Way Of The Devil Chapter 277

Chapter 277: Destined Disaster (8)

Under the horrifying heat, the cave around Lu Sheng had melted and expanded to be several times larger than it originally was. Vast amounts of rock had turned to lava and began to flow down.

But Lu Sheng didn't seem to notice because his body was also growing while the cave was expanding.

At this rate, he even started to feel that the cave was getting smaller.

'Eight-Headed Griffon A legendary beast which, according to legends, can swallow the sun. The primordial being that gave all things their Yang side. Everywhere it goes, it brings drought and torrid summer as well as blazing vitality. I didn't expect the Yin Flame to turn into this when it was strengthened to this stage.'

He looked at the Yin Flame tab: the evolve button disappeared despite there still being plenty of Mental Energy left. This meant...

'This means that the secret art has reached its final stage. It has reached its physical and theoretical limit.' Lu Sheng remembered when he encountered a similar situation before.

'This secret art has been fused with a large number of complicated techniques and other secret arts; it can't be called only the Three Yin Technique anymore.

Since it evolved using Mental Energy, appeared in the form of Eight-Headed Griffon, and is contained inside of a pearl, I might as well call it the Eight-Headed Divine Pearl.'

He modified the name with the cheating device.

'Eight-Headed Divine Art: 8th tier, Special Effect: Eight-Headed Divine Pearl, fire strengthening level 5."

'Might as well test this pearl's power.' Lu Sheng had a feeling this pearl could unleash some devastating power. Since he was deep under the Prime Devil Sect right now, he didn't have to worry about any accidental damage to the sect.

He looked left and right, decided on a direction, and started clawing deeper into the cave.

After digging several hundred meters, Lu Sheng threw the Eight-Headed Divine Pearl forward while taking cover at the same time.

The pearl, which just left Lu Sheng's hand, started melting layer after layer of rocks as soon it came into contact with the cave wall.

Lu Sheng didn't even realize where the pearl disappeared to until he felt an earthquake as the entire cave around him was shaking.


A beam of purple light erupted out of the ground and formed a pillar of purple flame.

Then immediately, a second one appeared, then a third one, and a fourth...

"Crack crack crack!"

Column after column of purple flame erupted from the ground, and upon hitting the rock ceiling, punctured it to create quite a few black holes.


The cave began to tremble and shake as if it was getting pulled by some immense force.


Suddenly, the rocks under Lu Sheng's feet began to collapse. Unprepared, he fell down with them.

As he was falling with the rocks, Lu Sheng just then realized that he was standing on top of a big cavern and the Eight-Headed Divine Pearl was resting peacefully on the back of a huge minotaur with deer antlers.

The ceiling of the cavern was filled with rocky spikes that pinned the minotaur in place, as if the whole place was made to seal him away.


The Eight-Headed Divine Pearl continuously shot out purple beams of fire, sending them in all directions.

Lu Sheng noticed that around one-third of the spikes were melted off. He squinted his eyes and backflipped lightly onto a large rock.

The humongous thirty meters tall minotaur seemed to be waking up from an ancient dream.

He let out a low groan; the many ropes tied to his black beard swayed as he shook his head.


A tremendously heavy sound started echoing throughout the cavern. The minotaur started to let out huge jets of white air, gradually opening its dark-red eyes with strange symbols on them.

Lu Sheng walked up a few steps and looked up at the beast with one of his feet on a rock.

Lu Sheng couldn't even compete with the size of the thirty meter tall body even in his Extreme Yang Form.

"Who are you?" the minotaur spoke in a slow voice. "I can smell a heavy fragrance from your body are you a new type of sacrifice?"

"Sacrifice?" Lu Sheng quickly understood what the beast was.

It must have been the rumored devil that was sealed in the deepest part of the Prime Devil Sect. And this kind of devil...

He lowered his head and cracked a smile, his dense and sharp rows of teeth reflecting a cold and cruel light.

"I have wanted to test my power against a sealed demon for a long time. But I couldn't find any until now."

"Oh??" The minotaur with deer antlers put on a shocked expression. "You mean, you want to challenge me?"

"Challenge?" Lu Sheng raised his head. Strangely, he could also smell a heavy fragrance from the minotaur. And this said fragrance was mixed with a hint of weakness.

"I simply want to KILL YOU!! Yin Yang Integration Mode!"

Countless purple flames exploded as Lu Sheng's body expanded at a rapid rate, jumping from Extreme Yang Form to Yin Yang Integrationliquid and gas combustion mode.

The rock under Lu Sheng feet splintered into many pieces, appearing in front of the minotaur in an instant.

"Die!!!" Lu Sheng chopped at the minotaur's head with both of his arms.

"You mere sacrifice!!" The minotaur let out a roar in rage, his hands extended in front of him and clasping toward Lu Sheng.



In a quiet and dark secret chamber, a single ray of sunlight shone on Huang Fu's eyelids.

His eyes were shut, while the rest of his body was buried in shadow.

Outside of the secret chamber, a guarding disciple reported respectfully, "Senior Apprentice Brother. Sect Brother Bai from Wan Shun Palace is here again, saying he's here with some information."

Huang Fu's eyes were still closed as if he hadn't heard anything at all.

The disciple was really confused, and decided to repeat the sentence.

After a moment, Huang Fu slowly opened his eyes. Red gleam shone under his eyes for a brief moment before disappearing.

"Let him in," he said in a low voice.

"Of course."

The disciple backed away slowly.

Huang Fu sat there cross-legged for a little more before slowly rising and proceeding to open the door of the chamber. Bai Xiu was waiting for him outside.

"Ah Fu, the situation is not looking good!" Bai Xiu said with an ugly expression.

"Can you not call me Ah Fu?" Huang Fu replied grudgingly. "What happened?"

"Something happened in the city. Last night, the warden received forty-three arrest warrants, and all of the suspects taken are civilians without prior criminal record!" Bai Xiu replied in a serious manner.

"Oh?" Hearing this, Huang Fu's expression turned serious as well. "Where are those people now?"

"All kept in the western city's underground jail."

"Bring me there!" Huang Fu adjusted his clothes. A strange feeling arose in chest.

The two left the West Infinity Court's camp, each riding towards the underground jail in the western city.

After arriving, a jailer received their orders, then offered to lead the way himself.

"Lords, we got all of them just last night. You should have seen them! Every single one of them acted like they were out of their mind. All of them talked in a crazed manner, unable to even answer questions. Some of my brothers even got bitten by few of those mad men!"

"Lead us in first," Huang Fu said in a low voice.

"Yes, yes, of course. What one hears might not be the truth." The jailer seemed to have received a few years of education, saying such a fancy sentence.

Even though he didn't know who exactly the two men were, they must have been very important if they could make his superior relay the orders to him in person.

If he didn't serve them well, there might be big trouble for him in the future.

He brought the two men inside of Yamen's jail, but stopped before a tunnel entrance.

"Huh? Where are Chen and Li? It was their shift last night, right?" The jailer seemed very confused.

Bai Xiu's expression turned gloomy as he asked in a low voice, "Are you referring to the two who were keeping watch during the night?"

"Yes, yes, yes. Replying to the lord's question, it must be those two. Even if one was using the toilet, there has to be another present. Or else, should they get caught by the patrol, their salaries would be deducted," the jailer explained.

"So be it; we can't wait any longer. If the two lords will follow my insignificant personage. I have brought the keys, the first three levels are all open," the jailer said in a slightly proud voice and strode toward the heavy iron door.


Suddenly, a hand grabbed his shoulder.

"Wait," Huang Fu said in a low voice.

Before the jailer could respond, he walked up slowly, and wiped away some blood in the inside corner of the gate.

"There might've been an incident," Huang Fu warned. He pushed the gate lightly; it turned out the gate wasn't locked at all and opened by itself.

"Wha...!!?" The jailer was dumbstruck. Still holding the keys, he didn't even know what happened before the two lords directly walked in.

He hurriedly followed.

That turned out to be a mistake, for the scene in front of him nearly made him puke out all his dinner from last night:

Bloody body parts ripped away from their body, a head that had been squished into mush, a body that had been cut apart, and a whole wall painted with blood, like a thick carpet.

"Watch out!" Bai Xiu suddenly pulled the jailer back.


A two meter wide shadow slowly stood up beside the jail.


It was a being that looked like human but was not actually human, showing some qualities similar to a snake's.

It looked like a giant spider, its four pale limbs supporting it on the ground as it kept on crawling forward slowly. Its hands and feet were also covered with various tumors of grape-like size.

"Seems to be the Scarlet Devil!!?" Bai Xiu's face turned pale the instant he saw this thing.


Suddenly, a dense and intense wave of wind chime rings sounded above the entire White Bell City. The countless number of wind chimes on the high tower all started their ring of alert.


A white dot of light darted towards the sky.

Immediately after, hundreds, almost thousands, more followed.

The whole sky seemed to be filled with white light; all of them connected and intertwined, forming a landscape painting that could cover more than half of White Bell City.

"Greet the sky and the moon return, the wind howls and spins nine rounds." An inky black figure shot into the sky, integrating itself into the painting, like a black dot in a white canvas, clearly as daylight.

"Go forth!!" The person pointed his sword forward.

Instantly the whole painting flew forward, meeting the oncoming flood of black matter.

"That's the Shangyang Family's Sky and Moon Landscape Formation! All of the Painters are deployed!" Bai Xiu's eyes were fixed on their actions.

"Those are" Huang Fu, on the other hand, was focused on the flood of an inky black devil horde afar.

"Devil Horde Calamity!" Bai Xiu's blood in his face drained in an instant too.

In the midst of the countless devils, inside of the inky black formation, two enormous silver-gray eyes appeared vaguely, observing White Bell City from another dimension.