Way Of The Devil Chapter 292

292 The World 1

"Burn! Everything!" Lu Sheng spread out his four arms, his body started to burn with purple black flamethis was the Yin Flame perfected to its limit.

The horrifying Yin Flame spread in all directions in the blink of an eye, igniting the blue sea of cloud.


Purple light flashed, instantly igniting the sea of cloud. From the Secret Art Palace to the areas around it, everything was surrounded by a sea of purple flame.

The wildfire only circled around Song Zian, avoiding him, but still engulfed the black rock and the knife that was on top of it.

"Aghhhh!!" the voice inside the black rock screamed in agony. This Yin Flame could even damage Ancient Devils and Devil Masters like leopard-snake. It was definitely something a devil that wasn't even a lower tier Devil King in terms of power power couldn't bear.

The voice continued to screamed. The rock started to glow red, as if it was about to turn into lava.

Song Zian was still stunned, his brain unable to process this entire thing. He clearly saw Lu Sheng flying out, but how was it possible for Lu Sheng to have this level of power?

"Did he get possessed by a Devil King?"Song Zian didn't know what to think as he stared at the sea of purple flame.

"Ling!!" He suddenly realized what was going on, and began to run toward the black rock.

Oddly, everywhere he went, all the purple flames naturally retreated as if they were making way for him.

The purple flame engulfing the black rock dispersed because of him.

"Everything ok?" Song Zian stretched out his hand to touch the black rock, but the moment his hand came into contact with it, he felt a sharp pain. A partially translucent ripple appeared near his handa clear sign that his soul had been damaged. He felt like his whole arm was smudging and disappearing, forcing him to retract his hand. He was horrified.


An angry roar sounded from far away.

In the sea of flame, the blue giant reformed its body, trying with all his might to fly out of the fire.

But the moment he left the ground, countless arms formed from purple flame, each one as thick as his waist, layered on top of him and pulled him down. Tens of arms stretched out, and pulled him back into the sea of flamein an instant.

"NO!!!" the King of Dark Clouds roared as he attempted to stand back up to keep his head out of the fire.

"Everything, burn!!" Lu Sheng stretched out two arms while the two on his back again pushed King of Dark Clouds underneath the flames.


"I" the King of Dark Clouds was again pressed under the flame. He attempted to speak, but only choked on the lava.

His body, which was made out of cloud and gas to begin with, began to evaporate under the horrifying heat of the poisonous fire.

From far away, Shangyang Jiuli and her followers finally caught up. But they could only watch from the edge of the fire. Everyone was stunned, not knowing what was happening.

The blue gas burned in the sea of flame. The air was engulfed in dense black smoke, hiding everything inside. The only thing that could be heard was the angry roar of the King of Dark Clouds.

The whole area around the Secret Art Palace had been engulfed in flames. Rocks were melting, and the palace was also melting. Some Forbidding Puppets finally dug out of the ruin, but soon melted as well, sinking under once again.

Within tens of breaths, the whole area had been turned into a lake of purple-red lava.

At the center, Lu Sheng pressed his hands on the King of Dark Clouds Bei Ni's head, forcing it into the lava.

As time passed, the King of Dark Clouds' resistance weakened. His roar also dimmed, and eventually turned into a plea for mercy.

Lu Sheng's face remained expressionless, his hands still clamping tightly on the King of Dark Clouds' head. Ten more breaths, and the King of Dark Clouds' body finally finished dissolving under the burning purple flame.

The only thing left was his head held in Lu Sheng's hands.

"I This isn't fair" King Dark Cloud's head whispered. He didn't even have the chance to use any Secret Art before being held in place and burnt to death. He felt like he had been a victim of an injustice.


Lu Sheng closed his hands and crushed the head. It turned into a cloud of purple gas, and was instantly ignited by the purple cloud.

Devil Essence continuously flowed from the purple flame into Lu Sheng's body. Although this wasn't an Ancient Devil, it still wasn't bad. At least it was from a Devil King. Even if it was a really weak one.

After killing the King of Dark Clouds, Lu Sheng's body rapidly shrunk back down. He then looked toward the rock that Song Zian hid behind.

"Song Zian, how dare you surrender to the Devils! Do you want to die?" Lu Sheng was still angry. He had a feeling that if he had consumed the Ancient Devil Carfe, he would've reached a new tier of fundamental changes. Unfortunately, he failed at the last second. With the power of that ancient devil, the chance of forcing him to his limit in another fight would've been abysmal.

"I!" Song Zian swallowed, not knowing how to answer. "You are Lu Sheng???!"

"What do you think?" Lu Sheng answered impatiently. His gaze fell on the black boulder. He didn't have sufficient Devil Essence, and needed a little more to prepare for the next tier of Ultimate Eight Head Devil Way. Hence, he was looking at the black boulder strangely.

Like a predator atop the food chain staring at his prey, Lu Sheng changed back to his Extreme Yin Mode, slowly walking toward the black rock.

"There is a devil king sealed inside. You must have been deluded by him; allow me to solve your problem." Lu Sheng's mouth watered as he walked toward the black rock.

"I I wasn't deceived!!" Song Zian opened his mouth, but no sound came out... only air.

Lu Sheng stepped closer, closer, closer...

"Lu Sheng!" an anxious voice yelled suddenly from behind.

Shangyang Jiuli jumped toward him on the rocks that had already cooled, light like a seagull.

"Leave! This place isn't safe." She saw nothing of what just happened: the purple flame and burning smoke blocked her vision. She only vaguely saw an enormous monster that charged out and repressed King Dark Cloud, only to disappear.


Shangyang Jiuli landed beside Lu Sheng and grabbed his arm.

"Get out of here first!" She ignored everything else and dragged Lu Sheng toward the exit.

Song Zian stared as the two left, and was just about to speak when...

"You as well!" Shangyang Jiuli threw out a ribbon and tied him up, dragging him along.

Lu Sheng was planning to take care of the black rock first, but he didn't want to expose his ugly form.

He didn't plan to hide his power, but his Extreme Yang Mode was just too ugly. Even his Yin Yang Integration Mode didn't look human. Using only his Extreme Yin Mode was his original plan. He wanted to consume the devil inside the black rock, but since he got dragged away, coming back later would end up the same anyways.

The three people landed lightly on the edge of the lava lake. Shangyang Jiuli finally retracted her ribbon and dragged Lu Sheng and Song Zian toward He Xiangzi.

"The mist is dispersing!?" From far away, she heard the crowd gasp.

She surveyed her surrounding, and indeed found that the smog was dispersing at a rapid rate; the purple lake of lava was cooling rapidly. The burning temperature in the cavern was purely from the lava now.

"The giant monster must have taken care of the blue giant." Shangyang Jiuli finally let out a sigh of relief. "Hurry, hurry, hurry! We must leave now! If the blue giant comes back we'll be in big trouble."

"Of course! Madam Jiuli is absolutely right. Don't delay, everyone go above ground now,"Shangyang Family elder said in a clear voice.

However, He Xiangzi and the disciples of the Prime Devil Sect first noticed that Lu Sheng was back. Everyone seemed to find confidence all of a sudden and crowded around him.

"Senior Brother Lu!"

"Senior Brother First Seat!"

"Big Brother Lu!"

Everyone was excited, talking all at once, trying to describe the blue giant they just encountered.

"What should we do now?" He Xiangzi looked at Lu Sheng with concern. "Do we work with the Shangyang Family?"

Lu Sheng looked at the disciples present. Ning San immediately started to explain the Devil Disaster going on.

"Devil Disaster?" Lu Sheng frowned.

"We are leaving soon. Lu Sheng, will you come with me?" Shangyang Jiuli approached. "I advise that you stick with us. If that blue giant appear again"

"Don't worry," Lu Sheng replied casually. "My master Liu Sanziis still in the West Infinity Court. I will go there and bring him back."

"West Infinity Court? You must be mad!" Shangyang Jiuli eyes opened wide. "Do you know how many Devil Army blockades you have to go through to get there?"

Lu Sheng of course wasn't mad, he just wanted more Devil Essence or Devil Qi. He just wanted to consume more Devil Qi on his way.

"I'm not mad." He looked around at the Prime Devil Sect Disciples.

"Step forward if you are willing to follow me to save our master."


Everyone was silent. Many had just joined the sect. No matter how much they liked the sect, they were not ready to sacrifice their life for it yet.

The silence persisted.


Umbrella Girl Ying Ying and Xu Chuining stepped forward. They served Lu Sheng anyway; of course they'd follow.

And then He Xiangzi strided forward as well with a firm expression.

"I will go!"

"We will come as well." Zhan Kongning and Zhan Hongsheng stepped forward as well. At this point, if they didn't even find out what happened to their own sect master, they would never find peace.

Lu Sheng looked at the rest of the crowd. There were no more volunteers.

"Well then"

"I will go as well!" A girl dressed in a white dress quietly stepped forward.

Her name was Xu Shengyu; she was a disciple that'd just joined the sect not long ago. She was an orphan, one of the people that He Xiangzi recruited into the sect.

The rest of the crowd stood still.

"Well, then this is it." Lu Sheng looked at Xu Shengyu, too lazy to say anything more. "Follow me."

He strode toward the entrance of the Prime Devil Sect. He Xiangzi led Xu Shengyu, Umbrella Girl and the rest.

"Lu Sheng!" Shangyang Jiuli suddenly called out with a complicated expression. "If you can come back alive, come to the Scarlet Boiling Palace. I will wait for you!"

Lu Sheng didn't even turn his head, and wavedinstead, leaving with his followers in a fast pace.

Even though he didn't say it, he respected the fact that she tried to find him in an attempt to leave together in such a dire situation.

Even though he initially only wanted to use Shangyang Jiuli for his own benefit, he had to treat her with real respect now that she had thought to save him despite the danger involved.