it solved? Zhong Yu." Several people came out from the dark; their leader was wearing the same costume as the Painter. And he turned out to be a Painter as well.

"Almost done, last one left," said the man known as Zhong Yu. "I haven't done it for a long time, and I've been hurt by them. Boss, are you going to give me some money for medicine?" He lifted up the arm, trying to show it to the Boss.

The leader looked at him coldly.

"Take them away, the male will be thrown into Lanting, and the woman will be thrown into the red pavilion."

"Can you wait a little longer? Captain Rong?"

Suddenly there was a man and a woman in the shadows not far away. It was the pretty woman who was wearing a long gauze dress that talked just now.

The leader recognized her identity at a glance.

Shangyang Peipei, the famous social flower in the family who had a lot to do with many famous people.

"Ah, it's Miss Peipei. We have caught several suspects here. It is likely that one of them is the key perpetrator behind the fire. We are going to take them back and interrogate. If you are tired, you can go to the conference building to rest."

The leader looked at the man next to Shangyang Peipei. He didn't know this person, but his eyes were on the suspects on the ground since he showed up.

"These people should not be suspects, let them go this time. It is just a few small thieves, how could I let you do this?" Shangyang Peipei smiled and tried to persuade him.

"I'm afraid not. If Miss Peipei asked me on a regular day, then of course I would say yes, but right now is an extraordinary period," Shangyang Rong faintly said, disagreeing with Shangyang Peipei.

"Captain Rong!" Peipei's eyes turned. "Not long ago, I was drinking with Mr. Liushang. They also mentioned that Captain Rong was upright, one of the rare talented leaders among the Painters. And today, sure enough...."

"You don't have to take Shangyang Liushang to suppress me," Shangyang Rong said. "I do things my own way. Miss Peipei, it is better to go out to spend more time with the guests; it is not a good thing to intervene in my things."

"You!!" Shangyang Peipei's eyebrows twisted and she was still eager to say anything, but she was stopped by Lu Sheng on the side.

"I am Lu Sheng, under Shangyang Jiuli." Lu Sheng's voice was low. "Let's fight."

He slowly stood up and the fire shone on him, illuminating the strong muscles on his body.

"Do you need me to tie my hands together?"

Shangyang Rong's face turned red; he was the leader of the five Painters and no one had even challenged him like this.

This was shame! Shame!!!

Not only him, but several of his subordinates behind the Painteras well as Shangyang Zhongyuall became red on their faces as well; their black membrane surging, ready to fight anytime.

Unlike their anger, Li Shunxi was shocked and happy at the same time. He almost used the last teleportation ability to save his life.

But when he saw Lu Sheng coming out, he knew that they were saved.

Lu Sheng joined the Shangyang Family's Crimson Whale Sect in the north. With his power, it was not a problem to save them.

He resisted the urge to look up and greet Lu Sheng, and listened to the conversation between him and the Painters.

"Lu Sheng!" There were a lot of people who were alarmed at this time. Shangyang Jiuli also rushed over as fast as she could, just in time to hear the words that Lu Sheng had blurted out. Her brow wrinkled for a moment, then looked two Painters, Li Shunxi, and others.

"Don't cause any trouble," she yelled at Lu Sheng, then waved at Shangyang Rong. "Leave! Do you want to die??"

Shangyang Rong stared at Lu Sheng for a while, and finally did not have the guts to disobey the order of Shangyang Jiuli.

"Farewell. Miss Jiuli."

"Looks like the generals under Miss Jiuli are very arrogant." A strange voice slowly came out of nowhere.

At this time, a lot of people have been gathering around to see what was happening.

"Is this attitude implying the Painter of my younger generation is trash? Not only wanting them all go on together, but also to tie your two hands together?"

"Whoever doesn't believe it, you can come up yourself," Lu Sheng calmly said. "It doesn't matter if you all come together, either."

For a while, the whole audience was quiet. Everyone there had already seen that Lu Sheng was crazy, but they didn't expect him to be this crazy.

The Painters were all elites of the six-vein and above. Even in the huge family of Shangyang, the six-vein was still an absolute elite.

There were five or three Painters who came over to the scene. Did he actually want them all go together?

Shangyang Jiuli snorted, then looked around.

As soon as she heard it, she knew that someone was secretly targeting her, but she was only involved because of Lu Sheng.

"Don't dare to go? Then get out of here!" She had an unscrupulous temper. She dared to slap the table without saying a word. Now, she was secretly provoked by the attempt to target her own generals.

With her current status, no one dared to refute her statement.

Although they were inwardly thinking something else, no one dared to talk back to Shangyang Jiuli at this moment.

"Let's go." Shangyang Jiuli's people rushed out and placed Li Shunxi and others on the wooden bed to be carried away.

"Let me do this!" At this moment, a burly strong bald man stood up. "Miss Jiuli, I suspect that these people are related to the previous arson. So I can't help it. Sorry!"

As a general of the powers of His Majesty, Cui Lianjun was not a descendant of the Shangyang Family, but a foreigner who joined it.

However, his strength was undoubtedly powerful, and he was one of the five captains among the current Painters. So, he had got the guts not to listen to Shangyang Jiuli.

Shangyang Jiuli still wanted to talk, but was stopped by Lu Sheng.

"My friend had some mistakes today. So I will stand here and let you hit me once." When Lu Sheng said this, it was like saying that today's dinner was like this and thatno pressure. No ups and downs.

Cui Lianjun was mad and happy at the same time.

"How do you count win and lose? What if I accidentally kill you?"

"Kill me?" Lu Sheng is also happy, sticking his finger to his head.

"Aim here. If you can kill me, not only you don't have to be responsible, everything I just took out from the red pavilion belongs to you!"

It was a joke, right now, he didn't even know how strong he was. It might be a bit more likely to suffer a loss if he was against Shangyang Jiuli, but that guy?

Shangyang Jiuli's lips moved, but still did not stop him.

The people around had an awkward look on their face.

"Come on." Cui Lianjun looked fierce and pulled out the ghost blade on his back, then slowly walked towards Lu Sheng.

Lu Sheng also stepped forward and slowly suppressed his power until his black membrane was only at six-veins, then stopped.

The two people turned up the black light curtain at the same time, which was a natural phenomenon of black membrane manifestation.

In the crowd, the two guests of the Huang Family were quietly watching the fight.

"Which side do you think will win?" a short red-haired woman asked softly.

The other person had red and messy hair, and a large number of various armbands on his arm. He was a handsome man.

"The Painter will lose," the man calmly said.

"Oh? Why? I see Cui Lianjun is very strong?" the short-haired woman asked.

The man remained silent. "I can see the bottom of Cui Lianjun, but that Lu Sheng... it is impossible to see clearly."

"Even you can't see it? Unfortunately, mother is stuck back at home, or else we could let her come to look at him, she is always right." Short-haired woman smiled.

The voice had not fallen, yet the fight officially started.

The Painter represented the elders' side, while the Shangyang Jiuli was the representative of Shangyang Fei. Cui Lianjun's ghost blade, slowly pacing around the Lu Sheng, seemed to be constantly searching for an opening to start the attack.

The black membrane that both of them revealed was the top level of the six-veins. So, this fight was based on the ability to grasp their skills and timing.

Cui Lianjun was also slightly excited because he could show himself off in front of so many famous people. This was a golden opportunity. If you showed your strength perfectly, you would be able to make a good impression on the upper levels.

He stared at Lu Sheng.

'The three secrets that I have mastered are maneuver, superb chop, and one thousand cuts. You can start on the left side and occupy that side. Then, use the maneuver to adjust the angle so that he can't predict the next position, then launch the superb chop, and finally use one thousand cuts to finish the fight. This must be unexpected, and with a high degree of difficulty of the superb chop, he will definitely think that I will pick up the right side.'

Thinking so in his head, Cui Lianjun's was ready; the black film under his feet exploded, turning into a driving force to rush to the side of Lu Sheng. A blade was drawn.



Lu Sheng took back his left fist and watched the opponent who was almost destroyed. The whole place was quiet.

On the grass, Cui Lianjun became a bloody person with blood spurting from his body; the ghost blade in his hand was broken into lots of pieces, and he was half-kneeling in front of Lu Sheng.

That punch, right in front of his blade, broke it into many pieces and then smashed on his facethe flesh and bones on his face were broken into countless pieces, deformed, squeezed, and shattered, and now he only had half of his face.

The whole place was still quiet, no one expected the outcome to be revealed so fast. As a Painter leader, Cui Lianjun didn't even display a single move when he already lost.

Lu Sheng had such strange powers... even though Shangyang Jiuli had seen it many times, she still felt amazed at his power. This strange power was also one of the key reasons why Shangyang Family wanted Lu Sheng.

Even Shangyang Jiuli was surprised at how fast Lu Sheng won, she did not expect Lu Sheng to actually achieve the victory so fast. The other guy was also a six-vein expert, after all.