Way Of The Devil Chapter 267

Chapter 267: Catastrophe (4)

The Prime Devil Qi was continuously converted into Aquarius Qi and then immediately used up by the Deep Blue Cheating Device, turning it into the base material for the Desolate Devil Body.

All Lu Sheng needed to do was to stand there and get used to all the changes happening to his body.

The good thing was that this pattern-forming type cultivation didn't take much toll for each level, allowing Lu Sheng enough time to replenish his Devil Qi between each one.

One pattern after another formed inside Lu Sheng's body and then broke apart.

As the patterns formed and broke, tiny changes began appearing in his figure.

Large amounts of pitch black Prime Devil Qi flowed out from his body and into the Poison Flame in his hand.

"Hiss..." Two huge bulges of muscle rose up from his back and stretched out to his sides, growing longer and wider, becoming something like a pair of flesh wings.

Finally, after two days, all 39 patterns were completed.

The Poison Flame in Lu Sheng's palm suddenly brightened, then faded.

"There doesn't seem to be much of a difference."

Lu Sheng frowned and examined the Poison Flame closely.

Apart from its color darkening and it seeming to have become more condensed, nothing else really seemed to have changed.

"But my body got stronger again" Lu Sheng could clearly feel that every single cell, every piece of muscle, and every area of his body had been soaked in large amounts of Prime Devil Qi.

The strength and speed of his physical body and the toughness of his muscles and organs were continuously increasing.

"So this is the effect of stimulating and toughening the body through extreme poison?"

Lu Sheng looked at the box above the cheating device.

'Secret Art of Desolation: The thirty-ninth level, Special Effect: People Poisoning 39th level, Touch of Desolation ninth level.'

"People Poisoning is probably the one that improved my body."

After cultivating this devil body, Lu Sheng felt a tiny change in his Prime Devil Qi. A change he couldn't describe.

"It's as if the essence of the Devil Qi is changing," he thought. "The biggest point of this devil body is still its poison."

He stretched out his index finger and tapped the stone wall besides him lightly.


Without using any force, Lu Sheng's finger easily sunk into the stone. Drops of foul-smelling black liquid dripped down from his finger.

Once they dropped, the black drops of liquid continued to corrode the rocks on the ground, making a hissing sound as if burning. Only after making a few bottomless black holes did the hissing sound go away.

"As expected my poison has greatly increased in deadliness." Lu Sheng was happy with the results.

"Next is the Prime Sea Devil Body. The basics of the cultivation of this devil body is inhaling and exhaling. Inhale all sorts of outside materials, digest them, then convert them into another form of energy and exhale them out. This is the strongest secret art in all of the Prime Devil Sect.

But right now, my body already went through a lot of changes. If I continue, I might end up hurting myself due to not being used to it. I need to take a break. My Prime Devil Qi needs time to replenish itself too."

Out of the Eight Great Devil Bodies, Lu Sheng successfully cultivated the Phantom Listening Devil Body, the Enmity Fire Devil Body, and the Desolate Devil Body. In total, three of them.

Although each devil body focused on a different aspect, all of them helped to enhance the body. So, even Lu Sheng didn't know how strong his body was now.

"The best method is to go to the Divine Weapon Pool and test it out myself."

Lu Sheng returned back to his normal form, changed into the extra clothes he brought, and walked out of the cave, heading directly towards the sacred place of the Prime Devil Sect, the Divine Weapon Pool.

In a little bit he got to the Divine Weapon Pool through a secret tunnel.

The light-blue hue of the Divine Weapon Fragments illuminated the entire cave.

Lu Sheng walked directly over to the Divine Weapon Pool, stopping two steps away from the edge. He looked at the slightly twisted air in front of him.

"Let's see how long I can last this time."

Lu Sheng reached out his index finger again, instantly going into his Ying Yang Integration Destroyer Mode. His finger immediately grew long and sharp and was covered in greenish black scales.


A ball of sticky black flame rose up on his finger. Faint moans and groans could be heard from it. But the difference this time was that the Poison Flame this time was even thicker and even more foul-smelling.

The moss on the ground around Lu Sheng started to wither slightly. Even though this moss mutated due to being around the radiation of the Divine Weapon all-year-long, it couldn't even take on the poisonous gas the Poison Flame gave out.

This showed how powerful Lu Sheng's Poison Flame was right now.


This time, when he stuck his index finger into the twisted air, it wasn't as painful as before.

One breath

Two breaths

Three breaths

Maybe the Desolate Devil Body greatly strengthened his body or something, but Lu Sheng managed to last a whole hour this time.

Even at the end, the reason why he had to back out was because his breathing became unstable for just a moment, causing his body and his mind to go out of sync, creating a gap where his finger was burned, forcing him to retreat from the pool.

This surprised Lu Sheng greatly.

So he just stood there beside the Divine Weapon Pool, thinking about the drastically different outcomes between this time and the last.

"Before when I only had two Devil Bodies, I could only last for a few breaths. But the Desolate Devil Body didn't strengthen my body that much. How did I manage to last so long this time?"

The greatest difference between the Desolate Devil Spirits and the other Devil Spirits was its poison. After cultivating this devil spirit, the resistance of the body to poison was greatly increased.

"Is it because of the poison? Is the essence of the Power of the Divine Weapon poison? So when I increase my resistance to poison, my resistance to it greatly increases too?"

He lifted his hand and closely examined the area where his finger corroded.

"Oh? This is??" Suddenly, his eyes focused, as if he had found something.

The black scales that should have been completely corroded still had a bit left. And from this tiny bit still left, he could see that the on the broken part, there was a delicate pattern that looked like flower pistils.

Like three tiny dots in a triangular pattern.

Lu Sheng was silent for a second, then manipulated his Aquarius Qi and quickly fixed his finger. He looked towards the Divine Weapon Pool again.

"If I can last this long, maybe I can get closer too"

He instantly turned into his Destroyer form and ignited his liquid Qi. Then he walked into the dangerous radiation zone slowly, a zone that was a death zone to him before.


This time, the sound of corrosion was way louder than before.

His Prime Devil Qi went down at an alarming rate. Just a few seconds, and Lu Sheng could feel that one fifth of this Prime Devil Qi was gone.

Pushing against his limit, Lu Sheng took another step towards the Divine Weapon Pool.


Suddenly, a light-blue flame engulfed him. Inside the Divine Weapon Pool, large pieces of the Divine Weapon Fragments started giving off a brilliant blue light.


Finally, Lu Sheng couldn't take it anymore. He felt as if he was hit with a huge force, causing him to back up rapidly and leave the radiation zone.

White smoke rose from everywhere on his body, as if he was just burned.

But three tiny dark-gold dots appeared on the black scales in front of his chest. Each dot was only as big a fingernail, and wasn't exactly noticeable. If it weren't for the radiation burning off most of the outer protective scales, even Lu Sheng wouldn't be able to find this tiny pattern hidden on his chest.

"This represents the three great Devil Bodies?" He immediately guessed. Right now, the three dark-gold dots were only glowing slightly, as if all three Devil Bodies were injured.

Lu Sheng activated his Aquarius Qi again. The Nine Great Devil Yin gave him a continuous supply of Prime Devil Qi, which he converted to Aquarius Qi to heal his injuries.

Soon, the three dark-gold dots in front of his chest returned to their previous brightness.

"As expected these three dots represent the three great Devil Bodies."

Lu Sheng knew that all the Devil Body secret arts in the Prime Devil Sect were imitations of different types of Devils.

And now that he cultivated multiple devil bodies, it was as if he combined all the strengths of different devils in one place.

Lu Sheng didn't know what would happen. The old masters of the Prime Devil Sect didn't know. Maybe even the Devils didn't know.

"Interesting all the strengths of the Devils in one place?" Lu Sheng was immediately interested. "And by now, these devil bodies aren't pure imitations anymore. After generations of cultivating and practicing, most of these have reached a whole new level above what their original imitations.

So the devil bodies that I cultivated should be mostly the creation of the masters of the Prime Devil Sect before me."

Secret arts like this came from devils but were more suited for humans. Some of the secret arts were even better, becoming ones that imitated the true form of devils, ones that were even more strong and pure.

"Using a human body to cultivate the way of devils. Interesting!" New thoughts and hopes continued forming in Lu Sheng's heart.

He was very interested if he could be a match against the Origin Power if he successfully cultivated all the secret arts of the Prime Devil Sect.


The rural area outside The City of a Thousand Sails.

On the top level of a deserted lighthouse, in a room that was so broken that there weren't even walls, a skinny figure wrapped in a black cloak was sitting in the shadows.

The sky was dark and full of clouds, the gray sea was surging and churning, and the wind was howling.

Wave after wave crashed onto the black rocks beneath the lighthouse, splashing out large amounts of white foam.

The figure was sitting on an old but clean black wooden chair, his back against the land and his face facing the sea. It was as if he was looking at something.

"Master, what are you looking at?" A soft, feminine voice sounded.

"The sea," the skinny figure answered.

"The sea?" The other voice sounded a little confused.

"Sake is about to come. I won't be able to see a sea quite like this soon anymore. What a pity" the figure said in a low voice.

"Why is master allying with Sake? Won't we get more if we declare war ourselves? The humans here are so weak." The feminine voice was still confused.

The skinny figure didn't answer, but continued looking at the sea quietly.

The owner of the feminine voice didn't pursue the topic, but stayed with her master.

As the waves crashed on the rocky cliff, the sky darkened even more. There was even lightning between the clouds. A few seagulls screeched as they flew over the sea, becoming the only dots of white in this gray painting.

"Sake and Anjeto, representing the Thorn Devils and Lost Heart Devils, respectively. These two tribes are the best force to destroy the current Song Dynasty," the skinny figure explained. "My long wait cannot be without a price. No matter which tribe gets sacrificed, it'll be the opening ceremony for my old friend when he gets out"

"Master" The feminine voice was sorrowful.

"Okay, you can leave now." The skinny figure sighed.



The huge, twenty-meter-tall lighthouse started shaking. Four arms grew out of the two sides of the lighthouse, pushing against the ground and propping itself up.

This huge lighthouse was actually the head of a gigantic King Kong-like monster.

The lower body of the huge ape was the black cliff the waves keep crashing upon. It growled, then turned around and left with the skinny figure.