Way Of The Devil Chapter 290

290 Flame 7

"This type of flame?" said Carfe, the king of the Underearth, in surprise.

His image was that of a solemn, shirtless middle-aged man, his body muscular and firm. He had a long scar that ran diagonallyacross his torso, from his neck all the way down to his stomach.

At this moment, he was staring incredulously at the flames around him.

This type of violet flame actually made him feel pain. This had never happened before! As a high level Devil King who ruled over the entire Devil's Abyss, his skin's toughness was close to that of a Devil Lord's, meaning that ordinary flames wouldn't hurt him at alleven if their temperature were high enough to melt rocks. But this flame

"This is amazing" Carfe still remembered the Fire Devil Tribe, when he was still one of the Devil Lords of the tribe and led the devils into the war against humans, but then He fell into the humans' trap, and had been stuck here forever.

The Devil Lords among the tribes were only titles, not strength levels. But a few extraordinarily strong beings way above Devil Lords were also called Devil Lords out of respect for their power, even though they were by themselves and not actually part of any tribe.

"That's too bad; just these few flames can't stop me," Carfe said calmly, letting the violet flame spread across his body.

The stronger the flame got, the calmer Carfe's expression became.

Seeing this, Lu Sheng no longer looked down on him. This one was different from the ancient serpent devil. This ancient devil gave him a much more dangerous feeling than the serpent.

'But this can also be a good thing. If I kill him, I will have enough Devil aura to break through to the next level of the Eight-headed Devil Technique.'

Lu Sheng stood so that he was facing this huge monster with waving tentacles. In the dark, his eyes slowly started to glow with a dark violet.

"Hiss" In a few seconds, Lu Sheng's body expanded quickly, reverting to his large form of over ten meters.

A sword completely made out of black-purple Devil aura appeared in his hand.

"Come, let me see the courage you must have to appear in front of me."

Lu Sheng walked slowly towards Carfe with the sword in his hand.

Carfe squinted slightly, his hundreds of tentacles rising up into the air.

"I'm different from those dumbasses." A large number of tentacles curled and compressed.

"Is that so?" Lu Sheng gave a low roar, took a lightning-quick step, and his whole figure instantlyappeared right in front of Carfe, with his sword slashing down on him.


As the shadow of the sword fell, a large amount of tentacles underneath it blocked the blow.


The gray slime on the tentacles exploded out. Lu Sheng threw out an Eight-Headed Divine Pearl from behind his back and right into the mass of tentacles.

A huge boom sounded mid-air, and an enormous black-purple fireball exploded. In the flames, Lu Sheng rushed forward with his sword, his large frame smashing hard into Carfe's left shoulder.


The two huge creatures collided head on. Carfe was unable to dodge the blow and was knocked onto his back, but numerous sharp white teeth grew out from the ends of the remaining tentacles left besides him, and he sent those flying at Lu Sheng's arms and legs.

"Yang Extreme, Spirit Massacre!" Before he could hit the ground, Lu Sheng threw his sword forward. His sword was like the bumpy trail of a shooting star, cutting perfectly through every tentacle that tried to attach itself to him.

In an instant, huge winds started blowing with deafening whistling. The sword slashed through all the tentacles and stuck into the walloppositefirmly.

"Die!" Lu Sheng pulled out his sword and pushed off with his feet. A web of cracks appeared on the ground as he flew towards Carfe.

With his current strength and speed, just one slash of his sword could cause the air beside him to vibrate and shake. His power had gotten to an incredible level, and as soon as normal humans walked near him, their bodies would be torn in half.

"Dark Thunder!" Carfe's expression got serious, and he backed up quickly. Although Lu Sheng only came up to his chest, that speed and force gave him a scare.


With a huge bang, a ball of twisted, grayish mass exploded in front of Lu Sheng, enveloping him inside of it, causing him to lose balance after throwing out his sword.

With a whoosh, Lu Sheng's sword completely missed its mark, striking the distant wall behind on the left.

"Crack." A deep pitch-black crack appeared in the rock wall.

At the same time, the few tentacles that blocked Lu Sheng's attack were chopped in half. Another mass of gray flew towards Lu Sheng and exploded right beside him.

Lu Sheng brought his sword up hastily in front, but the explosion came from his side.

"Spirit Massacre!!" The Seven Days Heavenly Devil Knife swung out again. As its first attack, it wasn't as strong as the other ones, but it was enough to increase one's speed and force by a lot.

With a black glint and speed so fast one could barely see its shadow, the black blade slashed towards the writhing mass of gray.


The black sword exploded into pieces, and Dark Thunder was also destroyed.

"Devil's Mark!" At this time, Carfe's body suddenly appeared behind Lu Sheng, one of his huge hands grabbing toward Lu Sheng's back stealthily.

"Divine Might!!" Lu Sheng didn't even turn around. His two wings quickly morphed into two strong and bulky arms. Large amounts of Devil Aura poured out, forming two black blades that slashed towards the huge hand.


The black blades cut right through the palm of the huge hand.

The purple-black flames on the blades immediately grew bigger and climbed onto the huge hand like living creatures. But once they touched the hand, there seemed to be an invisible force preventing them from moving forward.

A black ball of flesh appeared on Carfe's forehead. That flesh shaped itself naturally into the shape of a mark; it was as if the latter was burned on.

At the same time, the flesh on his hands started moving and changing too, forming the same bump of a mark on his forehead.

The black blades struck onto the mark. To put it in other words, the mark grew out exactly where the blade was going to hit.


A huge shock wave exploded, invisible ripples spreading outwards from between Lu Sheng and Carfe.

Lu Sheng spun around. The black blades were fading away, and his four arms were swinging around like wheels, cutting down towards Carfe from different angles.

This was the first time he'd fought an opponent who could match both his strength and speed.

He claimed to be the Demon King Carfe, King of the Underearth. Lu Sheng didn't know how strong he was compared to other devils, but no matter his rank, this ancient devil was worth him giving his all.

Although he was a little slow, he had an advantagein size, and was able to gain the upper hand in this tight space.

So, in comparison, Carfe was bigger, but Lu Sheng was faster.

Creatures one big and one small started a fight to the death inside the cave.

Lu Sheng's four arms kept slashing towards Carfe from different angles with black blades, the Spirit Massacre increasing his speed and force and the Divine Might increasing his damage. Although he switched around using both, he could only manage to keep Carfe at bay.

The Devil's Mark seemed to be able to grow from every area on Carfe's skin. It was super fast and super strong, so much that even Lu Sheng's Devil Sword made from Devil Aura couldn't penetrate it.

Originally, Carfe wouldn't have been able to keep with Lu Sheng's agility, but because of the Devil's Mark appearing instantly wherever he wanted it to, he could block all of Lu Sheng's attacks.

The frightening strength that Lu Sheng was proud of was only ordinary in front of Carfe, unable to give him any superiority.

In fact, there were many times when Carfe's huge pressure made Lu Sheng feel he couldn't bear it.

The two kept fighting in the cave. Carfe's tentacles were unbeatable with the Devil's Mark assisting them, and continued to slam towards Lu Sheng from all sides like whips.

Lu Sheng was almost completely covered in the black threads from his black blades. Numerous blades slashed towards all sides, blocking the incoming waves of tentacles.

The battle slowly fell into a stalemate.


On the surface, the Prime Devil Sect.

The Kind of Dark Clouds walked forward step by step, and the buildings around him shattered, crumbling to the ground.

His huge form more than ten meters tall moved slowly, making a huge dent in the ground every time he took a step.


Large amounts of blue mist rose up from beneath his feet. The mist quickly transformed into clouds, and hovered nearby. Soon, he came to the center of the square in the Prime Devil Sect.

Far away, the scattered Rune Pillar pieces on the square and disciples of the Prime Devil Sect could be seen standing around.

Shangyang Jiuli was also among them. She stared blankly at the blue giant, not knowing what it was. However, a warning bell rang deep inside her heart, telling her that this was a frightening presence she couldn't possibly be able to contend with.

"Madam Jiuli!" A few members of the Shangyang Family gathered around her.

"This should be an ancient Devil Lord In the records, the Prime Devil Sect had locked away a few Devil Lords. Maybe maybe it's one of the locked up Devil Lords reappearing" an older member of the Shangyang Family said with a pale face.

"Should we fight or run? Madam, please tell us now!" another elderly member said quickly.

"I" Shangyang Jiuli bit her bottom lip. Fight? Against that size and force, even if everything went well, only someone who had a Holy Weapon would have a chance.

Without knowing if the Prime Devil Sect had Holy Weapons or if they were usable, she couldn't make a decision.

At this time, He Xiangzi and the other people had walked out, and were staring at the blue giant in the distance.

That huge creature over ten meters tall was cackling and destroying every building or life form that he came close to. A few Prime Devil Sect disciples who were sleeping in their rooms and hadn't gotten out in time were immediately swallowed by the blue mist, and vanished.

He Xiangzi was almost hopeless as she looked at the giant. She had read a few top secret scrolls her master showed her, and knew there were locked up Devil Lords here.

The binding spell could have been broken at any time, but it just had to be now. Right when all of the Hundred Sects and Noble Families were in grave danger, it was broken.

This was definitely not a coincidence.

"Let's retreat!!" He Xiangzi ordered with a bit of difficulty.

As soon as she said the word "retreat", He Xiangzi could feel the huge burden now on her shoulders.

She almost couldn't breathe under the pressure.

At this time, the sect master wasn't here, the first seat wasn't here... Although she was the eldest apprentice sister in the sect, she wasn't even as good as some of the younger talented disciples. "Eldest apprentice sister" was only a title given to her out of respect, but now she had to carry all this weight

Since the blue giant was busy destroying buildings, everyone quickly packed up their belongings, crossed over the hanging bridge, and rushed towards the secret entrance that led outside.

But before they made it that far, they were forced back by a deep blue fog.

Only now did they notice that, some time ago, this dark blue fog had spread everywhere, basically encircling the Prime Devil Sect in the middle. Even the most secluded and tiniest secret tunnels were closed off.

"Nevermorning Cloud this is the Nevermorning Cloud! How... how is there so much of it!?" Shangyang Jiuli finally recognized what this blue fog was.

"Damn it!" Her expression turned hard. She didn't expect for them to run into the dragon's nest right after managing to escape from the tiger's mouth.

"Madam Jiuli why are we afraid of this fog? Can't we just run through it" a young talented member of the Shangyang Family asked in confusion.