Way Of The Devil Chapter 269

Chapter 269: Catastrophe (6)

However, Shangyang Linghui, who joined at the same time, surprised everyone with her beauty. But, despite her family background, she didn't work hard on her cultivation at all, causing the others to slowly avoid her. No one wanted to talk to her.

But Shangyang Linghui was fine with that. She never really wanted to join the Prime Devil Sect anyway; the only reason she was here was because she wanted to chase after Lu Sheng. As for the cultivation of the secret arts, there were way better ones that were a better fit for her in the Shangyang Family that she didn't even bother to cultivate. So of course she wasn't interested in the ones here.

Right now, she was wearing a little pink skirt with a cute jacket over her strapless white top. Her white jade earrings flashed occasionally through her long hair.

Like a cheongsam, her pink skirt had a slit that went all the way up to her thighs, giving a peek of the area between her legs.

Shangyang Linghui walked closer and called out in a cute way, "Senior Apprentice Brother Lu."

"What's up?"

"Recently, I encountered a few problems on my cultivation, so I wanted to ask you about them" said Shangyang Linghui in a low voice.

"If it's about cultivation, you can go find Senior Apprentice Sister He Xiangzi. I'm busy right now." Lu Sheng tried to get out of it.

"Why is Senior Brother Lu always so cold? You should know what Sister Jiuli wants," Shangyang Linghui reminded him in a low voice. "Does Brother Lu really not know why Linghui left her family and joined the Prime Devil Sect?"

This was also part of Lu Sheng's problems. Shangyang Jiuli wanted to get closer to him and have a deeper relationship, but he was from the modern times and had no interest in getting any concubines.

It had already been a few days since Shangyang Linghui joined, and Lu Sheng pretty much hadn't paid her any attention at all. This was why she got worried and told him everything.

"Okay, I do understand what Madam Jiuli wants. But you need time to build a relationship, right? You can't just jump right into it." Lu Sheng decided that the best strategy was to keep putting it off.

He could tell that Shangyang Linghui wasn't a simple person. Although she looked cute and fragile on the outside, she was in fact firm and would work towards her goal. If he actually married her, Chen Yunxi would probably suffer dearly.

"I fell in love with Brother Sheng upon first sight. You can do anything to me!" Shangyang Linhui got hasty. One sentence revealed her entire personality.

Lu Sheng already understood the casualness and decay of the Nine Great Families of the Central Plains through institutions like the Shangyang Family's Red and Blue Pavilions. For reproduction purposes, the Nine Great Families of the Central Plains would do anything.

To get an opportunity to meet someone like him, girls like Shangyang Linghui had to have worked really hard.

Shangyang Linghui didn't have a good background, and none of her family members held high positions. Apart from her beauty, she had nothing. So to get to where she was right now, she had to have done some shady stuff.

"Okay, I still have some business to do, so I'll take my leave." Lu Sheng wasn't interested in continuing the conversation. The only reason he let her stay in the Prime Devil Sect was to comfort Shangyang Jiuli.

Ignoring Linghui's cries, Lu Sheng walked out of the lecture hall and towards his quarters. As he was climbing the stone steps, he ran into Umbrella Girl Yingying.

"That's the Shangyang Family's bloodline, yet you turned her down? Don't all men do it first, then talk?" Umbrella Girl had grown to about seventeen or eighteen years old, and had recovered most of her strength. And the only person who would talk to Lu Sheng like that was Hong FangBai.

"You're talking about studs, not men." Lu Sheng glanced at her. "Say it, what is it?"

"I wanted to ask, when can you get rid of the Yin Crane Net for me?" Umbrella girl asked solemnly.

"Why do you want to get rid of it? Is is not useful? It can help you heal yourself quicker during battles," Lu Sheng replied innocently.

"You!!" Hong Fangbai was furious. "I can give you other treasures in exchange!" She tried to tone down her anger. After Lu Sheng transformed it with his Devil Qi, the Yin Crane Net became even fiercer and harder to get rid of.

Now it was completely one with her body. If needed, Lu Sheng could control every single movement that Umbrella Girl Yingying made.

"I don't need any treasures. Just focus on your cultivation, and whenever you can surpass me, the Yin Crane Net will go away on its own," Lu Sheng suggested.

"Surpass you? Good, just you wait! I'll kill you sooner or later!!" Hong Baifang stormed away to to her own cave.

Lu Sheng shook his head and walked up to the highest cave. Once he got up, he saw a familiar slender figure standing in front of his cave door.

After looking, he immediately recognized the other person.

"Zhan Hongsheng?"

Zhan Hongsheng heard him and turned around, and immediately smiled.

"Senior Apprentice Brother Lu!"

She hurried over, lowering her head while greeting him. She was obviously nervous and respectful.

"Why are you here?" Lu Sheng asked in confusion. To be honest, he didn't know Zhan Hongsheng that well. The only time they met was on the way back from the competition, where she saw him kill the two Python Demons.

"...It's hard to say here" Zhan Hongsheng said in a low voice, her expression tired.

She really had no other choice. Her brother couldn't help her because this was something she got herself into. She had to fix it herself, but as a female disciple who wasn't even strong, what could she do?

So after pondering a while, all she could do was to ask around. But after doing so to no avail, she came to the Prime Devil Sect to look for Lu Sheng.

"Come in." Lu Sheng opened his cave and invited Zhan Hongsheng in and closed the door. The two sat down besides his table.

"Okay, what is it? You should know that last time letting you go was already my biggest grace." Since nobody was around, Lu Sheng got straight to the point.

"I I know" Zhan Hongsheng's chin looked like it was about to tuck into her chest. Her breasts were so big compared to her tiny waist that it looked like they could fall out any time.

"... But But I" Zhan Hongsheng kept her head lowered, her tears dripping down, splashing onto the table. "I have no other choice"

"What is it, just tell me." Lu Sheng was a little impatient. If it weren't for his good relationship with Zhan Kongning, he wouldn't have even bothered to talk to this girl.

After a bit of pressuring, Zhan Hongsheng finally told him.

As it turned out, because she wanted to break through, she disobeyed the rules and went into the Forbidden Dark Forest.

Because her cultivation was low, she couldn't get in legally, so she stole her brother Zhan Kongning's pass and secretly entered the forbidden grounds. Although she did find a lot of great things in the forest and broke through, weird things started growing on her body.

"Weird things?" Lu Sheng was confused.

"Yeah. I looked it up secretly, it's because my internal organs started transforming due the infiltration of poisonous gas into the body, which led to this outside appearance" Zhan Hongsheng explained in a small voice. "Except for the sect master and the first seat, no one is allowed in the Forbidden Dark Forest. Not to mention, I went in without permission, this also happened, so if it spreads, my brother will definitely face criticism. He might even lose his first seat"

"Well, I can't help you, either." Lu Sheng shook his head. "You must bear the consequences of your own actions."

"But but" Zhan Hongsheng got slightly excited. "You'll know when you see!" Frustrated, she suddenly stood up and impulsively lifted up her skirt.

Behind her long, pale legs, a short, greenish-black tail full of barbed tips was revealed.

Most importantly, the scales on this tail were exactly the same as Lu Sheng's when he reverted to his natural form!

Even Lu Sheng was a little surprised.

Zhan Hongsheng was blushing a deep red, with one of her hands covering the important part between her legs. The black little tail behind her was sticking out like a stick. It moved a little. She could actually control it.

"Not just here, but also here." Her other hand unbuttoned her shirt, and pulled down her bra a little, showing her deep cleavage. Right in the center of her cleavage was a hard object that looked like a blue stone.

"Ever since I went into the forbidden grounds and increased my strength, this happened I don't know what to do, either. But then I suddenly remembered, Brother Lu your form that one day" Zhan Hongsheng explained resignedly.


Lu Sheng didn't know what to say as well. He remembered that this happened with Xu Chui and Ning San and the others too. After he implanted the Yin Crane Net in them, their cultivation increased, but their bodies also transformed.

He started the Yin Crane Net, and could immediately sense that inside Zhan Hongsheng was a fully-grown Yin Crane Net responding to him.

He could control Zhan Hongsheng to do anything through the Yin Crane Net, no matter if she wanted to or not. This was the power of the Yin Crane Net.

Honestly, at this point, even Lu Sheng couldn't really get rid of the Yin Crane Net. It was embedded too deeply in her body.

This thing was completely one with her flesh now. Unless he destroyed over eighty percent of her physical body, there was no other way to get rid of it.

And this eighty percent of her flesh included important organs and the core of her cultivation.

"To be honest at this point, even I can't get rid of the Yin Crane Net within you anymore. It has become one with you. And the weird things happening to you are because of the Yin Crane Net," Lu Sheng explained calmly.

Zhan Hongsheng pulled her skirt back down and exclaimed, "What!??"

"Of course, it doesn't matter if I take the Yin Crane Net back or not. This body transformation is controllable. I can teach you a special secret art similar to shortening or moving your bones. It can help you transform back," Lu Sheng continued.

Now that he knew it was because of him, it was easy to fix. He would just teach Zhan Hongsheng part of his Yin form as some sort of secret art.

"Brother Lu, thank you" Hearing this, Zhan Hongsheng's expression changed a few times before she lowered her head and thanked him. "But I want to transform back right now, can you help me?"

Lu Sheng's expression also got weird.

To help her transform back, he had to touch her. It was impossible to do it through the air. But the places Zhan Hongsheng needed help with were also very sensitive.

One was her private part, the other was in the middle of her breasts. If he really touched these parts

He closed his eyes and thought about it for a while.


Zhan Hongsheng only mentioned it as a thought, and had realized the inappropriateness of it immediately. Hearing Lu Sheng say yes, she was also surprised.

But then she saw Lu Sheng reach for the table beside him. With a crack, he tore off one of the table's legs.

"I can't find anything good right now, so I'll use this. I hope you don't mind," Lu Sheng said calmly as he held the table leg.

Zhan Hongsheng stared at the table leg that was as thick as her arm and couldn't help but take a gulp. For some unexplainable reason, she felt both nervous and afraid.