Way Of The Devil Chapter 303

303 Bloodline 2

"No Actually, the power of the bloodline shouldn't have been awakened in me. It was only because I cultivated the secret arts of the Prime Devil Sect to such a high level that all the blood in my body had been awakened, causing that one sliver of bloodline to also be forcefully awakened." Lu Sheng realized.

"In the letter, my father said my real mother appeared and wanted to take me with her?" For the Lu Family to listen to them and even write a letter to him, that meant that whoever came was definitely not an ordinary person.

"That makes sense. How could a family with the power of a bloodline be an ordinary force?" Lu Sheng let the letter burn to ashes in his hand and drop to the ground.

Lu Sheng always had questions about this sliver of a bloodline in his body, but after joining the Prime Devil Sect, he realized that a bloodline like his was very weak, almost the same as a normal human's. There were a lot of disciples like him who, as time passed, had become completely ordinary.

After some research, he discovered that the Noble Families had been sleeping left and right, so much so that probably three-fourths of the human population had some sort of Noble Family bloodline in them. It was just so weak that it couldn't be awakened.

The Noble Families didn't recognize such people as their descendants; rather, only those who had awakened their bloodlines would be considered descendants.

"Birth mother?" Lu Sheng gently touched the arm of chair. "If I have a birth mother, then why do I have another adoptive mother?"

From his father, Lu Quanan, and other direct family members, he knew for sure that this body was given birth to by his mother, Sun Yan, with the help of midwife Wen. He was definitely from the Lu Family.

This was also mentioned in the letter, telling him not to worry.

"Since it's the Devil Disaster, and Master Liu Shanzi is currently here, if I leave a Devil Spirit outside for defense, I should be able to go back for a little bit of time." Now that he could fly through the air from the release of Devil Qi, he could travel way faster than he ever could before.

Getting to a place through a straight line in the air was at least twice as fast as taking detours on the ground.

Honestly, Lu Sheng himself also found that he was getting too weird. Even the Qi that he cultivated now transformed him. This probably had something to do with his bloodline, so he planned to talk with this body's birth mother. And that Three Sacred Gates: that mysterious door that led to an unknown world. He never found out what that was, either.

After deciding on the next step, Lu Sheng walked out of his room.

Everything was foggy. A huge single-horned ghost was circling the square, sometimes pausing to look at things, but it only stayed within a certain area.

When Lu Sheng walked out, the ghost immediately sensed a difference and looked towards this side. Their eyes made contact, and the ghost first flinched, then lowered its head, paying sincere respect to Lu Sheng.

Lu Sheng ignored it. After he taught that ghost brat Du Ye a lesson, all the ghosts here at night lost all their hostility towards him, and seemed to greatly respect himinstead.

Even though these ghosts didn't have minds or knowledge.

Lu Sheng walked to below the attic, and spoke quietly, "Senior Apprentice Brother Song Zian."


Soon, a ball of black smoke in the shape of a human flew quickly towards that side.

"Here, here, Junior Apprentice Brother Lu, I'm here!" Song Zian quickly transformed into his shape and waved his hand.

"I want to leave a while. I'll leave a Devil Spirit here as protection, and I won't be gone for long," Lu Sheng said in a low voice.

"You could tell Master that yourself." Song Zian shrugged.

"I'll be back soon. I'm just going and coming back. Start the preparations for the transfer." Lu Sheng had finally persuaded Liu Shanzi to transfer the sect. Although having to leave behind the Devil Pools was a pity, safety was more important.

"Okay, I will let him know." Song Zian didn't mention anything about the Devil in the stone, and Lu Sheng didn't want to bring it up, either. That thing was dumb and fun to play with, but he did give Lu Sheng some benefits. Also, that thing had, like, no Devil Qi, so it didn't matter if Lu Sheng absorbed him or not. That was also a reason why he let him go.

After getting Song Zian to pass along his message, Lu Sheng decided against bringing Umbrella Girl and the others with him. Instead, he left by himself so that it would be faster.

Right now, the Devil Disaster was slowly falling into a stalemate. The majority of the Devil Army stayed in the Nine Cities, and started building army camps. Under the influence of Devil Qi, the surroundings changed greatly. A lot of plants that were harmless before were now extremely dangerous.

The erection of multiple Devil Light Towers also increased the area of influence that the Devil Army had.

Originally, Lu Sheng thought that killing and absorbing the Devil Army would be able to fill up his own Devil Qi, but he soon realized that the Devil Qi he'd absorbed couldn't be transformed into Devil Aura, and could only be used once.

Falcon City, Scarlet Boiling Palace, and Changing Stars City had become stable. The Devil Army had been unable to successfully attack these three places. Even the Scarlet Boiling Palace, the weakest out of them, had ancient formations and enough sects and Divine Weapons that, once they combined the power of the formation and Divine Weapons, it could form a way stronger defense than the Prime Devil Sect could ever hope for.

So, the Devil Army's plan was probably to destroy these cities one by one. And places like the Prime Devil Sect, where there weren't enough defenses, would probably come next on the list.

This was also why Lu Sheng wanted to move and leave the Central Plains.

Devil Aura the best way to obtain it would be from that ancient devil Carfe.

"What a pity" Lu Sheng had entered the seal multiple times after that, but couldn't find the ancient devil anywhere. As of now, those seals had become as safe as a backyard garden. As long as one could stand the density of the Devil Qi there, they could go in and out as they pleased. But except for him, no one in the entire Prime Devil Sect, including his master Liu Shanzi, could do so.

"There's also another problem. Everyone assumed I got my powers because I combined with some Divine Weapon and instantly became a Divine Weapon Master. Once they find out that I don't have a Divine Weapon within me, I'll be in trouble." Lu Sheng was still worried about this.

His existence completely shattered the stable rule of the Noble Families and Divine Weapons. Once people found out, and started to spread the word, he would immediately become the hot topic every Noble Family was focused on. He did not want that.

After packing up a few belongings, Lu Sheng left quietly during the night.

He let out the Snake of Jealousy on purpose, and set it to guard the entrance. If any devil approached, it wouldn't even be able to come closer if its level was too low. And if they were able to, they would be affected by the distraction force field and start killing each other instead.

This was the easiest way to protect the Prime Devil Sect. At the same time, it allowed for a buffer zone where the mind-distraction force field was present.

Using the fact that his Yin extreme form was very hard to detect, Lu Sheng tapped the ground and immediately burst into an inhuman speed, disappearing from the cave entrance instantly and shooting towards the Northern Territories through the clouds.


The air sliced past Lu Sheng, leaving white smoke behind him. He had put away his clothes and was flying nude.

But being nude didn't mean he was naked. Instead, Lu Sheng was covered in scales, as if he was wearing a layer of thick armor that covered his whole body.

Large amounts of Devil Qi shot out from behind him consistently, acting as thrusters and helping Lu Sheng maintain his speed.

After flying for about two hours, the ground below him changed from grayish-yellow plains to uneven hills.

Dark green hills spanned the ground, without an end in sight.

The air started to turn cold, too.

Lu Sheng slowly increased his speed, the Devil Qi coming out of him even faster. The scales on his two shoulders and head started glowing a slight red from the heat caused by the high speed contact with the air.

After another hour or so, the hills started thinning out, and a magnificent border wall came into Lu Sheng's view.

This was an isolated rural area. There were no gates, and the heavy wall stretched out into the distance, separating the Central Plains and the Northern Territories.

There was no sign of life. Everything was just desolate land.

"Hm?" Suddenly, Lu Sheng squinted as he looked toward a small stream beside the wall.

Two dark green shadows were flashing there as if they were fighting each other at a really high speed.

Lu Sheng recognized one of them immediately.

"Duan Muwan?" He saw that Duan Muwan seemed to hold an absolute advantage. She was teasing her opponent, not actually trying to kill her. The two were fighting in a very similar style, and both of them were stunning girls. There must have been more to it.

Lu Sheng paused, but in the end, didn't stop to greet them. Instead, he flew above the two, and continued towards Mountain-Edge City.

Because his altitude was so high, the two people continued fighting without noticing that someone had flown about a thousand meters above them.

After passing by Rongxin station, Lu Sheng continued for about another two hours before reaching the outskirts of Mountain-Edge City at noon.

He found a patch of grass beside a river and landed among a huge group of crows in the dark end of a forest. From a distance, unless someone had extremely good eyesight, no one could tell that a human had just landed from the sky.

After tidying himself, putting on clothes, and retracting his scales, Lu Sheng once again became the fit, determined, and casual son of a rich man.

He walked along the river towards Mountain-Edge City. Passing by many student couples, he walked onto the road like an ordinary person and merged into the traffic.

Before he could enter the city, however, he could sense a few special auras that didn't belong to normal people.

This aura was very special. It seemed as if he was standing in front of a burning fire, and was feeling the heat coming off of it. These auras were bold, the people releasing them not trying to hide or cover anything, as if they were trying to show something instead.

"Auras like this It seems similar to my bloodline" Lu Sheng squinted again, and walked towards the direction of the auras in big strides.

He hoped the owner of this aura would give him a satisfactory answer. From the letter, his birth mother wasn't Sun Yan, but this woman who came to look for him. Why hadn't she come looking for him all these years, and came nowinstead?

Lu Sheng didn't think that the news of him breaking through would make its way back to the Northern Territories so quickly. After the Devil Disaster, the most the people here knew was that he was the leader of the Crimson Whale Sect, or maybe that he got a little stronger. But apart from that, they wouldn't know anything.

This was also one of the reasons why he hurried back so soon. None of the auras here were weak, and they would not have come just because of his position as an ordinary sect leader. This way, he would be able to see their intentions more clearly.

"If their intentions aren't good, I'll kill all of them. Except for the Lu Family, who brought me up, any other ones would only be an annoyance. If they didn't want me originally, they have no right to come look for me again." Lu Sheng treated this very lightly. Compared to a bloodline, he valued relationships and upbringing much more.