Way Of The Devil Chapter 296

296 The World 5

At this time, Roxim and Shangyang Jun were finally starting to pay attention to this intruding expert.

"Roxim, looks like trouble for you." Shangyang Jun smiled.

"Trouble? Why don't you show me how much your Thousand Mountain Brush Stroke has improved?" Roxim stared into his opponent's eyes, forming a blue ball of Devil Qi in his hand.

The two stared each other down. The enormous Mountain Shepherding Brush was floating in midair, while the Devil Essence Ball in Roxim's hand grew even larger.

But neither of the two answered Lu Sheng's question.

"I know! It was the sect master of the West Infinity Court!" a clear voice shouted out suddenlyfrom beside the Grand Marshall.

It was Li Shunxi!

He was using all his effort to shout out the information that he knew.

"It was the sect master of the West Infinity Court! He plotted and killed all nineteen sect masters!!" he roared.

He didn't have the horrifying power that the other three possessed, so all he could do wasspend all of his strength shouting so that his voice would be heard amidst the noise of the battlefield.

"Dumbass." The West Infinity Court's sect master, who was standing not far away from their Grand Marshall, with Five Star Generals of various tribes next to him, rolled his eyes. "Li Shunxi, don't tell me you think that mere human could come here and kill me under these circumstances?"

"..." Li Shunxi didn't speak, and only tried to catch his breath as he stared at Lu Sheng in the distance. He didn't know why he shouted, but something in his heart told him that he should. It was a feeling that bordered on a precognition.

"Alright, everyone quiet down. All this useless talking can wait until the Gate of Flesh and Blood is perfected." Roxim smiled.

"Yes, Sir." The West Infinity Court's sect master lowered his head.

On the battlefield, Lu Sheng's face sunk. His right hand tightened around his knife as he stared at the person standing behind Roxim.


A swarm of purple flames instantly started to burn on the knife.

"You must be punished when you commit a crime." His right arm bulged, then transformed and twisted, growing a dense cluster of pitch-black muscles.

In the blink of an eye, the normal-looking arm expanded to be three meters long.


A blood-red eye opened on his right arm, its gaze darting around everywhere.

Lu Sheng slowly lifted his knife, his right arm covered in a thick layer of black armor.

"Extreme Yang!" His eyes slowly turned into their three pupil form, glowing a faint purple light. "Divine Might!!"


The moment the knife edge swung forward, within a thousandth of a second, the knife shattered.


Countless metal shards surrounded by purple flames formed a purple torrent, flying straight at the sect master of the West Infinity Court.

The torrent was moving too fast. By the time the sect master sensed that something was off and tried to defend himself, it was already too late.

The torrent crossed thousands of meters within a breath, arriving in front of the sect master's eyes.

A crisp noise similar to that of shattering glass rang in the air. The purple torrent seemed to have broken a layer of glass, and was as if it was shattering space itself.

All the flames formed a pure streak of purple, shooting straight at the West Infinity Court's sect master.

"!!!" Roxim's smile froze, and his pupils dilated as his right arm violently swung up in an attempt to block the purple streak of flame. But it was too late.

Sensing the immense power within the torrent, he clearly understood that as the Grand Marshall, if he allowed one of his most capable generals to be slain right in front of him, the damage to the army's morale would be unfathomable!

No matter what, he had block this attack!

But he was still too slow.


With all his strength, he swung his arm even faster.


A giant explosion.

Purple flame clashed with black Devil Qi and exploded. Roxim's veins all over his body popped. His hands crossed in front of him, and he bent his body in an attempt to resist the enormous force.

But the torrent of purple flames still constantly battered his body like a waterfall, pushing him back as he left two deep trenches with his feet.

An ellipse centered around Roxim slowly extended tens of meter backwards, clear as day.


Two more arms popped out of Lu Sheng's back. His slim body with four arms suddenly charged into the wall of flame in front of Roxim, the knife in his hand going straight for the Grand Marshall's head.

"Divine Might!"

Another swing of his knife brought down another torrent of purple flames crashing down like a falling meteor.

Roxim felt like his eyes were about to explode. Without any time to think, a black whirlpool formed behind him, and a giant black flag flew out from inside of it.


The purple torrent of flames clashed violently with the flag, and sprayed a horrifying black streak of flame in all directions.

The Devil Army all around them rapidly dispersed. Those that didn't retreat in time were instantly burnt to ashes by the black flame.

Lu Sheng's four arms raised newly formed black knives.

"Divine Might!"

Third Slash!

The sect master of the West Infinity Court stood in place, unable to move. Not because he didn't want to move, but because he couldn't. An insanely strong yet unseen force field was holding him firmly in place.

His eyes werewideopen, each bleeding at the corners. Blood flowed out of his nose and ears, but he didn't dare to move his eyes. He could only stare at the horrifying figure surrounded by purple flames.

Unprecedented power froze every single high-ranking member of the Devil Army.

Everyone froze like bugs stuck in amber, unable to move.

Aside from Grand Marshall Roxim.

Inside the black whirlpool behind him, the giant flag was slowly sinking back. He himself was being pushed back by Lu Sheng's horrifying strength, and was frantically trying to block it with his hands.

"I. am the Grand Marshall Shape Shifting Devil King of Scarlet Devils Roxim" The veins throughout his body started to explode, dark-red blood covering half of his body. "Don't you dare Underestimate me!!"

"Bam! Bam, bam, bam, bam!!!"

More whirlpools formed behind him. In addition to the one he summoned in the beginning, a total of nine whirlpools formed a triangular formation behind him.

All of the whirlpools combined, then attempted to block Lu Sheng's third Divine Might attack.

The purple flame meteor smashed into the black whirlpools like lightning.


The world was instantly filled with blinding light as strong as a burning sun landing on the ground. An instant later, everything went dark again.

Lu Sheng's body returned to his Extreme Yin Mode. Everything in sight was annihilated. Both the black whirlpools and the yin flame emitted by Divine Might had disappeared, cancelling each other out.

The price was the ten meter deep hole that was burned into the center of the Devil Army.

The hole was hundreds of meters wide. From afar, it seemed as if a black tumor had grown in the middle of the Devil Army.

The sect master of the West Infinity Court stood behind a pitch-black shield of Devil Essence, staring at Lu Sheng with a horrified expression.

Li Shunxi was laughing wildly.

"Do you see this? Do you see this!!?" he yelled. "This is the resistance of humans! An elite human warrior! The hope of humankind!! AHAHAHA!!" The emotions he had repressed for so long were released like a flood.

Roxim and the small crowd of generals that survived stared at the four-armed Lu Sheng who was in midair, then at the laughing Li Shunxi.

"Can someone tell me how the f*ck this thing is human? If humans can look like that, why do devils even exist?? Are you sure he's not one of our spies that infiltrated human society...?" A devil general cursed.

"Umm." Li Shunxi realized this was all very strange, but that didn't affect his ecstasy at all.

Because he finally saw a change in the future. He was sure that the future could still be changedall because of Lu Sheng.

There was still hope for the Nine Cities!

"The world is twisted, humans are twisted." Lu Sheng raised all four of his demonic knives. "This corrupted world must be fixed by humans."

His eyes glinted with contradicting coldness, cruelty, and burning passion.

"What high hopes you have!" Roxim stood up once again, his expression solemn like never before. Even the Mountain Shepherding Brush couldn't match the pressure that he felt from Lu Sheng.

He looked up at Lu Sheng, demonic symbols forming lightning quick behind him.

"Who do you think you are? A Devil Master?!"

"The person who killed your master is right in front of you. Attack if you dare!" Roxim smirked, carelessly letting blood drip from his head.

Lu Sheng narrowed his eyes at the the West Infinity Court sect master behind the black screen, slowly raising his demonic knives.

"No!" Shangyang Jun's face suddenly sunk. "That barrier is connected to the half-formed Gate of Blood and Flesh!! He can't use brute force to plow through it!! Otherwise, it will completely open the gate connecting to the Devil World, allowing more devils to come through!!"

The chain of runes around him spun faster, commanding the Mountain Shepherding Brush toward Lu Sheng.

"Brother Lu of the Prime Devil Sect!! Don't be hasty!!" He moved insanely fast and crossed the short distance between them in an instant, attempting to grab Lu Sheng.

"Get lost!" Lu Sheng's eyes glowed purple, and the muscles throughout his body bulged. He leaned to one side and struck outwith his palm into the side of the Mountain Shepherding Brush.


Purple flames exploded all around them. The enormous Mountain Shepherding brush shook violently, clearly losing balance, and fell toward the ground.

Lu Sheng's body had completely transformed into his Extreme Yang Mode.

Compared to before, his body was even larger. The nearly 20 meters tall body was covered with dense black spikes and scales. The four horns on his head bent backward, while his mouth was cracked to his ears,and three rows of dense, saw blade-like teeth glinted with a pale white light.

The most obvious part was his lower body: a thick, battering ram-like tail was shaking slightly, supported by two legs, each 7 to 8 meters thick.


On the plains, faraway.

He Xiangzi and the rest followed tightly, finally arriving at the edge of the battle, just as Lu Sheng was transforming.

"What What is that??!" He Xiangzi knew that the Prime Devil Sect's Devil Body could strengthen the cultivator to improve their strength.

The problem was that Lu Sheng's was too big right now.

The 20 meter tall body could easily crush her with just a toe.

Even though she saw many obvious signs of the Devil Body on Lu Sheng, she still refused to believe what she was seeing was possible.

Zhan Kongning and Zhan Kongsheng only stared at Lu Sheng, stunned.

They witnessed the whole process as Lu Sheng transformed from a normal human to a monster nearly 20 meters tall. Zhan Hongsheng faired better since she had mentally prepared herself. Zhan Kongning, on the other hand, was frozen in place, his normally calm demeanor completely lost.