Way Of The Devil Chapter 305

305 Bloodline 4

"What's wrong with saying it? Your adoptive mother died because you took away all her life force and nutrients. Otherwise, how did you think your bloodline is detectable?" Yuanguang Shenning couldn't stand it any longer and snapped.

Lu Sheng was a little taken aback. He didn't realize that part of the reason was because of him.

"Okay, stop talking nonsense with this kid. Just grab him and go. Sister, if you're not going to move, I will!" Yuanguang Shenning was extremely impatient.

Before her words had ended, her shadow flashed as she rushed towards Lu Sheng. One hand aimed for his hair and the other aimed for his waist, her ten fingers encased in metal coverings as she aimed for the important parts of Lu Sheng.

She wanted to kidnap Lu Sheng and bring him directly away!

"No!!" Yuanguang Chexing didn't have time to stop her. She could only watch as her younger sister started fighting Lu Sheng.

She knew her sister's strength. She was already chosen to become an elite judge, so even within the main family, she wasn't considered weak.

Right now, she was scared that she would accidentally harm her third son Lu Sheng, an ordinary human being who didn't know anything.

Lu Quanan also heard the change in her tone, and knew something was about to happen. When he saw Yuanguang Shenning move, his head also buzzed. He didn't know the identities of these mysterious people, but hearing this woman's accent, he knew that they were from the huge and powerful country across the mountains, the Great Yin Dynasty.

A very long time ago, he had luckily met a student from the Great Yin Dynasty who had come over to learn and practice. They had a very distinct accent, pronouncing a lot of words with a very strong nasal tone, completely different from the dialects here in Great Song. So, it was very easy to tell when someone was from the Great Yin Dynasty.

Great Yin was a kingdom mucher stronger than Great Song. Just their size alone could fit multiple Great Song kingdoms, and they also had large amounts of strong people. If the Yuanguang Family really was a powerful family from there, then that meant that they were also ones who possessed great power and authority.

If Little Sheng annoyed them, there would be endless trouble.

The three other children of Yuanguang ChexingYuanguang Xing, Yuanguang Zhongran, and Yuanguang Ningall had different attitudes towards this.

As the only girl, although Yuanguang Xing wasn't happy with Lu Sheng, she didn't hate him, either. Now, seeing her aunt attack, she got a little worried.

However, the other two were different. They just couldn't understand. This was just legally and logically going back to the Yuanguang Family and accepting their ancestors; it was good for both of them. Even if he didn't want to give up his original family, once he became rich and powerful, he could come back and help them out even more. Wasn't that better? They didn't expect that Lu Sheng would resist, and least of all, even list three conditions.

"Nice, he finally angered Auntie." The two both watched Lu Sheng as if they were waiting for a good show.

In these people's eyes, Yuanguang Shenning seemed to teleport to Lu Sheng's side instantly as her hands grabbed him.

Her hands were fast as lightning, perfectly showing off her strong and brutal power. She was an assassin, so her main focus was on the word "fast". Right now, even her casual movement was so fast that no one could realize what happened in time.

Her hands formed claw shapes as they sped towards Lu Sheng's head and waist silently.


Suddenly, her hands froze mid air. A big hand that seemed to be waiting for her had already grabbed her arm gently.

"Too weak" Lu Sheng lifted Yuanguang Shenning's chin with one finger. Although they were right in front of each other and Shenning was using her bloodline power to its extreme, she still couldn't move an inch. All she could do was stand there and stay in her position.

"This is why I said that I had no interest in returning to my family. Such a weak bloodline is of no use to me." Lu Sheng gently patted Shenning's furiously blushing cheeks.

"You people... understand?" He looked up towards Yuanguang Chexing and the other four.

Even though he didn't use any force, a feeling of fear rose in all of their hearts. It felt like as if there was a huge stone sitting on their chests, making it hard for them to breathe.

Lu Sheng gently stretched out his forefinger, and tapped Yuanguang Shenning on her forehead.


It was as if a thunderbolt or an entire herd of elephants had hit Yuanguang Shenning. She shot out backwards, breaking the walls, and fell somewhere way beyond the fence.

"Ningning!!" Yuanguang Chexing didn't expect this at all. Shenning was already the strongest out of all of them, and was a person who would be able to become a Judge when they got back. But, she was sent flying by her son's one finger?

Instantly, her mind was a mess. She was worried about Ningning, and worried that Lu Sheng wouldn't want to accept her as his family.

Originally, Lu Sheng wanted to follow these people and see what the Yuanguang Family was like, but after finding out that Sun Yan had died because of his bloodline and this woman from the Yuanguang Family, his happiness immediately faded away.

Flicking Yuanguang Shenning away was only a little lesson for her imprudence. She was lucky he didn't squash her.

"Go away and don't come back. I don't like you," Lu Sheng said calmly.

Yuanguang Chexing looked at him deeply. Pain, loss, regret, and a sliver of relief flashed through her eyes.

She was happy to see her son so powerful. Now, even if he didn't follow her home, he could still protect himself.

His other three brothers and sisters were already shaken.

Auntie, who was almost invincible in their eyes, was flicked away by their third brother with just one finger. And she hadn't returned yet, which meant that she was injured pretty badly.

Yuanguang Xing suddenly understood why her third brother wanted to stay. With his power, how could being in their family be more comfortable than reigning over a bunch of humans here?

As for eldest brother Yuanguang Ning and second eldest Yuanguang Zhongran, they were only ordinary people before Chexing went and found them. So, they had only lived the lives of common people, and had no clue about any of this.

They only came so happily because they heard their birth mother say that if they accepted their family and ancestors, they could receive the light of their Divine Weapon and increase their bloodline, and as such, power. Not only were they willing to come, even their families also supported them wholeheartedly. In such a messy world, what was better than having power to keep oneself safe?

Who knew that over here, Lu Sheng would beat up Auntie without a second word and refuse to return to the main family.

There were people like him in this world? The gazes the three siblings now gave Lu Sheng were full of awe and respect.

Inside the hall, everyone fell silent for a bit. Yuanguang Chexing looked at Lu Sheng deeply again, as if trying to memorize what he looked like within her heart, then left in the direction Shenning flew away in.

The rest hurried to follow. The Lu Manor's guards wanted to block them, but Lu Quanan ordered them to let them go.

Lu Sheng watched emotionlessly as they left.

Honestly, his first goal for coming back was to research the Three Sacred Gates. Before, the Shangyang Family was keeping track of them, and since the Three Sacred Gates didn't dare go directly against a coalition of the Noble Families, they remained in the dark. But now, the Shangyang Family had fallen and had much less power than before, so Lu Sheng had to be cautious against the Three Sacred Gates just in case should they do something to his family.

"Little Sheng are you sure it's okay like this?" Lu Quanan asked, a bit nervous.

He was no longer as ignorant as before. As the father of the leader of the Crimson Whale Sect, whether he liked it or not, there were many opportunities for him to gain knowledge and information that he wouldn't have known before. So his perception of the world was much broader.

At the very least, he knew the powers of a Noble Family.

"Don't worry, Father, she only needs to rest for a few months." Lu Sheng smiled reassuringly. "It's just a minor injury." Breaking half the skull of a person in the Realm of the Snake wasn't something they couldn't recover from.

"That's good." Lu Quanan paused, then continued, "How come it's just you? All your brothers and sisters are still outside, and I heard that there have been famines in the Central Plains. How are they? I've wanted to ask you about them"

"I'll send people to look into it, don't worry." Lu Sheng finally remembered that he had a sister called Zhang Xiuxiu along with him in White Bell City. He didn't know if she was okay or not. All he remembered was throwing her into an institute.

Lu Yiyi and the others were all holding positions within the Crimson Whale Sect. Lu Sheng began going through everyone, seeing if anyone else could have been involved in the Devil Disaster.

After making sure no one else was affected, he let out his breath.

"I'll send someone to get them, don't worry."

"Thinking about it, Little Sheng, weren't you a little harsh on them? They did bring some very valuable gifts, and even if they attacked first, your response" Lu Quanan was still worried.

"Don't worry. She'll sustain some minor injuries at most." Lu Sheng smiled. The Yuanguang Family wasn't arrogant or anything, and only Yuanguang Shenning was a bit rude. Everyone else was okay, which was also why he didn't kill her.

If they really were arrogant and had tried to use their fame and power against him, he might have actually killed all of them.

To him, as long as his secret of not having a Divine Weapon didn't spread, he wasn't afraid of anything else.

"Okay, stop worrying about his. Father, the reason for my visit this time is to ask you to move the family," Lu Sheng spoke seriously.

"Move? To where?" Lu Quanan knew Lu Sheng was on a different level now and worried about different things. If he suggested to move, then something very grave must have happened.

"Away from Great Song," Lu Sheng responded.

"What?!" Lu Quanan was shocked.

Because of his extreme strength, Lu Sheng was very sensitive to auras. He had done a little bit of groundwork regarding the Devil Disaster.

After the construction of the Gate of Flesh and Blood, the Devil Army got stronger by the day. Currently, already five Devil Spirits had descended. Along with the fact that the three Gates of Flesh and Blood were right next to each other, three Devil Lords could reach across realms at the same time. That was terrifying.

Even for him to get near was extremely dangerous.

Once he got pulled into the fight, he might be able to take the first hit from the Devil Lord through the gates, but three times

In Great Song, only the fourth Majestic Dragon, Huang Ji, the current emperor from the Huang Family, was at the level of a Devil Lord. Or, in other words, his power was on a country-level scale. But, because of the overall stability of the country, he had to stay in the capital, and didn't dare to strike easily.

And the rest of the Noble Families were only pulling their own legs. Based on what Lu Sheng could see, the battle was bound to last for a long time. In such a mess, the best move would be to leave Great Song and move to an area that was safer, especially since the Three Sacred Gates here hated him too.

Lu Sheng didn't want to move just the Lu Family, but also the Prime Devil Sect, the Crimson Sun Sect, and the Crimson Whale Sect. All of them.

Even though Great Song wasn't big, it got itself into a lot of trouble. The most urgent thing was to avoid the Devil Disaster.

Lu Sheng could sense that the Devil Army seemed to be preparing for the descent of the Devil Lord. Great Song would become the frontline of the battle, and was not a good place to stay at.

Not to mention, he also swallowed many devils and devil kings. If the Devil Army found out, it would not be as easy as just a simple hatred.