Way Of The Devil Chapter 304

304 Bloodline 3

Lu Sheng walked through the gate and into Mountain Edge City.

Although he hadn't been back for a long time, not much had changed in the city apart from a few stores changing their signs. Everything else was exactly the same.

Lu Sheng didn't notify the Crimson Whale Sect, but headed directly towards the auras.

Using the Clear Void Earth Stomp Technique, he seemed to be walking slowly, yet each step was over a hundred meters in length. Ordinary people couldn't even see him with his speed. All they would feel was a slight breeze, a blur, and the person would be long gone.

After about thirty breaths, Lu Sheng was standing in front of the Lu Manor.

The guards in front of the Lu Manor were pale in fright, and there were still leftover bloodstains in front of the doors. A number of elegant, expensive black carriages was parked outside, being watched over by a few strong, young men. They stared at the Lu Manor guards threateningly.

Lu Sheng smiled. He could sense the few auras coming from these carriages. He walked into the Lu Manor.


Yuanguang Shening followed her elder sister to this tiny city to look for their bloodline disciples only because she was bored. All she wanted was to relax for a little bit.

In such a faraway place, even if this city was slightly bigger than the rest, and even if the child had awakened his bloodline, it would only be an ignorant Burning Son. What was the point of bringing him back?

So, she only came here due to formalities. Honestly, she was already impatient with the Lu Family for making them wait so long.

If not for her deep trust and relationship with her elder sister, she wouldn't even want to talk to these people. They were just useless humans that she could kill with a slap of her palm. As for her sister's child, all they needed to do was knock him out and take him awaynothing else.

Yuanguang Chexing sat on the seat silently, a little nervous and resigned, and with her brows knitted as she watched the head of the Lu Family, Lu Quanan.

"Is there really no other way? Through normal means, it would take at least half a month for a message to get from here to the Central Plains." Yuanguang Chexing sighed.

Lu Quanan was also worried. These people had come up to their door for no reason, and forcefully claimed to be Lu Sheng's birth mother. Thinking to Sun Yan's original status as an orphan, he could sort of believe them.

But Lu Sheng's mother must have been Sun Yan. Aside from just Grandma Wen, there were multiple other female witnesses in the family to prove this point.

So he was completely sure of Lu Sheng's identity. But the other person also seemed to be very sure.

"It's hard, Miss Chexing. We already did our best to send the letter as fast as we could. We even asked for help from a few spies working for large forces here Please calm down." Lu Quanan didn't know the background of these people, but had a good idea of their strength from previous encounters. It was not something the Lu Manor could handle.

"Also, Little Sheng is my son. You said you were willing to prove his identity with the mixing of blood, but from what I know, since birth, my son, Little Sheng, has not had an extra birth mother. His only mother died a long time ago," Lu Quanan said solemnly.

"No you" Yuanguang Chexing couldn't get the words out of her mouth. The reason why Lu Sheng's mother, Sun Yan, had passed away so quickly was because her body was damaged by carrying her blood. "You don't understand"

Chexing glanced towards her sister. Yuanguang Shenning was obviously very impatient already. "To be honest, I just want to meet Lu Sheng and ask him some questions in person."

"I already explained, I really can't do anything else. My eldest son is in the Central Plains, a long distance away from here. Even if I send a message through a messenger bird, it'll still take at least a few days for him to get here, especially since I don't have good training and breeding methods here." Lu Quanan looked at the guards around himthe few people in the Lu Family who were at Intent Proficiency. However, he couldn't tell how much use they would be in a fight against these people.

The current Crimson Whale Sect had a decent amount of strong people, so these Intent Proficiency experts hurried here the moment they got notice.

They even fought the other people outside the door, but one of them got his shoulder shattered almost immediately, showing the frightening strength of the newcomers...

"Mother, if there's no other way, we can come visit another time. Let's go back first. Grandmother's going to worry as she waits for us."

Alongside Yuanguang Chexing were three other people, two young men and a girl, all of them around their twenties.

But they all had a striking similarityand that was that they all resembled Yuanguang Chexing in some way. The one who spoke was a handsome young man.

"There's no hurry" Chexing shook her head, rejecting her son's idea.

Honestly, this was also the main reason Lu Quanan couldn't be sure and sent a letter to Lu ShengYuanguang Chexing and Lu Sheng also looked alike.

Just as everyone was getting impatient, cheers sounded outside the door.

"The young master is here!"

"Young master! It's young master!!"

All the servants and maids were shouting. The one who held an important position in the Central Plains, the pillar of the family, young master Lu Sheng, suddenly arrived home.

Lu Quanan stood up abruptly in the hall, almost dropping the teacup beside him.

"Didn't we just send out the letter? How could he be so fast?" He stared towards the outside incredulously.

But someone was even more excited than him. Yuanguang Chexing also stood up quickly, breathing heavily and with regret and apology in her eyes as she looked towards the door.

The reason she made this trip was to make up to her children and repay them. The good thing was that the rest of her three children all agreed to return to the main family with hersome even appeared really excited.

But now that she thought about it, this was a good thing for them. Being able to go to a top-notch Noble Family like the Yuanguang Family was something that an ordinary person could only dream of.

Only when she reached the Lu Family did a little trouble appear. This one seemed to have made a name for himself among the humans.

Lu Sheng walked into the hall slowly. The first person he saw was the woman on the left. Everything about her appearance was giving off a sense of familiarity.

That aura it felt as if he was standing in front of a river and gazing at his own reflection. That was how familiar it felt! Not just the aura, but even her face and features were also really similar.

After greeting his father Lu Quanan, he turned towards these people.

"And you are?" Of course Lu Sheng wouldn't say that he got the letter and hurried back. He pretended notto know what was going on and that he just happened to visit home early.

"My name is Yuanguang Chexing. Child do you feel the bloodline inside of you moving?" Yuanguang Chexing didn't bother explaining, but used the most ancient and easiest way: bloodline resonance. She wanted Lu Sheng to feel the power of the bloodline within him. This was also the fastest way.

Instantly, threads of heat started flowing out of Lu Sheng's back.


Among the people present, Yuanguang Chexing, Yuanguang Shenning, the three young men and women, and Lu Sheng all started giving off a slight heat. The bloodline in each of their bodies was being awakened bit by bit.

"This is the bloodline of the Yuanguang Family, the Burning Blood. You were destined to be a Burning Son of the Yuanguang Family, my biological son. These three are your brothers and sisters, and this is your aunt, Yuanguang Shenning."Yuanguang Chexing also felt the tiny bit of bloodline in Lu Sheng. Although it was very very weak, after all, he was her son. As long as the bloodline was there, if she begged her mother, she could always find him something good to do and give him an identity. From then on, he would no longer have to worry about his food or safety.

Lu Sheng wasn't convinced at all, and asked, "Yuanguang Family? So you've come to tell me that I wasn't born of this family, but am instead your son? Where's your proof? Just this supposed blood resonance thing?"

"I'm willing to test with the mixing of blood," Yuanguang Chexing said solemnly.

The mixing of blood in this world was very different from the Earth Lu Sheng came from. Here, bloodlines had extremely strong affinity and ties to their own, but would also reject all others. So, there was no such thing as a blood transfer here. If someone lost too much blood, they would have to get over it themselves, or their brothers and sisters would have to help. If anyone else's blood was transferred into them, they would die.

So, testing heritage with the mixing of blood here was actually very accurate.

Lu Sheng kept his expression calm. He saw the hesitation and worry on the face of his father, Lu Quanan, and the excitement on Yuanguang Chexing's face. Just based on these, plus the blood resonance within himself, he already understood that this woman was extremely likely to be his birth mother.

The atmosphere in the hall got a little heavy.

Lu Sheng stood there silently, watching Yuanguang Chexing and the others.

"You people, leave for a bit." Lu Quanan suddenly sighed and dismissed all the Intent Proficiency experts. This was a private matter of the Lu Family, and he didn't want any rumors spreading.

The experts nodded slightly, then paid their respects to Lu Sheng, and slowly backed out of the hall.

Soon, only the Lu father and son, Yuanguang Chexing, and her group were left in the hall.

"So, it seems like you guys do have some sort of connection to me," Lu Sheng started calmly. He was interested in his own bloodline and wanted to do some research. After all, with his current strength, he wasn't afraid of anything these few might come up with.

"But I have three conditions. You have to agree to all of them for me to go with you."

Hearing this, Chexing's eyes lit up and she responded hurriedly, "Go ahead. I'll agree as long as I can."

"What an appetite. Three conditions?" However, Yuanguang Shenning was not happy about that. Not just her, Lu Sheng's three other siblings were also upset.

They all agreed to come immediately after their mother had verified their identity. They didn't have the same sort of treatment that Lu Sheng was receiving.

He was just the head of a mortal faction, and managed to have a bit of a fortune in the human world and a few connections in the Song Country. But compared to the Yuanguang Family, none of those would be worth anything.

Yet he still dared to talk about conditions in front of Yuanguang Chexing?

Lu Sheng ignored them. "First, I want you to tell me the hidden truth. If you are my biological mother, then who was my original mother? Did you pretend to be her?"

Hearing this, Yuanguang Chexing's face immediately fell. This was the question that she was the most afraid of. Sun Yan's death was directly caused by her using the secret arts. Although Sun Yan wasn't in perfect health, she wasn't weak to the point where she would pass away from a difficult child birth.

This was because the secret art sucked out all the nutrients away from her body and tried to form a Yuanguang Family's bloodline, causing her to die early.

So, technically, she had killed Sun Yan.

After hearing this question, Lu Quanan also waited nervously for the answer.

"I I" After two pauses, Chexing still couldn't finish her sentence.ED/N: May change. It's literal translation, but since it's strange, we wonder if there's something more to it we don't know (yet).