Way Of The Devil Chapter 341

339 Forgotten 6

A thought flashed through Lu Sheng's mind as he set the book back down.

"What's your name?" He turned towards Fei Bailing.

"Fei Bailing. Bai as in white, Ling as in the cloth," Fei Bailing answered honestly. She picked up the diary from the floor and flipped through it.

"Your father Fei Shende likes sailing?"

"I've never heard of it. My father likes collecting antiques, and rarely ever goes out." Fei Bailing shook her head. Just then, she saw that one line in the diary, and her face turned pale.

"What? Did you think of something?" Lu Sheng immediately questioned.

"I've heard my older cousin say that my father had come across an antique by chance, and was experimenting with its powers" Fei Bailing said in a low voice. "Could it be that that antique made the house like this?"

"I don't know, but it's possible," Lu Sheng nodded.

He walked around the room again. Not finding anything, he finally walked out slowly.

"Take me to your father's collection room," Lu Sheng ordered.

"Okay." Fei Bailing didn't hesitate. She didn't know why this man was here, but he was her only hope of getting out and rescuing inspector Sima Xiu. Thus, she decided to fully cooperate.

The two continued along the hallway.

"Elder Sister."

Suddenly, the voice of a young girl came out from behind them.

The voice was a little stiff and didn't have a tone, just as if it was doing something similar to saying hi to someone you saw every day.

Fei Bailing seemed overjoyed as she turned around abruptly.

"Qingqing! Is that you, Qingqing!?" She immediately saw the little girl wearing a black dress standing behind her in the dark hallway. The little girl's pale skin was extra bright in the darkness.

"Elder Sister, come back, and stay with me. Let's not care about anything else, as long as we are together" the little girl spoke in a low voice.

"Do you want me to come too?" Lu Sheng stuck his head in between the two sisters, blocking their reunion. Holding his sword, he licked his lips and walked toward the little girl.

"Elder Sister there is no use in running this is our fate" the little girl continued, completely ignoring Lu Sheng.

"It's because of you that she was able to stay alive this long, correct?" Lu Sheng got closer and closer.

"Once the Chasm is opened, everything will rush out. We can't stop it. The entire city will be doomed," the little girl said calmly. "While I can still maintain part of my consciousness, Elder Sister, make a decision."


Lu Sheng had already come to in front of the young girl. He looked down at her.

The little girl was still expressionless. She continued emotionlessly, "It's useless. You can't hurt me. No matter how strong you are in this world, to me, you're just ugh!"

A large hand tight as a pincher grabbed her neck and lifted her off the ground.

"Tell me, where is the thing that made you guys like this?" This was the only thing Lu Sheng was interested in.

"Elder Sister don't listen to her! She's fake, and she just wants to tempt you to cross over so that you can never leave this place!" Suddenly, a pale young girl wearing a white dress walked out from the end opposite of Lu Sheng and Fei Bailing.

This little girl looked exactly like the one in front of him, except she seemed more worried and anxious. Less calm, but more sincere.

Fei Bailing looked forward, then behind her, utterly confused while doing so. Her two sisters looked exactly the same. Even tiny details were the same.

"Elder Sister, listen to me, follow this person and leave!"

"Elder Sister, don't go! You're different from other people. If you leave this place, you'll die!"

"Elder Sister, don't listen to her. You can't obtain what is here. It's best to leave."

"Elder Sister, I'm the right one. That girl is just trying to harm you! She wants you to step out of this mansion"

"Elder Sister, listen to me"

"Elder Sister, I'm right"

"So annoying! So loud!!"


The wall to the bedroom beside them was shattered by Lu Sheng's palm. Large amounts of dust and particles flew out, mixed with True Qi and Devil Aura.

The two Fei Qingqings were hit by the stones and quickly faded, disappearing.

"Lead the way to the collection room." Lu Sheng looked toward Fei Bailing impatiently.

Fei Bailing nodded in fright.

"Elder Sister! You can't go!"

"Elder Sister, you have to go! That's the start of it all!"

"She's lying, the thing there is not something we can contend against!"

"She's the one lying!! It's best to leave this dangerous place as soon as possible"


Lu Sheng smashed one of the girls' head in with a fist.

Then, as quick as lightning and before the other little girl could prepare, he slashed down at her with his word.


With the huge force of the sword slamming down on her, the little girl flew out and shot into the wall on the side. She exploded into a mass of flesh and blood and dripped down the wall.

"Qingqing!!" Fei Bailing got really scared, her fright showing in her expression. "Qingqing! Don't die!" She rushed up, but before she could take more than a few steps, Lu Sheng slapped the back of her neck and knocked her out.

Carrying Fei Bailing, Lu Sheng rolled his neck, feeling two tiny threads of Mental Energy flow into his body. He instantly felt better.

Even if Fei Bailing couldn't tell, he could. Both were fake, and were sprouting nonsense just to confuse Fei Bailing and make her unable to tell reality from imagination.

'But you met me.' Lu Sheng was getting more and more interested about the Fei Family.

He picked up his sword. The part of his sword that hit Fei Qingqing was slowly twisting and fading, obviously having some sort of reaction.

To be honest, maybe one of the two girls was real. But even if he killed an innocent person, Lu Sheng would never admit it.

Everyone he killed would be fake.

That was Lu Sheng's belief.

Dragging Fei Bailing with one hand, he made sure he was going in the right direction before kicking down the rest of the wall and walking into the room.


With another huge sound, the other side of the room fell. Lu Sheng walked through the big hole in the wall into another bedroom.


He did the same thing with the other wall. He slashed at the stone wall with his sword, then used burning True Qi to blow away all the debris, but his frighteningly strong body was what he used the most.

Following that strange scent, Lu Sheng got closer and closer. The scent also got stronger and stronger.

After going through three bedrooms, he came to a little garden with a pond. A person was sitting next to the pond with his back facing towards him, so Lu Sheng couldn't see his face.

From a distance, Lu Sheng could tell that it was man. His hands were supporting his body against the edge of pond, and he didn't move.


A flash of lightning lit up the whole scene.

Only now could Lu Sheng see that the person was dressed in the inspector's clothing of the Yin Yang Agency from Autumn Moon City. Both his hands were nailed to the stones on the edge of the pond. Blood flowed from there into the pond.

"Inspector Sima!?" Suddenly, another voice came out from behind Lu Sheng.

He turned around, only to see a pretty girl crawl out of the hole in the wall behind him.

However, this girl looked exactly like the Fei Bailing he'd just knocked out!?

Surprised, Lu Sheng looked at the Fei Bailing he was dragging, then looked towards the one that'd just appeared.

"That that's!?" The second Fei Bailing also saw the person in Lu Sheng's hand, fright showing on her face.

"What's going on!!? Why would there be someone that looks exactly like me!?"

"I also want to know what's going on." Lu Sheng held Fei Bailing up and dangled her around. But, to his surprise, he found that the hand he was grabbing her with had become half transparent.

"Which one is real, and which one is fake?" Lu Sheng was a little confused. But he was too lazy to think more. It didn't matter if she was real or notwhen they got to the place, the fake one would show.

So, he ignored the person next to the pond, and walked around from the right to the collection room at the very end.


The lock in the door broke as Lu Sheng pushed open the door. But when he saw the interior, he couldn't help but hesitate.

The room with filled with collectibles and antiques, but in the center was a round mirror. It was a glazed glass mirror the size of a human head.

What was creepy was that the mirror didn't reflect the inside of the room. Instead, the mirror showed an empty, gray, sealed cave. In the middle of the cave was a pond, and the mirror displayed everything with this pond in the center.

Large amounts of gray fog flowed out from the pond and through the mirror into here.

But once this gray fog left the mirror, it immediately faded into the air and dissipated. But Lu Sheng realized that this gray fog was the origin of the bad smell he'd scented.

"This is the Door of Pain" Lu Sheng suddenly remembered. He sucked in a breath.

He had seen this door in the Golden Square, and he had also fought over a similar door. But neither of those were actually open.

From ancient manuscripts and what the ancient Devil King Shadow had said, both of those doors were just gates to the buffer area outside of the World of Pain.

But this door before him seemed to really connect to the World of Pain.

The other Fei Bailing had also followed him instead, standing behind him without expression. Sima Xiu also appeared behind him. Both of them held short daggers, but the ends of the daggers seemed to be almost transparent.


Pain shot up from Lu Sheng's right hand. Fei Bailing, who was passed out, had gotten the same dagger from somewhere, and stabbed it deep into Lu Sheng's right palm, her expression dark and fierce.

"So this is the Contamination of Pain so powerful." Lu Sheng raised his hand. It could actually break open his physical defense.

But so what if they had special, mysterious weapons?


He lifted a foot and stomped hard on Fei Bailing's waist.

With the sound of multiple bones cracking, Fei Bailing spat out blood. Her eyes lost their focus, and she was obviously dying.

He let go with his right hand. His palm was already becoming transparent. Even his powerful flesh couldn't defend against the Contamination of Pain.

A nail popped out on a finger of Lu Sheng's other hand. He sliced across his wrist gently, and his whole hand just fell off like a ripe peach.

Immediately, flesh and blood started growing from Lu Sheng's stump. In a flurry of faint noises, a whole new hand appeared in less than five breaths.

"It's able to damage my body wow." Lu Sheng studied the daggers of the three people in interest.

As for his severed hand, if he wanted, he could grow a hundred within two hours without a problem.