Way Of The Devil Chapter 285

Chapter 284: Chapter 285 Flame 1
Chapter 284: Chapter 285 Flame (1)
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"Devil's Abyss?" Lu Sheng looked at the snake leopard monster, whose saliva was unendingly dripping from the side of its mouth. This strong acid quickly corroded a few holes in the ground.

"The devil people [1] that have been devoured by their own lust" The snake leopard monster shook its huge head, keeping its gaze on the monster in front of him.

...Yes. At this moment, Lu Sheng was considered a monster in the snake leopard monster's eyes.

Six meters in height, sharp scales all around his body, sharp bone spurs on the back of his spine, and a huge mouth like a dragon's... A body like this was not a common sight when it came to monsters.

"Become a subordinate under me, fight for me, and make this world a devastating placeisn't that a better choice? There is so much food that you can devour in this world, definitely enough for you. There is no need to consume our family here." The snake leopard monster could sense the power from Lu Sheng's aura. Although Lu Sheng didn't have a lot of devil aura around him, the special aura that was faintly exuded from his body made him look impressive.

It seemed that Lu Sheng's level might have even reached that of a Devil Lord.

"The same tribe?" Lu Sheng stepped up and approached him.


Suddenly, he swung his tail at the snake leopard monster.


A powerful force exploded between the two; Lu Sheng's tail struck the arm of the snake leopard monster. The impact of their Devil Qi colliding created an intense black spotit was the tiny spark created from the friction between the giant force and the Devil Qi.

After reluctantly grabbing Lu Sheng's tail, the snake leopard monster showed a slight change in its expressionhis strength was too strong, almost as strong as its own. If it faced him incautiously, it might lose.

"If you are not willing to listen to me, then I will make you obey!"

Its huge body flew in a circle and moved towards Lu Sheng.

"Death cuts!"

There was a loud rumble.

On the snake leopard monster's body, dozens of arms and feet burst at the same time, shooting out translucent ghostly claws; a large amount of them jumped to start crawling towards their target, Lu Sheng, like a millipede.

This was Death Cuts, the most powerful melee move that it came up with during its millions of years spent in the devil world.

Each ghostly claw was accompanied by a different effect: some caused infectious bleeding, some carried an intolerable heat poison, some had a sinister freezing effect, and there were even some that caused hallucinations.

A variety of negative effects could be found among their powers.

Death Cuts not only was a strong and fast physical attack, but also had a lot of negative effects, and could easily help find the opponent's weaknesses.

A skill that could attack, defend, and even probe... this was the snake leopard monster's go-to skill.

Lu Sheng took a step forward without any hesitation and raised his arms. The wings behind him flapped rapidly, providing a lot of Devil Qi airflow for Lu Sheng, giving him a stronger impact force.


Right after contact, Lu Sheng broke his arms; some of his blood started to ooze out. A large area was blasted into oblivion underneath his feet, and dozens of empty marks appeared on the walls of the cave behind him.

"Hahahaha!" The snake leopard monster laughed wildly as his dozens of arms were cutting through Lu Sheng's arms like a saw.


A large, ear-piercing sound rung throughout the cave.

Lu Sheng's arms and feet were bound as a circle of dark-red rings appeared. This was the negative effect of Death Cuts for the enemy. What he had received was an extremely troublesome disability. Death Cuts could slow down the speed and flexibility of the opponent's limbs.

Under severe pressure, Lu Sheng had to back off a bit. But he wasn't scared; when it came to close combat, he wouldn't lose to anyone!

His two legs violently swelled for a moment, then he kicked out towards the snake leopard monster.

When it came to the power his body, it was several times stronger while in Yang Extreme Mode. It was like he hurled a meteorite rather than kicked when he hit the waist of the snake leopard monster.


"He is still being affected by the disability how did he adapt so fast!!?" the snake leopard monster exclaimed. Even if its outer shell was stomped to pieces, this kind of injury could easily be restored in a few breaths.

Both were fighting fiercely in the relatively small cave.

Whether it was the snake leopard monster or Lu Sheng, they were all shocked by the speed and strength of the other. Lu Sheng hadn't faced a decent opponent in such a long time.

No matter who it was, they were only able to take a few hits from Lu Sheng. Ever since the fight to the death at the red light district, he hadn't been able to find an opponent who would force him to completely use all of his power.

But this time, they were hand to hand, palm against palm... both had extremely terrifying power. And the snake leopard monster had an extremely strong regeneration ability.


Lu Sheng's hands stopped the feet that were coming from the sides. His scales slowly cracked, while the shell of the snake leopard monster erupted, revealing the flesh underneath it.

But right away, the newly cracked outer shell regrew, and healed in just the blink of an eye.

There was no skill nor secret art involved, he was just relying on his physical instinct to kill.


The eyeballs on Lu Sheng's wings shot two invisible force fields, striking the snake leopard monster like a beam of light.

"Nonsense. This is meaningless." The snake leopard monster laughed. He had been in the Devil's Abyss for many years. In that time, he had devoured tens of thousands of demons, and none of those were low-level demons.

These various demons more or less boasted a variety of highly toxic negative effects.

It was ridiculous to think that just a little force field would be effective on him.

Taking advantage of this gap, it grabbed Lu Sheng's wings with its hands and feet.


Lu Sheng's body was slammed into the side wall.

Even if the walls here were all hardened by the Devil Qi, there was still no way they'd hold on when hit with such a fierce blow. In an instant, a large pit was made with a bang.

"Poisonous shadows!" The snake leopard monster slammed towards Lu Sheng. "I won't let you die! You are a rarely seen high-level material!" he yelled. With numerous black spots in front of him, all the lights were combined to form a long spike.


The spikes disappeared abruptly, appearing again in front of Lu Sheng's eyebrows, and stabbed straight down.


Lu Sheng reached out and grabbed the spikes. Right at that moment, the blood net around his body was broken, the black membrane was as well, and a circle of translucent ripples was stirred up.

At this moment, he was sobered by the sense of a crisis.

"You are very strong." Gently crushing the poisonous spike, Lu Sheng got out of the wall, and swallowed back the blood in the mouth.

"But, I am stronger!!"


With a loud sound, an unimaginable amount of black smoke was released as his body seemed to explode, and instantly grew from six meters in height to more than ten meters.

He lifted a huge and heavy, even seemingly slightly obese, right leg and stepped forward.


The air, the ground, the Devil Qi, all of it was blown up in a circle of shock waves.

"Yang Extreme Mode! Die!!" Purple-black flames rushed out of Lu Sheng's mouth as a thick poisonous smoke came out from him. His huge body was pressed against the snake leopard monster.

"Shadow disengage!! This is your original body? Very good! Hahahaha!" the snake leopard screamed, and its entire body began to swell. In the blink of an eye, it became so large that it almost reached the top of the cave.

Looking from afar, it was like a huge centipede that was way bigger than Lu Sheng.

It swung its tail and directly hit Lu Sheng's foot.

The two huge monsters were like two hills colliding with one another. The whole cave began to shake, the walls were torn apart, and countless boulders were blown around like marbles.

But even more poisonous smoke and devil flames circulated outside along the upper and lower exits of the cave, forming several purple-black fire pillars.


The Shadow King's altar.

The earth shook, and countless rocks seemed to fall within the cave.

"Oooh, they are fighting again. I remember that the movement in the altar below had stopped since a while ago. It seems that the two ancient devils had stolen the devil aura and sealed the devil kings. Now, how come there is movement down there?"

The king of the shadows was puzzled. In fact, he still had a look of hope. He was anticipating the seals would be broken in such a fierce battle.

All of the seals were connectedif one was broken, the rest would be impacted and weakened through their connection.


At this moment, a purple-black pillar of fire suddenly shot out of the entrance of the seal below.

The pillar of flame with the power of poison and corrosion constantly tore the ground and spread out. The monsters couldn't even stand the terrifying poison gas: the weaker ones became gas in the blink of an eye, without even a chance to escape.

"They are fighting, they are fighting! This feels like it's definitely an ancient demon! Hahahaha, kill, kill, the stronger you are, the more damage you can do to those seals...!" He burst into laughter. Finally, having waited for so long, the opportunity to escape was finally here.


West Infinity Court.

"Everyone, we gathered here today to drink and speak words of joya rare event indeed. I just came back from the far east and found some strange fireworks, so I brought them back for everyone to enjoy."

Zhao Zhiduan sat on the main seat. Below him were the nineteen leaders from each sect. Among them, there were several people who were in the upper three grades, but most were at the middle three grades and the lower three grades.

The leaders were different from other school members. Out of all the leaders, the worst here was in the realm of snake. They were all sacred ambassadors who had the qualification to employ a Holy Weapon, so even if the school was different in strength, the treatment of the sect was not much different.

A middle three grade member stood up and smiled. "Haha, Chief, you are too polite. If you say that the League is the biggest event for us, it is merely an opportunity for us to discuss future development. Then, this small league will be the highest priority meeting for all nineteen sects. The West Infinity Court Leader can stand up and take up this responsibility as the role model for all of us."

"Of course, most of the sects are devoted to hard work, and would never touch mundane problems. These kinds of trouble, after all, delay cultivation, so most people are not willing to claim responsibility. But for those who are willing to stand up, their strength is insufficient. Except for you, Chief." Another leader nodded in agreement. Unlike the previous speaker who was the addressee's supporter, this one was merely speaking objectively.

Everyone spoke, but they all did so very orderly. There were very few interruptions, and no one spoke any nonsense. The hundred lineages knew the gap between school and family, so most of them were hard workers. The few people that had power didn't say much, either.

On the seat of the Prime Devil Sect, Liu Shanzi seemed calm, sitting still and not squinting.

The Prime Devil Sect went from almost being eliminated to coming back and surpassing many other schools. Such a dramatic development led several other leaders to ask him about Lu Sheng.

Those who knew a little about the inside story knew that the Prime Devil Sect relied on Lu Sheng for such a transformation.

Lu Sheng, before joining, had been merely a gang leader in the North, and didn't even know what the hundred lineages was. And yet, under such circumstances, he took only a few months since joining the Prime Devil Sect to reach the higher level of cultivation in the secret law. Whether they wanted to get him for themselves or saw him as a future trouble, many people wanted to come to inquire about Lu Sheng.

Liu Shanzi didn't move, but it wasn't always good to stay quiet, so he started to speak.