Way Of The Devil Chapter 297

297 The World 6

Umbrella Girl and Xu Chuining arrived too.

The three still couldn't believe what they just saw with Lu Sheng's transformation.

Looking behind at He Xiangzi and the rest, Ning San took a deep breath and started to explain. "Master is trying to kill the devil that killed our sect master and is fighting with the Devil Army right now. We are too weak, and can only watch."

Umbrella Girl Hongfang Bai originally had some intention of catching up to Lu Sheng, but was now only filled with despair. It seemed like there would be no hope of getting released from Lu Sheng's control within this lifetime.

"Then what should we do?" Xu Chui said unwillingly. "Master is fighting with his life, but as his subordinates, we can't even help!"

Ning San let out a bitter laugh.

"Maybe we can't help him in battle, but there is still something we can do."


"Like, praying."


Lu Sheng's four arms tightly gripped the four black knives.

Right now, every single knife was at least 20 meters long, their enormous blades burning with dark purple flames.

He floated in mid-air, covering at least 10 Devil Army generals within his shadow.

"Repent and cry!" Lu Sheng's low yet grand voice seemed to come with a mystifying shock, stunning even Shangyang Jun for a moment.

The devil army below suffered even worse. Aside from the Devil Generals that reacted fast enough, the rest of the devil captains and thousands of demonic creatures fell into a lifeless stupor.

"Extreme Yang" Devil Essence started to amass in front of Lu Sheng, forming four black balls a couple meters longeachon the tips of the knives.

"Divine Might!"


Four fiery-black meteors fell from the sky in an instant, leaving behind four black tails in the sky, accurately landing on the barrier in front of the sect master of the West Infinity Court.

"No!!" Shangyang Jun finally realized what was happening, but it was already too late.


A sea of pitch-black flame exploded in waves on the ground below, covering everything in a one thousand meter radius instantly, forming a enormous black circle.

The ground at the edge of the circle sunk and dust flew everywhere.

But the four black meteors were still in the center of the circle, still pounding at the black screen unrelentingly.



A light and crisp sound rang out as if something had been broken. The sect master of the West Infinity Court, along with the barrier protecting him, turned to dust in an instant.

"We are finished" Shangyang Jun's face turned pale. The Gate of Flesh and Blood had opened. The battle was decided.

At this moment, a giant arched door with a black frame and a clear ripple at its center started to appear slowly above the sea of flames.

The arc was thirty meters tall, and its frame swarmed with skeletal hands. At the top sat an inky green crescent moon, while countless figures of plants and beasts were carved into its bottom.

"Come! Come! The Great Ances Deraqi Gajiev!!" Devil General Roxim spread out his arms, his face in a fanatic zeal. Blood started to gush out of his mouth, but he didn't seem to care; his eyes were still fixed onto the Gate of Flesh and Blood in midair.

Dark clouds gathered quickly in the sky. Thunder and lightning descended, and the wind howled.

Inside the gate, ripples bounced everywhere rapidly, becoming denser and denser.


Suddenly, an enormous skeletal hand punched out of the gate, grabbing straight at Lu Sheng.

The hand moved too fast, fast to the point where it had appeared in front of Lu Sheng before anyone had enough time to react.

The thirty meter thick skeletal hand grabbed at Lu Sheng like a mountain, bringing with it a breathtakingly huge shadow and gale.

Lu Sheng's eyes opened wide, and Devil Essence all over his body started to gather in front of him. By now, his body was completely covered by the shadow of the giant hand.

"I don't care who you are Only I I am... the strongest!!"

The four knives he held in his hands combined into one. Lu Sheng's body started to burn fiercely, with purple black flames surging out of his eyes, ears, and mouth.

His whole body shrunk, somehow turning back into the Yin Yang Integration Mode.

But dark purple flames surrounded his body, forming into a thirty meter tall giant.

"Yin Yang, Death of Stars!!!"

Lu Sheng's grip tightened, and he slammed the knife forward. He let out a low roar that shook aside the dark clouds, splitting the sky with a golden pilar.


The giant made of dark purple flames held the enormous knife high, striking at the huge skeletal hand.

A shock wave exploded outward from the ground all the way up to the sky. Like a boulder falling into a still pond, the ripple in the air materialized into waves, hitting against each other and spreading further onto the horizon.

Within mere seconds, thousands of devil army soldiers were pulverized by the shock waves. Even some Alliance soldiers too close to the blast were ripped into pieces.

Grand Marshall Roxim and Shangyang Jun stood the nearest. Even though they directed all their efforts to steady themselves, they still underestimated the destructiveness of the shock wave caused by this horrifying collision. The power had surpassed that of a Divine Weapon Master, and reached the higher Devil Master level.

With no time to dodge, both of their inner organs were damaged by the shock wave, and each of them spat out a mouthful of blood.

"He somehow somehow blocked it!!!" Retreating several hundreds meters backward, Shangyang Jun finally steadied his Mountain Shepherding Pen. He finally looked at Lu Sheng with an awestruck expression. That giant hand was at least at the Devil Master level, but somehow... somehow, Lu Sheng blocked its attack!

But soon, he started to worry again.

Because Lu Sheng was obviously on the losing side.

The giant skeletal hand clearly surpassed Lu Sheng by a lot in strength. It was pressing against Lu Sheng, its sharpfive fingers slowly but surely grabbing Lu Sheng's actual body.

Within the dark purple flames, Lu Sheng's scales all over his body started to crack. He was utilizing every ounce of his strength: Devil Essence, inner Qi, and even burning his Devil Body. Everything had been usedeven his strongest move, Death of Stars.

But he was against a Devil Master, not a Devil King. It was a being one level above him.

If he managed to absorb the Ancient Devil, maybe he would have stood a chance.

"You are only a hand" Lu Sheng's eyes were filled with a burning purple light, every ounce of strength in his body burning to its limit.

"Go die die, die, die, die!! AHHHHHH!!!" Lu Sheng roared wildly. "Death of Stars! Four Times!!!"

All four of his arms formed knives at once, each of them using the strongest killing move he learned so far.


Four giant black knives glowed with silver blue starlight, violently surging upward.

This time, with four times the horrifying power, the knife strike connected with the skeletal hand, causing a vast amount of bone powder to fall.

The tracks that Death of Stars left behind looked like four strokes from an ink brush filled with black Devil Essence that looked like shining starlight.

This type of Devil Essence had been modified by Lu Sheng, and had an element of destruction, enough to annihilate any energy or matter it touched.

The downward pressure of the giant hand finally stopped.

"No!" a low voice roared desperately behind the gate. The giant skeletal hand fell backward from the immense force of Lu Sheng's knife strike.

But it was useless. This was the battle separated by two worlds. Crossing the barrier between worldsalreadyrequired immense effort, and Lu Sheng wasn't even a normal Devil King, but instead one that could become a Devil Master at any time.

With a loud boom, the giant hand finally sunk back into the Gate of Flesh and Blood. The door's frame cracked open with a snap, and the ripple at the center of the door slowly faded away as everything fell silent once more.

The Gate of Flesh and Blood started crumbling as well, turning into countless pieces of bones and flesh spraying down from the sky.

"How how is this possible!?" Devil General Roxim kneeled on the ground with a stunned look; somehow, the Devil Master's right hand was just straight up pressed back.

That that man!

With an expression of disbelief and horror, he stared at Lu Sheng floating midair.

Lu Sheng had now returned to his Extreme Yin Mode with his back bent. Blood surged into his mouth, but he swallowed it right back.

The four-times strength Death of Stars had overloaded his body. The inner wounds he suffered right now weren't from the giant hand, but rather from the sudden explosive strength that was channeled during his killing strike.

Lu Sheng stayed in midair, surveying the armies below. The ranks of the Devil Army had collapsed; countless devils escaped into the city behind them, while most others darted into the mountains and forests.

Looking down from above, it looked like a mass of black sand flowing everywhere on the yellow dirt.

"With them running in all directions like that, we can't stop all these demonic creatures from escaping. We have to form special demon hunting units to exterminate them one at a time." Shangyang Jun flew up with a complicated expressing, stopping a short distance away.

"How's the Alliance Army?" Lu Sheng asked while he slowly calmed his breathing and blood flow.

"Even though it's called the Alliance Army, most of the forces are from my family. The rest of the Noble Families didn't even have time to fully mobilize, so most of them are still on their way here." Shangyang Jun shook his head slightly. "Sire might we provide you some rest below?"

He still didn't know what kind of Divine Weapon Lu Sheng held or where he held itdespite Lu Sheng being a Divine Weapon Master that was almost at the Devil Master level. He also didn't know how much sacrifice was needed to sustain the Divine Weapon in question.

But no matter what, someone with this level of strength had to be befriended at all costs.

There was only one man at the Devil Master level in the entire Song Empire. At this level, every single one of them could decide the fate of an empire. One more meant that his country was going to enter into a new golden age.

This could only benefit all the noble families. A strong empire meant expansion and a big cake that could be split between everyone. Of course, this is all dependent on this Devil Master's willingness to join the Song Empire.

"And you are?" Lu Sheng still didn't know who this elderly man wielding a giant brush was.

"I am the Great Elder of the Shangyang Family, Shangyang Jun. Also the current Divine Weapon Master of the family." Shangyang Jun introduced himself.

"The current Divine Weapon Master?" Lu Sheng blanked for a moment. This old man was so weak, yet he was a Divine Weapon Master?

"What's the matter?" Shangyang Jun was also confused by Lu Sheng's reaction, not knowing why this Devil Master had suddenly stopped talking.

Lu Sheng paused a while before asking again. "Where is the West Infinity Court? I want to go see it."

Shangyang Jun suddenly recalled that this person in front of him was from the Prime Devil Sect.

When did the Hundred Lineages produce someone with this horrifying level of power?

He hesitated, but still asked in a low voice, "Then if I may ask who you really are, Sire...?"

"I don't have some secret identity; I'm still me, First Seat Lu Sheng of the Prime Devil Sect. Just happens that I seem to be really suited for the Secret Arts of the Prime Devil Sect. I went through several levels at a fast pace and reached where I am now." Lu Sheng had prepared an answer long ago.

"Very suited? Are you are you the one that could perfectly integrate the legendary secret art" Shangyang Jun suddenly thought of something, his eyes widening.