Way Of The Devil Chapter 317

317 Purpose 2

Lin Qiya and Lin Qu's faces turned ecstatic.

"Lin Qiya of the Lin Family respectfully greets Elder Zhuo of the Moon Shadow!" Lin Qiya hurriedly bowed toward the sky.

In a flurry of flapping clothes, a white shadow landed from the sky, lightly landing on the surrounding walls, and proceeded to survey his surroundings.

It was a white-haired old man with a face similar to Zhuo Tianyi. He had a calm smile on his face, but the moment he started to look around, that smile disappeared.

His Grandson, Zhuo Tianyi, was buried under a pile of broken wall and gravel, with only pieces of his clothing showing above the rubble.

Meanwhile, a youth was standing on top of his grandson, seemingly completely unaware of the fact that there was a person buried underneath him.

"Lin Chongyang? Who's that?" Lu Sheng raised his head to look at the old man.

"Tianyi!!??" The old man's eyes reddened as soon as he saw the wretched state of Zhuo Tianyi. "You despicable bastard!! I intended to leave you alive, but now, you must die!!"

The old man dove down like a giant bird while a black shadow surrounded his body. With a ripping sound, it all gathered in his hands.

"Moon Aurora, Dragon Crush!!"

Moonlight even brighter than before exploded from the old man's hands instantly, trying to viciously crush Lu Sheng.

Lin Qiya and his son could feel the coldness from afar the moment the moonlight appeared, and a thin layer of frost even appeared on their clothes.


The full moon rumbled toward the place Lu Sheng was standing.

"Nameless skill number 2."

Lu Sheng kicked a rock in front of him.


The rock, which was as large as a washbasin, flew out with explosive force, and viciously slammed into the moonlight at an astonishing speed.

The moonlight held its own for half a breath before breaking apart. The rock continued spinning along its path, and, finally, ruthlessly crushed into the Elder's chest as he watched in horror.


Elder Zhuo flew backward. In four breaths, a faint boom finally sounded from afar. No one knew where he landed.

Everything was quiet again.

"Anyone else?" Lu Sheng walked into the courtyard. He looked left and right and saw no one in his way aside from Lin Qiya and his son.

The father and son duo were shaking violently, speechless.

That was the Fourth Elder of the Moon Shadow Sect! Someone that ranked in the top twenty in the Moon Shadow Sect was somehow sent flying from a rock that a Spring Sun novice kicked at him.

"I heard this Lu Sheng was born with exceptional strength" Lin Qu finally remembered the intel he'd gathered. Exceptional strength but only "exceptional"? An inner sect disciple and an elder... their power levels should have been worlds apart, but this guy with "exceptional strength" ended the fight with one kick?

"Master Wu is behind the pond We will break our own hands, so please Master Lu, spare us this time" Lin Qiya finally bowed his head. He was always a flexible man. Even though Lu Sheng was as young as his son, the situation left him no choice but to bow. Any forced showing of dignity wouldn't end well.

Either way, they fell afoul with Moon Shadow Sect already, so his future days would be hard. As long as they got through this predicament...

"Don't hurt my dad!!" Suddenly, a pretty figure charged out of the house and blocked Lu Sheng.

It was a pretty girl of at most sixteen years old.

She had eyes shaped like apricots and eyebrows shaped like willows. Her skin looked like jade, and her waist was slim. Her breasts, though not fully developed, still had a nice curve to them. All in all, despite her age, she had a pure beauty to her.

These traits were all enhanced by her tight black outfit drenched in sweat, showing off her curves even more.

"Lin Xuan! This does not concern you! What are you doing here? Get out!!" Lin Qiya and Lin Qu were both anxious as soon as the girl appeared. Lin Qu even went far as to yell at her sister.

"I'm not going anywhere! Father, Brother, if I die, I will die in front you two!" Lin Xuan said with a straight face.

Her ponytail swayed behind her as she turned toward Lu Sheng.

"If you want to kill my father and brother, you need to kill me first!"

She straightened her chest, staring at Lu Sheng in the eyes, unafraid.

Lu Sheng never would have imagined that a family of bullies could have produced such a brave and pretty girl.

His mouth twisted into a stiff smile.

"Commendable bravery. You remind me of my own sister.Back then, she was like you, cute and brave" Lu Sheng eyes were filled with nostalgia.

He reached out to stroke Lin Xuan's long hair. She stood there, not daring to move.

"You can you spare them We will compensate you... and we will apologize!!" Lin Xuan clenched her teeth to stop her body from shaking.

Lu Sheng stared at the the girl in front him with a soft expression. He thought of Lu Qingqing. She was like her, always bringing matters into her own hand.

"Of course"



He swiped his leg at Lin Xuan's waist and smashed her away. She landed heavily into the pond to the side with a splash as a pool of red spread around her.

Lu Sheng turned to the rest of the Lin Family, whose faces were twisted from anger.

"Any last words?" he asked casually.

"Xuanxuan. You. are going to die for this!!" Lin Qiya had tears streamed down his neck as he spoke with clenched teeth.

"Many people have said that, but unfortunately, none of them are alive." Lu Sheng smiled and lightly snapped his neck.

Lin Qiya's eyes dimmed, then his body fell.

"AGHHHHH!!!" Lin Xuan charged at Lu Sheng fanatically.

But Lu Sheng grabbed his hair and smashed it onto the pillar.


The sound of a snapping spine rung. Lin Qu spit out a mouthful of blood, then stopped moving.

After killing the Lin Father and Son, he turned to the still buried Zhuo Tianyi.

"That's enough, Lu Sheng."

In the blink of an eye, a couple people, led by the Spring Sun Sect Instructor Feikong Zi, walked inside the court house. Two managers from the Palace of Discipline in charge of punishments followed behind him. Both of the two appeared to be skinnymiddle-aged men.

"Master Fei Kongzi." Lu Sheng waved his hands. "I didn't do anything! It was like this when I came here. The Lin Family kidnapped my friend, I just wanted to negotiate and see what I could to exchange for my friend"

"No need to explain. If they die, they die. However, you spent too many of your murder points, which is in direct violation of the government rules. You might be fined a significant amount, so you'd better be prepared," Feikong Zi said as if it wasn't an issue at all. Compared to all that, he was more interested in how Lu Sheng managed to kill all these people. He knew the basics of the Lin Family, and the Moon Shadow Sect was similar in size to the Spring Sun Sect. Since the Lin Family was supported by the Moon Shadow Sect, the scene of a normal inner sect disciple going against them alone could only take place in the dreams of a lunatic.

This was why the moment he got this information, he brought men here to check if any sect laws had been broken.

"Fine?" Lu Sheng thought he could be imprisoned, but he didn't think Feikong Zi would react so nonchalantly as if killing some people was nothing significant.

"Ah, you might not know." Feikong Zi cracked a smile at Lu Sheng. "Outer and inner sect disciples have a murder limit when it comes to killing ordinary citizens You can kill three people per year, and if you go past that, you will be fined."

"Murder limit" Lu Sheng stared at Feikong Zi's casual face, which looked as if he hadn't noticed the dead body at all. Then, he looked at the the two people who appeared to have already seen this many times before.

He finally understood the biggest difference between here and the Great Song Empire.

And he also understood why so many people spent all their effort in getting into sects.

"Behind the Lin Family is the Moon Shadow Sect. We wanted to make a move for a long time, but didn't because of certain special circumstances. It's better that you have taken care of it. This is a personal grudge, so even the Moon Shadow Sect can't find much reason to intervene." Feikong Zi smiled. "Besides, if this person stays alive, everything can still be worked with." He pointed at Zhuo Tianyi.

"Then, what do I need to do?" Lu Sheng blinked.

"We will first judge whether you have broken any sect laws. If not, then follow us to Palace of Heroes. The Elders might have to reassess your abilities." Feikong Zi's attitude was completely different from when he was giving out instructions to disciples.

Even though he knew Lu Sheng had exceptional strength, he didn't expect it to be this level of "exceptional".

"I must congratulate you in advance. The Great Elder is expressing clear interest in you. We have made detailed records and evaluations from when you started the fight to when we arrived. This procedure is just a formality, you don't need to worry at all." Feikong Zi smiled.

"Is that so?" Lu Sheng was intrigued. He understood that everything he had done was under the watch of the Spring Sun Sect.

A group of people dressed in turquoise ran in behind Feikong Zi and started to take care of the mess in the courtyard.

The two managers from the Palace of Discipline pretended to look around.

Lu Sheng and Feikong Zi, on the other hand, walked out of the yard and slowly walked toward the Spring Sun Sect on the empty street.

"Don't worry, that man from the Wu Family is fine. The Lin Family didn't even have time to do anything to him before you showed up." Feikong Zi smiled. "Speaking of which, I never knew you had such immense strength, huh?"

"I've had great strength ever since I was little. I knew I wasn't normal when I punched a cow to death at 3." Lu Sheng started to make up his story. "Then I started to wander around, trying to find a master to learn martial arts from. Unfortunately, none of them fit my style, until I saw a master from the Spring Sun Sect"

"Oh?? Which master? Do you mind telling me?" Feikong Zi was suddenly interested.

Lu Sheng smiled. "Nothing to hide here. I was on the Sleeping Moon Mountain when a woman was ambushing someone called Devil's Hand Scholar."

"Oh?? I know who you are talking about. Must be one of the direct disciples of the sect, the lady Wen Qingsu!" Feikong Zi patted Lu Sheng on the back and let out a laugh. "How fortunate for you to have the chance to watch Lady Wen fighting the Devil's Hand Scholar. Many disciples within the sect would be glad to spectate such a special battle."

"How fortunate of me." Lu Sheng saw the Spring Sun Sect's carriage approaching from afar. He knew then that he truly drew the attention of the upper level of Spring Sun Sect.

He planned to take care of the youth buried under the rocks too, but it didn't matter anymore.

That person was weaker than a bug. He wouldn't be a threat even in a thousand years.